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The Bell'amouh Plateau and the crystal matrix.

I am already giggling to myself now at my dads response to what I am about to write. You see, he read my last blog post about Moldavite (of which I have some more to list, keep an eye out) and my astral adventures and he said 3 things;

*The first, Katie If we lived in the 16th century you would have been burned as a witch by now, to which I replied, been there done that many times over.

*The 2nd was, that if he didn't know me and know that I was sane and normal he would have my head looked at, because some of the things I say are out there!! And lastly

*I write such loving and compelling stuff that he could not stop reading- so I choose to focus on the last comment, thanks dad love you too.

Which got me to thinking "what if people think I'm crazy" maybe I should not write what I see, the places I go to. Then I realised that I really don't give.... as Phoebe would say "a tiny rats ass" (huge friends fan here) life's too short and Im fed up of worrying about what people may think of me, Im living my life the way I want to and there are people who what to hear these things and want to understand more where they go astrally.

During my last few weeks of self doubt at how I put myself across, juggled with the fact that 80% of me doesn't care anymore, my friend sent me an article about a 20 year old Russian boy genius. He knows everything about space and astounds the scientists with his vast knowledge and talk of alien civilizations. He says that his last life was on Mars and that a race still live there underground living on carbon dioxide. This 20 year old boy has the courage to talk openly about this in the media which I think is wonderful and kind of came as my little of capsule of courage today before I posted this. Im way to excited and fascinated by all of this to not write about what messages they give me.

the link to Boriska's article is below.

Im not going into the science of it all, as I'm not knowledgable in that area, all I will say is this, just because we cant all see them does not mean that they don't exist. There does not have to be an answer for everything.

There is so much star seed knowledge waiting to come forth, and we are living in exciting times that enough people collectively are sharing and talking about their experiences. ET's, or star beings as I like to call them are not all scary. I believe you and I are star beings. We come to earth- (the harshest learning environment of them all)They have been painted in a bad light due to too many low budget scifi movies ( I stick to the peaceful ones) they have so much more advanced technology, like eons more advanced than us, they have alchemy and codes waiting to expand our cells and very DNA. Newer crystals will be uncovered that have been sent from them, new cures to diseases are being worked on from above and will filter down.

They used to very actively work closely with us humans during Egyptian times, I was one of the humans that downloaded and channelled codes from them. But they have since withdrawn from earth as humans have become more volatile, towards each other and our planet. Everything we do here on earth creates ripple effects for the planets and galaxies around us. That the many powers that be (the galactic councils) in the cosmos have put a protective shield around earth so that WE cant hurt them!

So the other night on my cosmic travels, I went somewhere totally new and documented it all. I was there in my astral body, fully conscious and awake and channelling everything that they were telling me. I have a guide in spirit , who when I ask her to, she always comes to me and leads me to these star beings. She's a bit like my cosmic gatekeeper. My spirit knows the way as I work with them all so much but the conscious earthly part of me needs to be lead.

I visited the Bell' amouh plateau through a star gate. The stars align in a certain way at a certain time to allow for this crossing- needless to say not many if any of us have been there.

This was a special meeting, according to my guide the last time I was here was eons ago and these beings had missed me. Their vibration is slower than I am accustomed too when travelling, they see and feel differently and reside around a giant crystal structure that is the heart of the planet. A cloudy yellow optic stone it reminds me of golden healer Quartz .

I took on some expansion healing from them and met with the chief -whom has never been to earth before. He touched my face, scanning me and remembering. It is much like how the blind see in the human race, they feel their way first.

I activated and downloaded what he was giving me, therefore taking on some of their energy. which I am told is an honour, That I don't understand how sacred and protected a race they are. I help protect their very existence. No other humans have visited them consciously or un-consciously.

The next part of this is channelled from my guide and consists of me asking her questions about where I am am and who they are-

KJ- Is it safe to talk about them?

This was her response word for word-

"Yes it is because they are extremely hard to find. We found them because you know the way. They are still downloading codes to you. They will enhance and bring more change, for your souls evolution. What you are doing is bringing you soul closer, so much faster to enlightenment.

The race are called the beau'trah

KJ-What else can you tell me about them?

"They are shy, they live alone, they are protectors of universal wisdom. They nurture seeds of change and send those out to the multiverse. They talk in code that most will never understand. When they do communicate they are loving and kind and gentle. They have 2 heart centres in their chest which is the love that you feel from them, that's why you feel it so strongly. One heart is connected to their crystal matrix. It is the crystal and one heart keeps them alive. They are positioned one above the other. They truly work with crystals in a a different way to us. They are part of them, they anchor them, they are connected and if anything happens to the crystal matrix it directly effects them.

I will only show you and lead you to the peaceful races you know, the general more elemental types as these are the ones you work with the most.

We feel and you felt that there would be no one better than to channel cosmic messages, who better than the winged angelic leader, who works peacefully with so many star races. So heart centred that all who meet you love and trust you. You are the perfect person to convey the never needing messages of love from the stars.

KJ-What messages do the beu'trah have for us?

For those that are ready to listen they have so much teaching they can bestow .

The Beu'trah- "We want you to know you can ignite your souls mission by just gentle focus, focus inwardly to you pituitary and pineal gland, send light to them, ask for us to activate, connect and encode them. You don't (us humans) use this organism enough, it lies spiritually dormant and is an important part of your whole energetic system, connecting past present and future. All we ask is that when you feel you are ready, ready to know what you need and how you can give yourself that spiritually, look inwardly to these gland's. Ignite a spark within it and ask for what you need.

Now I have opened the communication with them I can pass on more messages.

Working with so many star races and see how they use crystals in their existence for survival and healing is fascinating its very different to us in many ways, I can's wait to write more about it.