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Finding Joy with Crystals that align you to the 2nd Ray

Crystal Grid dedicated to the Yellow ray, all crystals available on the website

Hello Crystalline Friends,

I have been having one of those necessary periods of slowing down and going inwards, those moments can be heavy and sitting with the emotions that come up, well you know what it’s like, it can get as deep as you let it.

The 2nd Ray of illumination has been surrounding me in abundance recently, this yellow/gold ray is about finding oneness through wisdom and love. It amplifies the magnetic power of attraction, pulling to you an abundance of the support that you need right now, whether its the right teacher or the right opportunities to propel you forward on your path. It brings an opportunity to heal, restore, reset and re energize through the light of ancient wisdom and love.

The 2nd Ray

The qualities of this ray are wisdom, education, understanding and illumination. Yellow and golden crystals hold the connection to this ray, and you can channel it and work with it through them. By simply holding a yellow or golden stone and invoking the 2nd ray.

If you have found recently you are seeing yellow in your aura or noticing this colour around you alot, or even surrounding yourself with yellow and golden crystal then you are being given a clear nudge and direction that you have a message to share with others. This ray surrounds the world of teachers and education, trust your voice is an important tool to pass messages of love and courage to others. Honour the energy of the teach in your life, perhaps your soul’s purpose is to help others to learn the lessons of the ascended masters of the yellow and pink ray, ‘Wisdom through Love’- as my guide J.C calls it

Here is an invocation to repeat out loud x3 x9 times to call in the 2md ray while working with the crystals that hold the energetics of this ray. (we will explore what these are below)


I (full name) call on the blessings, wisdom and insight of the 2nd ray of illumination into all parts of my life, through all aspects, timelines, dimensions and parts of me. I open my heart and welcome its radiance to fill and saturate all parts of me 100%, through all layers, all chakras, all cells and atoms I welcome and invite it in.

I call on the teachings of the Masters, Chohans and Celestial beings of this ray, lord Lanto, Master Buddha, Archangel Jophiel and Christine, I offer myself of service, and honour your teachings, wishing to carry them forward through the flames of my heart on this day and all days.

I AM grateful and reverently opening up to your divine light and wisdom,

Blessed be, in deep gratitude and divine grace, I thank you

It is so, and so be it.

When you say your invocation out loud I recommend you say it whilst holding a crystal connected to the 2nd ray. Any mentioned below are great, as you say it the yellow ray will start to descend from the heavens to cascade its light down over you, visualize it entering your higher chakras and crown, as it’s being poured into and over you. Simple right?

I find working with this ray is truly lifting and energizing, it sparks creativity, happiness and joy. And to team the visuals of this ray and flame entering your body while you hold a crystal that holds its energetic link makes it even more powerful an exchange.

So let's talk about ‘Joy’, the stone’s that really boost or spark this feeling, and the life force ‘Chi’ inside you.

It's true that all crystals can do this, I mean we love them don’t we?! they bounce off that love, they receive it and amplify it, this is how the connection is established, through the heart. Love sparks love, joy sparks joy.

‘If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment’

For some time Ganesh the elephant-headed Hindu god of beginnings, has been with me, to me he exudes the yellow ray, that feeling, of bringing joy into all you do. He helps us clear obstacles on our path, and any fear based imprints.

He has taught me that in the moments of deep healing, when we really witness and feel the spectrum of our emotions we must be with them but also be able to flip the switch to joy and laughter, there needs to be a balance, a lightness brough to it in waves. He came into my heart and helped me remove blockages in my solar plexus, (he governs this chakra center), and everytime it went deep and tears flowed he did something to lighten the mood instantly, something unexpected and surprising. At one point he whipped out a feather in one of his hands and tickled me, which was so random I couldn't help but laugh.

And this is key he says, because finding laughter and happiness help you lift these fears faster, they can not be sustained in this flip to a higher vibration. Fear resides at a low vibration, so we must continue to rise in your hearts.

He has inspired and brought through a guided journey I have recorded that is available to buy as a download on my store.. incoming this week...

While writing this blog post, I sat with my crystals and heard 2 things; one was a hearty laugh from my large Orange Calcite chunk, and the other was some crickets chirping. Yes this sound’s bizarre, but these were the sounds they gave me to get my attention. Orange calcite has laughing buddha energy, if you close your eyes and sit with it, you can almost see a joyful buddha rubbing his belly and rolling around laughing. This is infectious energy that makes you smile. And it’s what we need right now, a reminder that life can be light hearted and funny. It doesn’t have to be serious.

Orange calcite likes to hold space for happiness, I have a piece in most of my rooms, somewhere I can see it- that’s important, so that each time I catch its eye I'm reminded of a jolly laugh and it lifts my mood, energy and the energy of the space instantly. It also boosts my motivation and energy levels when I'm feeling lethargic, so you could say this stone would be great in a place where you do yoga or exercise.

The sound of the crickets came from a Crazy Lace Agate crystal skull I have, Crazy lace Agate opens you to love and joy, it boost happiness and laughter, indeed some people call it ‘Happy lace’ it is mostly found in Mexico so it has that connection to fiestas, sun and dancing. As all crazy lace agate, my crystal skull is ever the optimist, she’s a shape shifter that connects to all realms and planes of existence, taking you on some wild journeys above and below the earth. This stone has a sense of humour and really connects with the animals. It’s one to really invest time in if you want to open up to communicating with animals and to do healing work with them. Infact my crystal skull showed me all the sentient beings it connected with, speaking very fondly of the insects of this earth and how important they are, hence the chirping of the crickets. She said this

“The crickets are more important than you realise, for the sing and chirp all day making light of their situation, they are forever happy”

Now whenever I set eyes on my crazy lace I hear them singing and it reminds me of the wonder of this world.

I am really loving Crazy Lace agate at the moment, Her strength is in the balance she holds, lifting and grounding in unity through all the work.

She holds many colours from reds, to peach, to white, yellow and grey. So she can work to align many of your chakra centers; crown, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root. She wishes to take you on a journey to remember those past moments and memories that made you most happy, to unlock happiness in your heart, to bring them to the surface so that you can feel more free. You will find some crazy lace agate dragons, towers and tumbles in this months listing on the 22nd May.

'As you gaze at me you will be invited through many levels of colour, these layers are symbolic of you and your layers, the outer coats you wear to protect yourself. I infuse joy, colour and happiness through each layer so that we can lift what makes you sad.

We can’t banish those moments, memories or events but we can make peace with them together. Lifting them, viewing them and honouring those moments that brought you growth, I bring Perspective, optimism and a reminder of happy times.’ -Crazy Lace

As I said at the beginning all stones can bring us joy, finding a crystal that just connects is a special thing, many a time i have witnessed people holding a crystal that just resonates so deeply with their heart that they burst into tears, it’s that feeling of meeting an old friend, these are the stones that come to us to bring us joy and lift us.

Other Crystals That Connect to the 2nd Ray are

  • Golden Imperial Topaz a regal, deeply purifying energy,

  • Golden Libyan Tektite is steeped in galactic energy to work with and calls itself the stone of Stella illumination.

  • Golden Apatite,

  • Sunshine Aura quartz,

  • Citrine is abundant in honey coated happiness,

  • Tigers Eye who’s playful energy winks at you and invites you to go deeper into clearing the emotions that block your happiness.

  • Sunstone that spark activating streams of sun into your light body to warm and lift you.

So my dear friends I hope you know the abundance of joy and love around you, these crystal friends are here to remind you of that. They give sometimes not so subtle friendly nudges, but they always have your best intentions for the highest good of all at heart.

In, with and through love

Katie-Jane xxx


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