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Womb Healing Work with crystals.

I have created a new healing duo of crystals for womb work that I wanted to talk about, Now you could choose from a range of stones for this; Moonstone, Selenite and Jade to name a few. But from experience and what I want to achieve from this box I chose the 2 that just feel right. Carnelian is not necessarily know for its properties to work on the womb, its role in this set is 'Warmth'.

And its not just for focus on Fertility, as we all have so much trauma held in our womb that we can work on. This box will help heal the 'mother line', our connection to every female within our family, past families and through our ancestry line. Because they are all connected, just as you were in your mother womb, so she was in her mothers, and her mothers and so on. We are all connected through this 'mother line'. And this goes on through each past life we have had as a woman, you can imagine the line is long. When you send intentional healing to this part of your body, to this heart centre you are not just healing yourself but your family too- they will feel the effects whether its subconsciously or consciously.

It is very much about the healing advice within the box and how it works with the crystals. I share 3 very important visual meditations with you. How to connect your heart to your womb, how to send love to your womb and how to ignite and activate your womb with Carnelian.

Carnelian is a energising stone, its like fire, it warms you, gives you courage, confidence, vitality and life force energy. for the purpose of this box the rose quartz egg is symbolic of new life, a prompt to send love to your womb when you see it on your bedside table. It will hold womb healing affirmations included in the box and amplify them with love. Its gentle and nurturing, its soft energy will hold you on this journey. It will help you face any fears and blockages with a courageous heart, releasing things gently and in your own time.

The carved crystal egg is also known as a Yoni egg, a tool to use internally to send loving vibrations to your uterus, for the purpose of this box it is purely about symbolism but you could use it for that purpose too of you felt the need too.

I have been practising the visuals and meditations with clients through sessions and personally myself on my fertility journey. Its important to note that, everyone is different. This is not a quick fix, it is a way to connect with the energy in your womb and understand what is going on there. Once we become aware of our energy we are better equipped with how we can balance and activate it. The more you work on this area the more blockages that surface to release.

If you feel called to work on this area of your life, a great many positive changes can come of it, being open to this healing and acknowledging these 2 things, you are worthy of love and that you are ready to reclaim your power, That YOU are in control.

This set is available to by now in limited amounts, once it is gone you can pre order it and I will have a full restock by the beginning of March.

I also wanted to write about a womb ritual and self love session I created for myself recently . I felt the overwhelming importance of welcoming in a baby and new life into my womb. This caught me by surprise. I am very open and honest, I feel my journey may resonate and help someone else, I have been doing a lot of healing on myself around conceiving.

But the feeling of urgency that I needed to welcome this future child became so strong it made me emotional. I set about creating a sacred circle, an alter, a celebration, a crystal grid, what ever it could be called. I can't tell you how I know what I am doing when I make these, I just let go and create, pulling together all the pieces in know in my heart need to be included.

Creating the Circle with crystals and flowers-

*The inner circle had 3 important symbols; A crystal egg- symbolising my womb and life, A small Rose quartz heart- symbolising my future child and a full rose- a symbol of me and my heart centre. around that i scattered rose petals, which I had blessed and thanked the flower for its offering to my healing.

*The Outer Circle- Raw rose quartz- that I had bathed in light from my heart. Connected with pink Himalayan rock salt. the salt for me was a key piece in this, purifying and protecting the inner circle that was 'Me'

*Around the outside I linked in Star seed quartz and Selenite, symbolic of protection and love from star beings and angels. Selenite is a very feminine nurturing stone, great to carry when trying to conceive or pregnant.

*The circle was blessed with light, sound vibrations and a circle of Seraphim angels.

Other wonderful feminine nurturing crystals you can use to support your journey is moonstone balances hormones, and enhances fertility- just holding it or wearing it can have a positive effect. Teamed with Carnelian which prepares the body for conception, and activate the passion and fire, to help make those babies! I find Unakite and Jade also very positive, supportive and uplifting.

Even before I initiated any healing my womb area started to ache, our of the blue, as if it knew what was coming. I did various healing visualisations, opening my heart sending love to my womb/the egg/ my future child.

I struggled to open the flower in my womb, petal by petal so I could send it love.

- the womb is our 2nd heart centre and a very important one. A lot of women store heavy emotions here, that need to be released. We hold collective pain through the mother line, every woman in our family in this life, and through all our past lives, we are all connected.

I used Herkimer Diamond to amplify the light I sent to myself, I strengthened the connection between my heart chakra and womb as it had faded over time. Most importantly I chanted;

'I welcome new life, I welcome new ideas, I welcome love" 7 times. The divine number of completion. All the time with the intention to heal myself and re connect.

I had past life issues re surface, one's I had not seen or heard before, I felt them, brought them to the surface and let them go, letting a violet flame pass over my body to transmute any lingering feelings.

I took our a lot of what looked like sludgy tar away from that area. Then I journeyed to inside my ovaries, seeing that now a portion of them were sparkly and light, I took more sludge out that remained and they all became light. My whole lower half felt tingly and sore- nothing I couldn't handle, it needed to happen. I saw 2 small scalpel blades which I took out and healed the holes they left.

I rebalanced the energy around my lower half as it had become stagnant in that area in general and I was told by my guides to drink some warm sugar water. This process had taken a lot of energy and they want me to replace it as fast as I could.

Big shifts have taken place tonight, for me the time was right to address them. yes I'm sore and my legs ache as well, but I defiantly feel this was SO important. Its easy to disconnect from certain energy centres, chakras or body parts, we disconnect our hearts all the time, shut them down when we go through emotional trauma. When women suffer miscarriage, birth trauma, loose a child or even remember the trauma of their own birth, it is easy to shut down the 2nd heart centre, the womb. In the right circumstances when we are supported we can re connect.

If you feel called to working on some womb healing and rituals with me supporting you just send me a message. I would be honoured to be part of your journey.