Smudge sticks were used by native indians to absorb and take out negative energy from a person, space and place.  Light the smudge stick, blow out the flames and let the smoke 'wash over a person, property or space.


All Fluorescent ranch products are sustainably harvested in traditional manners, and hand toes in Grand Mesa, Colorado.  


These beautully hand tied smudge stick's smell divine and are made with-


Peppermint- To support psychic visions and future glimpses

Ginger- To support  sucess and attract prosperity

Rosemary- For spiritual healing and to restore balance and protection.


Light the smudge stick, hold your intention to connect with the plant and tree concioiusness of this stick, and ask them to cleanse your lightbody, aura and space.  Wait a moment, then blow out the flames. Fan embers lightly to keep somldering. Use the smoke to wash/purify persons, property or spaces.





Fluorescent Ranch 'Vision' smudge stick

  • Size- 19cm x4cm