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Hi my name is Katie-Jane Wright, you will mostly find me hanging out with crystals, trying to manage my many design jobs, being a mother to an intensely chaotic, but sweet little boy and running this crystal biz.

Firstly, thank you for clicking on my website, it's lovely to meet you, I am here to spread the word on crystals, how we can use them to enhance our lives in all ways shapes and forms. Crystal grids and Crystal meditations to setting intentions and using them to heal ourselves and others. I can't claim I know it all, there's A-L O T to learn, and new crystals are being found all the time, or crystals are being altered and enhanced to add to their healing qualities, its forever changing. But I can promise that I speak from the heart using my intuition and I am an open channel lead by my guides.

People feel crystal energy and communicate with it in different ways. I 'hear' crystals talk to me, I am clairaudient as well as clairvoyant and clairsentient. But let's go back to the, 'hear them talking bit'.. YES I understand that may make me sound crazy but I assure you I am not. I hear spirits talk to me and guide me. I give readings and 1:1 sessions doing just that, channeling spirit's through me, talking to them and they are a form of energy. Just like crystals have an energy field, I can tap into and talk to.

The first crystal that Spoke to me was 'Celestite' and I must admit it shocked me, I doubted myself. But its calmer, nurturing vibration re assured me by telling me that she had come to work with me connecting me to the Seraphim angels of the highest order. Her energy felt light and her voice sounded like a kind wise little old woman.

The next crystal I really deeply connected with was Fairy Quartz, it's a very high vibrational stone and as you would expect from the name, its energy was zippy and light and I saw sparks flying off it, and high pitched giggling when connecting.

It leads me to really respect each and every crystal I come across, I love feeling the different energy and hearing them sing, or giggle, or hum. everyone has a different way of connecting, when I focus on mine they tell me things, what I need to work on, how they can help, where to place them, all sorts.

Other people find they see images that the crystal gives them, or they feel their hand tingle and the surge of energy buzz up their hands and arms and back around. It really does vary; each is just as special as the other.

I find because I can communicate with them, I know how healthy they are, they tell me if they need to be cleansed and when and what with. I have also had friends bring their crystals to me to read.

How every you connect with them is magical and unique to you. The fun is in the trying.