Your piece is from the Ouijda-Angad province in Morocco- which is known to have some of the world’s finest specimen’s. They are also found in New Mexico and Arizona, USA.

Approximate Size- 3cm x2cm


Chakra alignment- Third eye, Sacral, base, Earth star.


*Enhancing Creativity-

Vanadenite will really stir something beautiful within you, creative expression. She will help boost and stir those fires of creativity so you can express what is in your heart. Whether it’s through colour and art, writing and movement. She tells me that her role is the ‘muse’  She inspires, but only inspires,  she is very clear on that, that you nurture and birth the ideas.

Have her close when writing, as she is known to aid writers' block, stimulating your mental field, making her a perfect companion for creative writing.


* Through the mental field she really connects strongly to the third eye to help you focus with clarity on your aims and goals, creating the powerful action to carry you forwards in confidence and ease. Helping you stick to them and ignore any distractions.  Holding a real fiery energy that sparks and asks you to wake up more.  She is truly energizing and wishes to motivate you.


*Maiden Stone

She show's me beautiful images of young women dancing and singing in a circle, communicating that she is very much connected to goddess energy,  and particularly the aspect of the triple goddess, the ‘Maiden’. That she brings the wisdom and lightness of all qualities of the Maiden.

The Maiden Aspect aligns with the crescent-to-waxing phase of the Moon, and represents the youthful phase of a woman’s life. It is the time of growth. In the cycles of Nature, the Maiden is associated with dawn, sunrise, and the Spring season.


She represents beauty, fresh potential and new life, she is associated with the qualities of innocence, youth, self-confidence, intelligence and independence, and encourages you to express yourself, to explore and discover.I particularly feel the 3 Graces around her, these were the 3 daughters of Zeus and Hera. Aglaia (Brightness), Euphrosyne (Joyfulness), and Thalia (Bloom). 



*A Stone of Action.

She will improve and boost energy levels, placing it under your pillow will help you wake up feeling energized as she improves energy levels.  It will bring order to your thoughts,if you are feeling confused or scattered,


  • Vanadinite is a rare member of the Apatite family, combining lead, vanadium, oxygen, and chlorine

    *Cleansing- it is fragile, I would keep it out of water, just cleanse with visualisation, sound, herbs, and lunar energy.

    * Do not use to make elixirs, as it is a mix of elementals and can be known to be toxic to ingest of making a crystal elixir please use the indirect method.