Origin- Brazil- Minas Gerais Region.

Chakra alignment- Heart, Crown and higher chakras, all.

Size- 12cm x 3cm


I am in love with these smokey Lemurian Quartz from  a small 4th Generation family mine in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, they are guaridans of the stones and land, when you conjour up the image of a mine you may think its a large operation but this is a small scale site, only dug at by the family and local helpers. have a read of my blog post from mine to shop to see photographs.


This piece has taken a few knocks, this is refelected in her price, but her energy is just too bright and giving not to offer her up, with sucha. clear energy to help lift you up tand clear your inner ears (her words) and full of happy rainbows.


Lemurian crystal are heart awakening stone, they are here to take us deeper into our hearts for gentle opening and just like our hearts they tell me they have many chambers within to explore. It is important when working with a lemurian crystal you take yourself inside the crystal to explore and receive.


*A stone of the divine mother, here to help us awaken to 'she' the shekinah flow of life through our core, bones, cells, atoms. It will teach you of the divinity of your soul and help you heal raw emotional themes around abandonment.  That many of us light workers carry through the anges within our ancestry, the abandonment of the mother.


I find this smokey quartz mesmerizing, along the ridges are this dappled imprint on the stone that I have never seen before on Lemurians, that it tells me that these are 'bubbles' that bring in a watery pleiadian energy for you to work with, the  pleiadians were a frequency really rooted in and through Lemurians 5th Dimensional frequency. 


Its very pale smokey colour holds all the transmuting properties of smokey quartz, it absorbs negativity and helps settle worry and anxious feelings, its an emotional soother.


*Lemurian Quartz is  programmed with the wisdom of the Lemurian’s (the lost civilization)  it is called Lemurian because it has ridge like markings along one of 2 of the faceted sides. 


*Hold the crystal in meditation and stroke your finger along the ridges up and down on the back facets to unlock any wisdom and downloads that can flow into your energy and spirit body.


*It balances all chakra’s and amplifies the crystals energies around it- as all quartz does.


*It can shine a light on emotional turmoil to create growth and self-love.


*It’s good for opening channels of communication with spirit guides


*All Lemurian crystals are wand shaped naturally, the conduct, amplify and focus the universal life force. 


*It is a very powerful all round healing tool.

Smokey Lemurian Crystal

  • This is a hardwaring stone that can take any form of cleansing.


    **Crystals are an aid to healing and should never be used instead of medicine or treatment.**