I really wanted to create a nurturing, soothing set of crystals for your heart and emotional body at this time. Working with this Brazilian Rose Quartz palm stone to lay it flat in your heart to let it’s pink waves massage it, strengthening, amplifying love and encouraging it to open.


The Rose Aura (Brazil/alchemised in the USA) it illuminates light around and within you, it’s high vibrations keep you lifted and positive. It’s a real elemental stone with many fae and rainbow rays dancing around it to make you feel good to remind you to stay lighthearted and to ‘play’ more, it’s a stone that brings a smile. A smile that you can channel down into your body to the places that need it. A boost of extra love and encouragement, she lets you know that you are safe within your heart space. Rose quartz supports you as you go within to gain comfort and peace. It was important for me to creat a set that helps you release from the emotional body in a gentle flow.


This is where Honey Calcite come’s in, (Mexico), it’s wanting to support the Rose Quartz in a loop of light between your heart and solar plexus- he wishes to coat and stabilise you heart through worries and to to help you release limiting beliefs that are rising. He also wants to help you work through abundance blocks you may hold through past lives so that you can move forward knowing that you are an abundant creator being.


The Apophyllite (India) is so purifying and wishes to add its energies to lift and clear where is needed. Showing me how it re pins light through your aura through the outer layers in to refresh and clear what ever is being worked through.


Included in the box-

*Guided meditation to use with the stones and crystal layout.

*Palo santo to smudge

*Crystal information cards

*4 crystals, Rose quartz palm stone, Rose aura tumble, raw honey Calcite and clear apophyllite cleansing point.

TLC Crystal box

  • These stones have been cleansed and held in loving space for weeks before pakcaged to ensure their energies are of the hgihest vibrations, I really do take care of each stone and shower it with love, the proof is how they feel when you connect with them.


    These stones can be cleansed in any way you wish once you have used them


    *Disclaimer- crystals are an aid to healing and should never be used instead of medicine or a course of treatment.