Choosing someone to take this journey of trust and release with is a big deal, choose that person with your heart, much like how you would choose a crystal, using your intuition.  If you feel a connection to me then thats the first sign- thank you, my heart opens to you. Sometimes its just an inner knowing, you have this feeling you need to talk to me.  Every healer a different way of reading energy and connecting with spirit. I work with the  with Cosmic consciousness, the ascended masters, the goddess, elementals and the Angelic frequencies.  It might be that, at this time our energy doesn't match up but that doesn't mean to say it won't in the future.  All I'm trying to say is this keep an open mind and heart always, I appreciate that you even clicked on this page to read it,  I put 100% of myself into every session I take the time to tune into you before for an good hour which is helps me to see and feel where I need to focus, and after a reading I am still working on you, this is why I only do one reading a day.  I wouldn't not be doing this if I didn't really want to help.  Im so grateful to you for being here now, I hope that you can feel the love in my words.

My offerings-


Soul Blueprint Reading.

Whether you feel stuck in your path, you need some help with a re occurring issue that are coming up or you wish to connect with your soul on a very deep level to understand much more about why you are here and what your soul does on other planes of exsistance. I recommend this service, I dive deeply into your souls blue print, whether you feel you are just starting up on this journey or you have been walking it for a while, I can give insight.  This is very much a full disclosure and can get very cosmic. connecting you to star origins and work you do there. so be prepared, I don't hold back. It is a very detailed reading that will being changes and works in 2 parts.  I am a very strong written channel- I do something called Automatic writing when I let your guides often write through me.  I will begin by calling in your higher self and team of guides into my sacred space to cover the most important healing we need to work on at this time to help you move forward.  I will write a document of 4-5 page with typed messages from them which will be sent to you to read before, It will really focus and shape the Skype healing session which will follow with healing whatever came up in your written reading.  

The reading could cover the following aspects- depending on what comes up for you-

​*Aligning and tuning into your chakras and any areas you feel are stuck- to get to the bottom of the ‘why’ and how we can move this.

*Helping you remember you gifts- we all have them, I can inform you of the planes of existence, stars and dimensions your soul aspects reside on, and what you do there.  Remembering these can shape your future and bring our latent gifts to explore.  

*Healing through the matrix and re imprinting painful memories.

​*Past lives- I can see karmic patterns and soul contracts to help you work on fulfilling or letting go of.

*Channeling direct written message and activation codes from your guides which I can intergrate within your soul's blueprint.

*light language- this is a powerful modality of vibrational healing, its understood on a souls level.  I  includes written, spoken and signed codes that go directly to your souls core and creates instant shifts and expands DNA. read more about it on my blog.

*Any soul retrievals and ceremony needed to access certain memories.

*Taking away any attachments.

*Ancestral and Womb healing.

*Practical advice on how to support yourself, meditations, visualizations and plant and crystal advice.

Energy exchange-

*1 hr Skype reading - includes  a 1 hour channelled reading that I complete and send to you before our session- As this is deep work I want to call up as many aspects of you as I can for the groundwork to I write this part of the reading and send it to you to read before we speak. to connect with all of your guides at this time-  140GBP// $130. 

Please email me at to schedule an appointment.

Messages from your guides

This is a Written Reading sent to you-

If you are looking for support and guidance, or perhaps feel lost or overwhelmed with where you are, you may be stuck and can't quite reach that next step spiritually.  Then this is for you. It is a 4-6 page written document that is sent to you over email.  It is full of love and nurturing and helpful bespoke visual meditations and crystal advice from your guides and I to help your healing over the next few months.

I start by calling in your spirit team to my sacred space- the ones that are most vocal at this time, it can include- spirit, animal, ascended master, goddess and star being.  I channel their their messages and wisdom.   I will tune into your Higher self and listen to what it is asking for.

I channel as much as I can in that hour, it can cover a range of things, these are all personal to your healing at this moment. as you can imagine in 1 hour I can not cover them all. these are some of the things you could expect-

*Past livest - there could be important insights here to identify any re occurring patterns and karmic debt or vows to release- this is important to understand your  life themes and any souls missions through life times.

 *Future paths- We will connect you with your soul aspects- Identifying planes of existence you reside on and what you do there- this will give you more connection and clarity on what you are here for and how you can move forward.  

*Identifying latent gifts you have, practice practices for development and how you can nurture them.

*Ascension codes and healing you need for the next phases, light language and sound upgrades which would come through as written activations I will share with you.

Energetic exchange- 1 +hour - 70GBP, $90. plus an email after to discuss anything needed.

Please email me to schedule a reading

Taking the time to connect with your energy before we speak.  I will write some notes that we will discuss along with and any channeled guidance that comes through.  An email with your energy/crystal notes will follow the call.  My knowledge of crystals comes from a place of awareness, its very personal to you as I everyones energy vibration is different and changes through your life depending on your needs and experiences.  I can advise you on the right fit crystals for you at this time. 


What the session can include-

*Advice on which crystals can support your healing at this time, why those stones and how to use them.

*Any advice or guidance you may seek on crystals. If you are a beginner and wish to learn the basics or if you are advance and you want to guidance on crystals to help you connect with your soul aspects on higher planes to help strengthen your intuition and connection.  It can also cover yourself, your family even your pets- we can all benefit from crystalline energy.

*Practical guidance and information on personal crystal layouts, healing visualizations to accompany the stones.

*Advice on general all round care and protection of your energy and chakras.  

*Alignment through distant healing practices, sound healing and light language activations.

*1 hour call/skype- 70GBP//$90

Email me to book.


I am passionate about this subject as there are many new souls, highly sensitive types and light children incarnating that might need extra help and support. As parents we just want to do our best to help our children, as a parent of a highly empathetic, clairsenstient 5 year old who not only jumps through portals regularly and reside mostly in the elemental reals I have my work cut out, but luckily I can see what he is up to so I know how I can help him. Sometimes our children are so knowing, its us that needs the help adjusting.

 A lot of light children come here fully switched on and tuned into a higher vibration of love. So wise, they just know how to listen to their higher guidance already but some do need the extra help, especially if they are having problems adjusting to earths more harsh dense vibrations.


If you have a child going through a hard transition, night terrors/bad dreams, or seeing things they can’t explain that scares them, I can help you ‘see’; what they see.   Growing up as a clairvoyant child I understand.  

By talking to their soul and following It through the many places they travel astrally I can help you understand more what they are capable of and their potential.  I can help you energetically support and protect them- as every mother wants to do. I can ease any worries you may have, give you practice visualizations to do with them, including advice on crystals and crystal gridded for them and their space.   If you are interested in their past lives, whether they are a old or young sole I can shed some light on that for you, I can also help you understand why they incarnated- remember they chose you for a reason.

I have worked with many gifted light children and their capacity to love and heal blows me away, sometimes its more us that need the help to hold space for them so they can soar and do what they came here to do.

*1hour Call or Skype, including pages of all typed notes- 70 British pounds/ $90 USD

Email me at to book.

Supporting gifted children

I have experience in clearing properties of un-wanted lower vibrations and lost spirits who do not mean to cause distress.  Being clairvoyant I can see and speak to the earthbound soul to help them understand what is going on, I can report back to you as to who they are , how long there were there and why, they like to give you some messages and often signs of thanks for helping them leave.  Often it is a very sad story and once  I have safely crossed the soul over the space needs to be cleansed fully.


I start by feeling into the land your property on as often the land is as much to blame for the stuck and negative feelings.  A Ley line beneath the house may be slow or blocked which effects the area for example.  I once cleansed a property with a huge energetic divide through it, I saw a energetic wall that I had to take down which stopped the energy flowing through the house.  The previous owners were so at war with each other they separate the inside of the huge house with a brick wall, when the wall was physically taken down the energetic wall still remained.  It split the house there were cold and dense energy sports everywhere- all from people projecting their hurtful energy at each other.


I have moved groups of souls on, closed portals and energy vortexes that spring up.  Gridded houses and rooms.


I can do all of this distantly but if you live close I can always come to you. I am a pusher empath and tend to send my light onto situations and places too cleanse them before I get there, this is how I work with clearances if it is distant.  I connect with a soul aspect that can walk around your house and push the bad vibes out.  I heal and work on a multidimensional level.


Skeptical? Yes I understand regarding the distant cleansing, but the proof is the instant feelings int he the house after I have done my work. If I cannot visit all I need is photos of the rooms of the house so I can connect with the energies through the photo.


If you are interested in booking this please email me and we can arrange call to discuss.


1 hour Cleansing session-  70 British pounds/ $90  

This includes a page of typed notes on what I found, and how I cleansed it and a phone call to discuss.