Origin- Brazil

Chakras-  Crown, Earth star and Gaia's gateway

Approx Size- 4cm x 3.cm


Key words- Spiritual growth//Raising vibration//Earth Keeper//Awakening


I have been sitting with this beautiful family of smokey elestial that I have, it has been telling me  about how the collective energy of the elestial holds specific earth wisdom keys from the inner library for you to work with. They have the energy of the devas dancing around it, the imps and pixies. 


**Due to the structure of this stone, even though it is carved and polished you may find nicks and holds, Elestial quartz before its cut and polished is a very bumpy crystal, often referred to as alligator quartz by the brazilians that mine it.


*These crystals have a high vibration, and assist fast spiritual growth, they are attuned to the highest vibrations of the spirit realms and just having them close to you in your space will expand your chakras and let in more light.  


An true ascension stone, and an excellent tool to help you channel higher vibrations of light.  It's a family of stones that are really speaking and coming through the grids right now to be seen.


It will help you anchor and ground in the new earth frequencies into your earth star chakra (below your feet) so that you can establish a balanced flow from the cosmos.


Its energy will awaken you to your aspects on inner earth planes, and connect you deeply to the grids  and ley lines within the earth.


Their frequency regulates energy, helping you open up and unfold more, it assists calming the mind for meditation.




Smokey Elestial Quartz point