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Adventures with Moldavite + Crystal Skulls.

I wanted to write about my experience's with Moldavite as I have got some listed in the store and I do believe at times this stone should come with a warning.

"Caution this stone will connect you with cosmic beings, will make you light headed and possibly dizzy"

When I first held it, it made my hand numb (and still does) its energy is intense, then that numb feeling goes up through my arm. It takes some people time to integrate it.

It pushes through any blockages, wanting to circulate around the heart to open it as wide as it can go. It felt like an electric shock to the heart for me, in a nice way. It activates and open's.

Now I must mention I have been seeing and communicating with cosmic beings from all dimensions and planets for over a couple of years now, and I sought this crystal out to strengthen that. My higher chakras are all open and activated, so for me it takes me up and out instantly. When I'm using it I ALWAYS have some black tourmaline and flint next to me to ground me. After I have come back down I'm lightheaded and dizzy. I find it wise to only limit myself to short periods of time with it, and always put it safely away after use.

As I have been working with cosmic entities for so long I do not use protector stones (I protect myself psychically), as I can choose where I go and which light beings I interact with. For your first few times times I recommend you carry a protector stone on you while travelling through dimensions. Something like Jet, Amber, Hematite or Shungite.

Moldavite's Origin's

A meteor crashed 14.8 million years ago into what is now known as Czechoslovakia, hitting the ground with such impact and force that Moldavite was created. It holds the energies of the cosmos and all the stars, such vast universal energy. Found in the area around the Moldau river, gaining its name from the area.

Its an intense connector stone. It's rare rare and unfortunately there are fakes from China on the market (where they take green glass and bash it around), I can assure you that mine are the real deal.

Now I do know that people wear Moldavite necklaces all the time and for me I could not, its too powerful and reacts so strongly to my energy field that I would not be present. I believe Moldivite came to those people for something different, for heart healing or connection to their higher self. Crystals give us what we need at that time and they follow what intentions we set. I firmly believe that.

Star seeds or star children (those that have not had many lives on earth before) like this energy and frequency, it brings them comfort from earths sometimes overwhelming and harsh energies. Holding it can bring them peace.

A little piece is enough...

Someone asked me once in a workshop whether its best to get bigger stones, are they more powerful than small ones?, and the answer is yes and no, it depends what you are using it for. It can be as gentle or intense in energy as you need it to be at that time if you are working with it. Moldavite is one of those stones that is small in size but packs a powerful punch! highlighting that you don't need a huge piece to give you lots more energy, its about the frequency and how it resonates with you.

First Cosmic adventure with Moldavite

My first experience with Moldavite was this- I meditated with it in my hand, as I was sitting up in a big copper prism. As soon as I shut my eyes and zoned out I was faced with 3 portal's like doors right in front of my third eye. They were so clear and in HD that they felt so real.

I was told that I had the choice, they were past, present and future. Me being me and ALL about the past and past life healing I chose my past portal. As I stepped through I was hit by the most vibrant colour, all shades of green, bird song, hot humid air. It was deep in the mountains of ancient Mesopotamia times.

I looked down and my feet, they were bare and dirty, mens feet. I was a tribesman, who lived in the mountains. I felt I lead a tribe, but we were very remote and secretive.

I walked through this terrain knowing where I was going, walking to a stone temple, like one that you would see in tomb raider, very crude with stone steps all around the outside. It was not big at all and very plain, with what I recognise as light language carve onto it, and astrologic symbols. (photo from pintrest)

Its written that the Mesopotamian's were the first to start developing astrology and I felt my people were involved in documenting this. As much as this temple was plain, it was of great sacred importance and that I was the protector of it.

I have started working more with crystal skulls and I really feel this is because it links to this specific past life I have had surfacing. On walking inside the small hidden entrance I followed many small dirty corridors to an inner sanctum, again so plain just lots of carved symbols that looked Alien (probably was) On a stone bed in the centre of the room were 4 small crystal skulls. I was the protectors of these ancient stones that were filled with extraterrestrial knowledge. Even writing this I am nervous like I have this sense of betrayal to them but I know now 3 of them were found and the universal energy and codes within them have moved on. The one final crystal skull that I buried has never not discovered yet.

It is said that many crystal skulled were bestowed with scared knowledge and were buried to protect them, many still to this day have not been found. They will surface when they are ready to share their information.

That ended my trip with Moldavite, I had sensory overload and retreated back to my body. Drawing attention to my fingers and wiggling my toes, checking my grounding cord and giving myself a few moments to breathe and centre before I opened my eyes.

Whats interesting is that I have been back to this place since, while I went on a retreat to Croatia, very un-intentionally, I obviously needed to heal something. As we did a past life meditation and I was taken back there. I recognised the energy of the place, and me instantly. It seems that a piece of my soul was still in that time. He was protecting the skulls still, taking his job very seriously and with great reverence. I had to call that part of my soul back to myself. Shamans call this past life retrieval.

I reasoned with him that his job was done, his contract and karma ended and that he did a great job. I sent myself so much love and embraced that part of my soul straight back to myself.

They say that when you have a pieces of your soul retrieved it can change you, it makes you feel more whole. It did make me feel different. I gained more respect for my self, how loyal and brave I am.

Recently I had the honour of meeting a giant quartz crystal skull,

my connection to them is unfolding and deepening. I felt the instant need to place my third eye to his. Once I did, I again was transported (this happens so seamlessly for me, its so clear and vivid) It chose to show me the connection to universal energy that it holds. It blew me away, literally. I had hurricanes and whirlwinds spinning around me. He showed me that he can harness that power and use it for earth healing (FYI Moldavite is a great earth healer) he showed me huge vast golden hurricanes of cosmic energy, burrowing down to the earths core and giving it healing. He also showed me mystic beings from Venus and further out that will be visiting earth soon. They looked like unicorns only they were iridescent and golden, with a golden sparkly aura and had 2 unicorn horns. One over their third eye , one over their crown. For anyone that works with unicorns you know that they can give some intense healing's from their horns. Can you imagine what this new being can do with 2 healing outlets?!?! I have yet to learn more about these beings and connect again, all I know is they are coming soon and will live along side us in different dimensions giving healing's to nature and the elementals. Their vibration is hard to describe because it is so, so high, its like nothing else. Pre hap's thats for another blog post.

So if when reading this there is no more Moldavite listed and your curious please email me, I'am happy to source some more.

Much love

Katie-Jane xx