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I have experience in clearing properties of un-wanted lower vibrations and lost spirits who do not mean to cause distress.  Being clairvoyant I can see and speak to the earthbound soul to help them understand what is going on, I can report back to you as to who they are , how long there were there and why, they like to give you some messages and often signs of thanks for helping them leave.  Often it is a very sad story and once  I have safely crossed the soul over the space needs to be cleansed fully.


I start by feeling into the land your property on as often the land is as much to blame for the stuck and negative feelings.  A Ley line beneath the house may be slow or blocked which effects the area for example.  I once cleansed a property with a huge energetic divide through it, I saw a energetic wall that I had to take down which stopped the energy flowing through the house.  The previous owners were so at war with each other they separate the inside of the huge house with a brick wall, when the wall was physically taken down the energetic wall still remained.  It split the house there were cold and dense energy sports everywhere- all from people projecting their hurtful energy at each other.


I have moved groups of souls on, closed portals and energy vortexes that spring up.  Gridded houses and rooms.


I can do all of this distantly but if you live close I can always come to you. I am a pusher empath and tend to send my light onto situations and places too cleanse them before I get there, this is how I work with clearances if it is distant.  I connect with a soul aspect that can walk around your house and push the bad vibes out.  I heal and work on a multidimensional level.


Skeptical? Yes I understand regarding the distant cleansing, but the proof is the instant feelings int he the house after I have done my work. If I cannot visit all I need is photos of the rooms of the house so I can connect with the energies through the photo.


If you are interested in booking this please email me and we can arrange call to discuss.


1 hour Cleansing session-  70 British pounds/ $90  

This includes a page of typed notes on what I found, and how I cleansed it and a phone call to discuss.



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