The stone originates from the Tomás Gonzaga, Curvelo, Minas Gerais, Brazil. You can see photographs from this mine above, I only buy my quartz from here due to the clear, pure water like quality and high vibration.


Chakra alignment- Crown/All

*I will hold your name in my heart and select them for you.

Approx size- 3cm x 2cm


So what gives it this 'starbury' name? well it's meteorite like smattering of etchings on the facets, sometimes one or more, and the fact it has the focus and ability to quickly expand your higher chakras and take you up and out fast to connect with your stelar origins and star family.


*Its clarity is so excellent and I find it some of the purest quartz I have ever held, it makes my mouth water! its energy field is so light, just something you have to hold to your heart to feel the expansion.


*Each piece is so cosmic, covered in etching, starbury marking and record keepers, a supercomputer to the stars in your hand. These piece's have some lovely cosmic etchings to work with.


*Quartz is a power stone and an amazing amplifier, it is an all around master healer for all chakras and ALL layers of the energy field.


*It is so linked to the angelic realms, attune with Seraphim energies to really bring your angels guides into the forefront.


*You can place it next to any crystal to amplify that stone's energy and make sure you program them with intentions.


*It’s a great stone for clarity and connecting to the universe beyond yourself.


*Assists you during meditation to reach higher levels of consciousness faster.


*It’s a master healer stone and so full of pure white light, I feel it cuts through any low vibrations instantly, purifying and lifting spirits and the vibrations within your aura and space.


*This healing tool will increase wisdom and insight, and it comes connected to and flowing with the rainbow ray, a mystical tool to heighten senses, bringing higher levels of consciousness to those you use it on. I am being shown so many unicorns around this crystal to assist you on your healing path.


*Good for psychic development, it holds the frequency of all colors so can be placed on any chakra for healing, It especially works well on the crown.


* Will bring an unlimited potential of growth to your spiritual path.


Starbury Quartz Points- Cosmic Quartz

  • Quartz is a hardwearing stone that can be cleansed using any method.