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My self healing journey

I recently had a rare day off, writing, quietly gathering my thoughts and creating a sacred space for my healing session later this evening. My day took an un expected turn in the form of a self healing that I was instructed to do on myself by my guide Micheal.

There I was cleansing my house and raising all kind's of vibrations, when out of the blue I sat down to just 'be' , For those who don't know me, this quiet alone time rarely, if ever happens, so I totally embraced it.

I went into a meditative state and my guide's appeared surrounding me in a blast of white light, its like I was surrounded in white flames. I heard one of my guides instruct me to harness the light and channel it through me, where I will keep it in my heart ready to use in my healing session later. I put my arms out and took the light in through my hands and channelled it through my arms and into my heart chakra where I visualised a box and put it inside. This is how I channel energy to heal with. My guides, spirit gives it to me.

I heard a little voice whisper in my ear "its ok mummy' and she kissed my cheek. Now I know whom this little girl is, and needless to say I started to cry. Like I have been doing at strange times on and off for the last few weeks. She is the little girl I have lost and is waiting patiently to be born to me.

I know I still have more healing work to do on myself around my inner emotional turmoil over loosing children. And it seemed now is the time, today, while I have a quiet moment, to begin addressing that.

It is hard to 'let go' and 'trust' in the unseen. But people do it everyday, it takes so much courage, Faith is such a strong thing. And I do believe in manifestation and trusting your instincts. But it is hard to keep the belief that something will happen when you feel so desperate.

I have had many past lives that I have explored that find me having a child that is taken away from my suddenly through no fault of my own, either captured and taken as punishment, or babies that died very young. I feel for me this grief, hurt and loss are something that are holding me back now. I am so passionate about children and heal children often as I sleep on the astral planes.

My guide Micheal told me to lay down and use my hands to direct light into my sacrel area, around my womb. As I did this I felt a sensation of tightening and then release, I used the white light from my hands to push the blockage down through my right leg, where I felt it rush through my feet in waves of tingles. I knew to work slowly and gently as this is a deep build up, making sure I rotated the energy clockwise through the lower half of my body. And so I lay there for a little while integrating the healing light.

TRUST is key.

Trust in yourself and your inner power, trust that everything works out the way that is should, trust that you are not alone in anything. Trust in Divine timing.

Another reason I wanted to write this was to let you know that I am not special, well I mean we all are in some ways. But what I mean is that, yes, I have guidance and 'see' and 'hear' these prompts but It is all stuff that you can do too, with my guidance.

The sending light through your hands to different parts of your body to heal them. I cant express this enough, it is all about intention and visualisation. You can do this.

I am learning to trust and love more everyday, thank you to all my guides for enabling me, thank you to my clients for continuing to bestow their trust in me completely and laying their soul bare during readings. Thank you, to YOU for reading this and giving me the space and energy. I hope that you got something from it.

And to my higher self, 'Thank you' for being patient with me, when at times I find it hard to trust in the outcomes.