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Citrine. Sunshine Energy.

There is so much to do,  to say,  so many crystals to list, the trail of emails is endless but I keep hearing a voice whisper, just write...

I know when I write I decipher the muddle of my mind.  My guides talk through the pen and I channel so freely,  ancestors, star beings, ascended masters.  I find the crystals that I select for my store not only talk to me, but speak of the collective conscious, and what people need right now with their spirit bodies shifting to higher vibrations.

  For so long I heard whispers of heart stones, throat stones, pink and blue everywhere.  I based my workshops in London around healing the throat and heart with guided meditations and gorgeous crystal singing bowls. Now a subtle shift is happening where all I want to do is help people activate their solar plexus and sacral energy centres.  I am surrounding myself with orange and yellow stones; orange calcite, citrine,  golden topaz and orange kynite.  All stones I will be adding to the store as soon as I can.

Today I went and brought myself some sunflowers, I wanted to practise some self love.  They are my favourite flower, the only flower in my wedding bouquet, the only flowers I grow so confidently in my garden.

and a flower that when I look at I think of the burning sun.  Flowers are a type of medicine, just like crystals, medicine for the soul.  

  I got some new citrine in, which will be listed in the next couple of days, as well as heaps of amethyst.  I have been researching all about so  called 'Fake' Citrine- Which by the way I really don't like calling it! I think its disrespectful to the crystal, it is a quartz, It is a crystal.  It is not fake! It has just been heated outside of the earth (instead of inside the earth) from amethyst and the violet ray turning it to the yellow ray.  It still has the same qualities, it might not be a high in vibration as natural citrine.  But it still balances and aligns the solar plexus.

  Natural citrine is considered a rare stone and is harder to mine in Madagascar so its a lot more expensive these days. You will find an abundance of heated amethyst or smoke quartz to make citrine points and citrine beds for sale at most crystal shops.

 Anyway, I digress, what I was trying to say and the most important thing is to choose stones on how they make you feel, how they light you up, and if you see a stone that fills you with joy then you need it in your life.  Despite whether it is heated after it is pulled from the mine, it will still have important energetic properties  that you need if you felt a pull to it.  I cant say it enough, go with your intuition its never wrong.

*The polished point I am holding above is natural citrine and a great grid central point, write and set intentions to call in abundance and in which areas, and pop it under this polished point (I have a few beauties in stock to list) and BAM ... wait for it to flow to you.its super powerful! * the raw citrine points are heat treated, still as beautiful to me and give me that same feeling, they have some gorgeous rainbows in them.

So after my hour of falling down the internet worm hole of reading blog after blog, I decided to sit with the citrine I have and see how it makes ME feel.   I pulled out one of the gorgeous sunflowers and created a crystal grid with all of my citrine, heated and natural. Amethyst wanted to come to the party so I got some raw and tumbled pieces and  some clear quartz points.  Finally adding polished ametrine points, Yep you got it, they are a mix of amethyst and citrine, a stone holding both energetic properties.

 Every piece I set down held so much love and intention to release and heal.  I asked the flower for its petals for my healing, and I directed the clear Quartz points outwards towards me to send the energy and healing my way.  It was powerful flower and crystal medicine.  I sat around it (and still am) soaking up the yellow and purple rays feeling loved, protected and inspired.  I felt my heart was going to explode and I started to cry.  

Feelings hard to explain, shifts within, I saw a giant sun consume me in yellow rays that warmed my core up and made me feel like I could do anything.  Endless possibilities.

The message that came through was simply this..

'We need to have courage, courage in our inner wisdom, nothing is out of reach.

 We make our own luck, and by filling our hearts with the happiness of our own self worth we create our light filled path, now is the time to take control and light those sparks'

I don't even think what I created was a grid, I just call it that by default.  It was a kind of alter, an honouring to my soul, calling in the elements, fire and water, the elemental fae energy around the flowers, the crystal energy.  I didn't even bind the grid as you would do with the clear quartz point.  This was so powerful the energy just zapped me straight away, it knew how to find the soft spots.  The tears surprised me.  I felt overcome and over joyed. Sometimes I still feel un worthy and overwhelmed of the universal energies and the higher dimensional frequencies we are all increasingly calling in.  In that moment i felt my connection with all around me, on a different level than before.  I heard the animals outside from miles around, and heard the trees in the fields around my home. I saw and felt them all, I felt how we are connected to everything.  I saw cords from my heart connected to everything. 1000's of them, reaching out and touching everything energetically. All that is, and all that was, in my home and outside of my home.  This is why I cried, my human words could not put that overwhelming glimpse into words and do it justice.  

I wish for one moment I could make you feel and see that.  Huge shifts are happening on this planet, people waking up finally and its huge, wonderful, powerful and yes overwhelming.  The key is to let it wash over you little by little, our light bodies are upgrading to let these downloads in.  I help people in my sessions do just that, expand and activate their chakras.  Wow its all wonderful and I feel very blessed to be here in this life, at this time, talking to you about this.  I feel crystal energy and how it is shifting and stepping up more during the ascension is for another blog.  

And here I was wanting to keep this biz and blog more neutral, less intense, more for the ones newer to using crystals, sorry if i made your head reel a bit there.. but maybe your higher self needed to hear that.  

Astara xxx