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House Cleansing and Protecting

I visited a house in London yesterday to cleanse and protect it.  I do a range of psychic things, past life healing, crystal readings, light healing, I am also a medium so am often asked to take any earth bound ghosts from a building or land.

Yesterday was an intense time for me, on the way to the house I had my guides come in and tell me that this would be a hard one, and that there was one upstairs room in the house the needed a lot of work.

The house itself backs onto an over grown cemetery- and from the photos I had seen a lot of spirits there, and an oppressive energy from the place, trying to encroach on this families’ home and garden.    The spirits I saw in the cemetery were all earth bound ghosts, quite happy frequenting this place, mostly men, who felt drunk to me, just roaming around.  I try to block out this energy instantly, for 1. I don’t want to invite them in and 2. I don’t want them to drain me or latch onto me and follow me home.  They were not nice let’s put it that way, 6 of them appeared in black hooded cloaks lined up facing me, warning me off. 

It became very apparent to me instantly that some serious protection was needed.  I have to say this too, yes these spirits sound scary, but they cannot physically harm us. They just want to be left alone and I made sure they were.

 If anything they were warning me away from their area, they told me they were protecting it.  In my experience I find that older buildings do have guardians over them, especially churches.  But mostly these beings are light.

So for me it was important to create boundaries marking our space and theirs

My must have tools for cleansing a space.

*Crystals- Amethyst and black tourmaline for griding protection.  Rose quartz I tend to place at the entrance of the house.  One either side of the doorway to only let in pure loving vibrations . You can also place Black tourmaline each side of the doorway for protection.

* Sage or Palo Santo- to light and smudge the area- the corners of the room with the intention to take away negative energy.

*Salt- Again part of the cleansing and purification, to take out the negativity, a pinch placed int he corners of the room, and left for a couple of days to absorb. Then thrown out of the house.

*Earth Healing crystals- I use these when i am creating grids to cleanse the land, fire and ice quartz is a great to channel light energy through to the earth and Atlantesite is my favourite earth healer. 

*Blessed water- I carry water from the chalice well in Glastonbury, its blessed and comes with such a pure vibration I use it in ceremonies.

*Candles- For me very symbolic of spirit's presence.

I started in the house exploring all rooms and cleansing with sage, salt and blessed water.  To make double sure it was so high vibrational I played my singing bowls to cleanse the whole house with sound frequency’s, which is beautiful and way less smelly!! I’m not a huge sage or Palo Santo fan.  In the bedrooms facing the garden I protected with black tourmaline stones and some amethyst- both good protectors and so different energetically.  Black tourmaline won’t let anything in full stop, amethyst protects too but it’s much gentler and a lighter energy, here I felt we needed the balance.

On my way up to the attic I felt a cold chill, this was the room my guides told me about. I instantly told the owner there was a spirit up there.  I saw a little girl about 7 years old.  She knew she had passed but she was trapped in the memory of the room.  She used to live in the house in Victorian times (the house from dated from 1819) she told me her name was Margo.  She showed me that she used to be locked in the attic as a child as punishment.  And although she was trapped there she found it safe, she was looking for her parents.  She loved the lady that had moved into the house, and the owner told me that she has a little girl visiting her in her dreams a lot since they moved – it was Margo, she confirmed to me that she was staying around her a lot.  Poor little girl she was angry and scared and very lost. 

 I cleansed the corner of the room with salt, sage and blessed water, then I played my crystal singing bowls, the little girl sat down and watched me, the sound frequency went up and down in pitch it was eerie.  Normally the pitch is constant, one long note, it was amazing that she was doing that.

  I asked her if she wanted to cross to see her parents, and she wasn’t sure at first, she just clung to the owner of the house, it took a while to assure her it was safe.  I opened a portal of white light and asked her parents to come forward through it and there were there with a little dog with them, saying thank you to me and calling her over. 

  It’s always a very beautiful moment seeing spirit cross into the light, I am always humbled and feel such deep love.  The little girl ran to them and then skipped back and hugged me, promising the owner of the house that she would come and visit her in her dreams again.

That wasn’t the end of it, there was a door to the eves space in the corner of the room and I felt such crazy energy coming from it, I opened the door and looked into the darkness of the eves of the house.  A little boys face appeared to me, all dirty, with open wounds and skin peeling off like he had had some kind of disease.  Another ghost.  He was so sweet, so scared, about 6 years old. 

  He had 5 other little boys with him hiding there, all in the same condition, dirty battered in Victorian clothes covered in soot, all hiding.

They asked me if it was safe to come out.  I felt these spirits were attached to the land not the house but sought refuge here.  I asked them if they wanted to cross and they cried yes, we have been waiting until it was safe.  I assured them it was and opened up another portal of light which they all ran through so fast! In the instant the white light washed over them I saw their little faces all clean, no peeling skin.  They were whole.  It was a wonderful thing, they didn’t stop they just smiled and ran off to explore their new light filled space, doing what little boys do. 

Many buildings in London are built over plague pits, there are so many dense energetic vibrations in the land its hard to escape.  Its more about protecting and cleansing as best we can.

The garden was my next target.  Here I built a circle to honor the elements, earth, wind, fire and air. 

I built a crystal grid using clear quartz points- to amplify pure white light, Atlantesite- my master earth healer and Amethyst -for protection. My carved agate dragon took central point in the grid, then I called on the rest of the dragons, I work with dragons a lot and dragon energy this is for another post I feel.    

I knew I needed something powerful energetically to clear the land and its vibrations.  So my Earth dragon stamped on the land to take away the toxins in the soil and I called on a fire dragon to burn up the negative energy around the house.  He was a beautiful big black dragon with a golden red belly who stays there now protecting the house.  He asked to be named so the owner chose ‘Optimus’ felt very fitting.

*She has since messaged me to say her younger son ran into the garden saying ‘I see a dragon’

We gridded up the garden by planting black tourmaline in all the corners of the garden, digging up the soil and placing them in.  It felt very important that they were in the ground.  In the corner closest to the cemetery I placed some smoke quartz too to absorb any negativity.

In the centre of the garden we planted a clear apophylite point to be the center of the grid.  All the while focusing intentions on protecting the house and land, and I binded the grid with white light.

 As we sat there in peace around the circle grid I gave her messages from her father (in spirit) as he sat with us.  It was a very touching moment.  A little robin flow over and perched here on the fence in front of the cemetery divide.  These messages and signs are not lost on me, it was wonderful, he sat there watching us for a while.  A lovely message from spirit of re assurance.  The garden felt so much calmer and lighter.

Before I was due to go, the owners mentioned the cellar and asked if I wanted to take a look, man am I happy that they did.  Seems the whirlwind of energy didn’t stop at the attic and garden it was in the cellar too.  I walked down and felt a blast of cold air then I saw lots of spirits walking through, like it was a tunnel.  Men in suits with briefcases.  Now this could have been an imprint of energy, a memory on the land or it was more.  It felt more to me.  I saw a vortex on the side wall, it where they were coming from.  As I stood in front of it a few of them walked through me, they were in such a rush and didn’t even notice me.  I used sage again and blessed water the closed the vortex with my light energy, sealing it, never to open again.

Now I’m not saying that ever house is like this, although every flat I ever lived in, in London had a ghost in it and needed some land healing.  A lot of the cities are like this.  It’s just important to know how to cleanse and protect yourself.  You can do this using sage, salt and crystals.  But if you feel something there its best to talk to someone who ‘sees’ spirit or feels energy so they can really help you further.

Good protection crystals for your house and land-

*Black tourmaline



*smoke Quartz 

-If you want to amplify the protective rays further place some clear quartz with these stones.

So this is me signing out from this post, After this im in need of much replenishment.  Luckily my spirit guides came to me to do some healing on me the night after so I feel better, but its so easy to take the energetic baggage home.  So im carrying black tourmaline in my pocket for a few days.

Astara xx