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Obonjan wellness festival.

I wanted to write a few words about Obonjan, a few words turned into a few paragraphs.  I had read a few reviews about this island before I went there, which weren't the nicest.  So I wanted to give my point of view as a spiritually connected person.  A healer, a teacher trying everyday to live a more spirit filled life.

This is a review for all the connectors, the facilitators, the spiritual, the yogis,  the ones hungry to learn, who are searching for something but they don't know what it is,   perhaps they didn't even know they were searching until after they found it here. 

Love. Hope, release, for their soul to be nourished and nurtured, support. It's not a party island, yes the music it utterly wonderful, we met a few that came for a party, but just embraced the holistic healing it brought. it's very clear that Obonjan is not about that.

 Jill, Kate,  and Cheryl-  'She's lost control', the whole team have done something very magical and created a community. One that you are welcomed into with open arms. Regardless of who you are, what age, and at what point your at in life. 

The scenery is to die for, there's sun, the clearest blue cleansing water you will ever see, beautiful nature and animals all around you. Wonderful camping facilities and nourishing food.   

 The talks and healing offerings are second to none, every healer that steps up to talk offers their souls and heart openly. Their wisdom is so needed. and I looked around at the people taking part, they are hungry to learn, they are thriving on that knowledge, their soul hears it and welcomes it.  To be part of that for me is utterly humbling. 

Let's talk about the island itself.

This island is steeped in magic, from the mermaids and water dragons that met me at the shores to the elemental earthy energy that can be tapped into. Fire devas dancing on the ground making me feel this was a fiery ,earthy island full of creative activations, sparks of creativity waiting to be soaked up in your solar plexus and sacral, all of this is yours to connect with.  

You can do guided meditations and yoga on the forest platforms and connect with the Islands core, feel the wind push through your hair and whispers of the trees.  

The cicadas sing in the trees, watch the bats fly over you head as you stargaze in the amphitheatre at night. Have endless butterflies land on you.  The sunsets are magical too. The energy of the place is soothing, it knows what you need and it wants to give it to you.

What makes Obajon special?

For me personally, it's been the people and the workshops. Pure and simple. The connections made with like minded, heart centred, supportive people. Friends I have made for life now, my tribe. Deep soul connections, I see beautiful cord's reaching out to all the people I have spoken to, all the interactions, connecting us at a souls level, golden cords everywhere rippling out, these then reach to the cosmos and beyond.

I spoke to passionate teachers, who want more from the system and question it, the yoga teachers who say screw perfection , let your body move how it wants too and go with it.

 The healers who give you so much support beyond their remit, the beautifully kooky astrologer's who help you understand the cosmos and your path. the ladies you meet with such gifts ready to develop, just needing that activation and support from new friends, from the healers, from the island.

Meeting people doing their darma- as Ruby Warrington said. Seeing these individuals talk,  being fully lit up and nourished by their souls work.  And in turn sending the spark of inspiration to others they are talking to. The ripple effect of light. Now the island is taking on new energies. New lighter collective energies that make it a bright beacon.  

Obonjan gave me- new friends, some peace, healing, the courage to continue to do my work and feel ok about drawing the line and making boundaries, between giving too much.

It gave me the space to explore who I want to be, how do I want to show up every day? outside of all the pressures of being a mother, a wife, being worthy, doing a good enough job.

It's given me confidence to continue to be who I am, through the constant kind words and support from new friends about what I can do and see. Meeting Kate Taylor of 'Blush love retreats' and her asking me. "Are you the crystal lady' .   Trying fully to step into this role, this part of me that perhaps I still hold back on completely.

The island will give you what you need. If you are ready and open.  What will it give to you?

From stargazing with the Greenwich conservatory, to Qoya dancing with Kate, soothing sound bath's with 'Sound Sebastian', and thought provoking talks with Shaman Durek.  Yoga with Pip Roberts, herbal talks and walks with Kate at pukka...and that was just some of the free workshop I did in the 3 days.

You can book all sorts of treatments at the 'Zen den'. I had a hypnotherapy (for a very reasonable price) with Shauna- who I love!! She has the most gentle voice and guides you into a hypnotic trance so effortlessly that before you know it you letting your mind wonder through healing scenarios. I wish I had had the opportunity to heal with Shushma, founder of 'The Calmery' but 3 days just wasn't enough..

In the morning's after picking up a juice at the green bar I loved walking to the south side of the island, there were plenty of little coves to sit with the trees over looking the sea completely on your own.   And that's the wonderful thing about the island, even when it's full it seems so peaceful, there room to sit alone, lots of space to roam.

So  if your thinking about it, -go, I recommend it whole heartedly, for all of the reasons above.  It has truly changed me, the healer that I am, and want to become.