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Origin-, lapidated and made in India.

Braclet- is made with elastic, one size fits all.

Size of beads- Faceted Small 2mms


Communication, truth, self esteem


'Speak the truth and know the truth'- Sodalite.


*Its a stone that encourages 'truth', helping true feelings surface so you can be honest with yourself and others.


*Grounding and aiding clear communication. It opens the throat just enough to help trapped energies out, to assist in calming heat and emotions, connecting crown (mind) to throat (voice) to be able to communicate in a grounded and steady way. 


*A gentle empowering stone, bringing calming and grounding. 


*It is an ideal stone for those who are oversensitive, defensive, impulsive, or prone to anxiety or panic attacks to stabilize the mind and allow a shift from emotional to rational.


*It is often called the “Logic Stone,” uniting logic with intuition,  it emits an easy, tranquil energy that clears the mind and and supports the crown, third eye and throat.


*Will help you integrate and absorb new information at a rate suitable to you and your systems.


*It will bring a closer connection with Archangels Michael and Raziel through working with this stone.


*On the physical level Sodalite is said to balances the metabolism, boost the immune system and help calcium deficiencies.

Sodalite Bracelet- 2mms Faceted

  • Be aware of how forceful you are with the elastic, it may snap if put under much force.

    Crystals are an aid to healing the mind body and spirit, do not use instead of any medication or doctors advice.   

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