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Self love with Rose Quartz

I am writing from the heart today, I feel awash with new emotions risen since the last full moon.

My head has been heavy with self-doubt and emotions of not being good enough are rising to the surface. I think everyone can relate to that. Not being a good enough friend, sister, mother, girlfriend.. not being present enough, really present, like staying off my phone kind of ‘present’ and giving my family the attention they deserve. For me It’s hard when my business revolves around my phone and social media. I am trying to find a constant balance.

I stopped yesterday to give myself some time, to switch off my brain from the millions of thoughts that run around constantly- none I may add are about me! They are about the new friends I have done readings for, how they are coping, how can I give them more, what do I need to post next on Instagram, am I doing the right thing? Am I doing enough?

The answer is yes; I am doing enough. WE are doing enough, every day, showing up, living this life. Being human is hard. I mean the day to day stuff can be hard, not considering all the heavy shit we go through. We are so hard on ourselves. And why?

Always striving for perfection when I think we need to accept in some case’s that’s not achievable. let’s just stop, it’s so tiring, stop striving and be still. You are perfect in that moment, being still, receptive and open. In this state we connect to the realness of this life, the knowing that there is a bigger picture and we are all part of it. All connected and perfect as one whole.

I mean what’s perfect anyway? I think you are. You might think I am, and if you do well thank you ;) I will try and absorb that love. I hope you feel mine through these words.

It’s important to pause, especially in these hypersensitive times, there is a real shift in energy recently, I really feel it. Things are speeding up, my meditations are full of important downloads, symbols and light language I struggle to sketch and keep up with.

My guides have told me that the earth’s magnetic field is shifting now and new higher frequency portals of light are opening around the earth, with beings from much further out than Orion starting to make more contact, only now are they allowed to send their frequencies to earth.

These higher vibrations are being felt by all subtly, and especially by light workers.

So the need to pause and feel connected, to understand that these human feelings of questioning, are we doing enough? are we enough? are very real.

Your very core is shifting, inside and in the earth. We are being called to do more, this is why we are questioning ourselves so much. Our spirit bodies are very active on the astral planes preparing for this shift. You will have noticed so much more press about crystals, reiki, sound therapy and spiritual healing. People are really waking up, and being more open.

Really it’s a wonderful time, a wonderful moment to be part of. Many of you reading this will have been part of different planets accessions before, have incarnated on earth at important periods spiritually. The protectors, the teachers. So whenever you question, am I doing enough? in everyday human life, emotionally, physically and spiritually please know that yes, you are. Being here is enough.

Self-Love Practises.

Hold some Rose quartz if you have some and take a moment to relax your mind, to breathe in white light and out any worries, doubts or anxieties. Each breathe deeper than the last. When you feel calm and cantered I want you to do these 2 things.

  1. Surround yourself with a bubble of pink light, I call this the ‘love bubble’, give yourself the love you need. It needs to come straight from your heart. Feel every cell, every pore, every muscle opens up this pink light and breathe it in, soak it up. Sit in or lie in this bubble for as long as you need

  2. Hold your arms and palms up to the sky (this is a receiving and receptive position) Say this with love, intention and conviction-

“I am enough, I am loved, I am held, I surrender and release any fears that I hold, that are standing in the way of me achieving my souls potential”

Light a candle for yourself and do something to mark this release. Do something that makes your heart sing, yoga, meditate, have a dance around your room, maybe have a bath with salt and crystals, go for a walk alone in the woods, buy yourself a bunch of flowers. Do it for you, this is something to make your soul feel loved.

I always like to creatively express myself, I write happy mail, journal, or more recently I create beautiful floral crystal grids for myself. The grid photographed was a self-love and heart opening grid, using flowers and heart stones, like jade, rose quartz, kunzite, quartz.

Why don’t you try one, buy or pick some flowers (if you pick them ask for their permission), collect things you love from nature, twigs, stones anything and just lay they out how every you want. I always create a crystal grid first, with a centre stone, and then the stones surround and branch off from it, 5 -6 branches (if that’s makes sense) I always hold the intentions when I position the stones, this one was of course, heart activating and opening. Then I take a clear quartz wand (It’s important that its clear quartz) and bind the grid. Don't worry that you have lay anything out wrong, there is no wrong, just go with your intuition.

I then meditate on it and just absorb its loving supportive energy. When I take it down I always bath in the flowers whilst focusing on the intentions I set. I find the whole process very beautiful and soothing.