Finding Joy with Crystals that align you to the 2nd Ray

Crystal Grid dedicated to the Yellow ray, all crystals available on the website

Hello Crystalline Friends,

I have been having one of those necessary periods of slowing down and going inwards, those moments can be heavy and sitting with the emotions that come up, well you know what it’s like, it can get as deep as you let it.

The 2nd Ray of illumination has been surrounding me in abundance recently, this yellow/gold ray is about finding oneness through wisdom and love. It amplifies the magnetic power of attraction, pulling to you an abundance of the support that you need right now, whether its the right teacher or the right opportunities to propel you forward on your path. It brings an opportunity to heal, restore, reset and re energize through the light of ancient wisdom and love.

The 2nd Ray

The qualities of this ray are wisdom, education, understanding and illumination. Yellow and golden crystals hold the connection to this ray, and you can channel it and work with it through them. By simply holding a yellow or golden stone and invoking the 2nd ray.

If you have found recently you are seeing yellow in your aura or noticing this colour around you alot, or even surrounding yourself with yellow and golden crystal then you are being given a clear nudge and direction that you have a message to share with others. This ray surrounds the world of teachers and education, trust your voice is an important tool to pass messages of love and courage to others. Honour the energy of the teach in your life, perhaps your soul’s purpose is to help others to learn the lessons of the ascended masters of the yellow and pink ray, ‘Wisdom through Love’- as my guide J.C calls it

Here is an invocation to repeat out loud x3 x9 times to call in the 2md ray while working with the crystals that hold the energetics of this ray. (we will explore what these are below)


I (full name) call on the blessings, wisdom and insight of the 2nd ray of illumination into all parts of my life, through all aspects, timelines, dimensions and parts of me. I open my heart and welcome its radiance to fill and saturate all parts of me 100%, through all layers, all chakras, all cells and atoms I welcome and invite it in.