Chakra- Throat and Crown

**I will hold your name in my heart and see which one wants to come to you**


This air and water dragon wishes to help you  release fears materializing on the mental field, held around your crown. He wishes to purify and then lift and elevate your crown to new heights.


His energy is cool and calm sometimes icy, and he is ready to do the work, he shows me blasts of ice coming from his snount that he will fill your higher chakras from the heart up.  I feel with this amount of cold energy from him (a nod to where he is from, greenland) he likes to freeze lower vibrational energy to clear it away with a gust of air!  you will need to balance him out with some fire when working with him, and some warming stones , anything golden, yellow or red at your lower chakras or along side him.


*My stone of clear communication- helping you communicate from the heart without feeling fear or judgement.  It will support you in speaking in public, instilling a grounded confidence to all parts of your throat and crown.


*It will help to build and strengthens with self esteem, self trust and self acceptance. A stone that wishes to be known to call in your soul tribe, those soul friends who are on the same wavelength who nurture all these themes of trust, self esteem and acceptance.


*It is a gentle empowering stone, bringing calming to the third eye, throat and crown.


*An excellent friend to calm panic attacks or anxiety as it encourages rational thoughts. 


*It likes to keep harmony through your energy field, so will help you integrate and absorb new information at a rate suitable to you and your energy body.


*On the physical level Sodalite is said to balances the metabolism, boost the immune system and help calcium deficiencies.

Sodalite Dragon