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from those who have taken my past courses

Wow this was incredibly powerful and so activating thank you so much Katie-Jane for recording this for us. I did this twice and the first time I had such an emotional release and felt so much angelic and loving beings around me


I have such gratitude to you for providing this sacred container Katie-Jane. The connection to these powerful crystal beings is just beyond! I have to share that this session with the fulgurite brought in frequencies so high that my electronics have been glitching like mad. When we "pushed away" energies at one point, all of our car alarms went off in our driveway. I ran out barefoot in the snow to try and turn them off, to no avail. Then just as suddenly, they stopped on their own. Then my tv turned on by itself. I have worked with the fulgurite and Libyan Tektite every day since our session and each time I am taken on a journey. It is beyond powerful. Thank YOU!



Thanks Katie-Jane and for this beautiful crystal container,  so lovely and so blessed to be on this journey with you. I have just watched the replay, loved the opening ceremony, all sorts of feelings and visuals, learning so much already. The end journey was beyond anything I have ever experienced,  I experienced so many beautiful emotions from all senses, so much love, gratitude and blessings - thank you thank you thank you.


Last night was so beautiful you are such a pure soul of love and trust ! I cried with you wow what a journey I wish we could just be on your sessions forever as they’ve made me feel alive, part of something bigger and they’ve made me feel like I’m here to do this I’ve had so many shifts since the start of the course and started my own little membership to help others Heal. Thank You so much honestly you're such a guiding inspiration to me and I don’t feel this from many people in our lines of life as I don’t find many ‘Authentic’ but I know you live, eat and breathe this life.



Katie-Jane, you've introduced me to the thing that was missing, the bit I was searching for... connecting me back to me, seeing and feeling the truth, from my heart. I know now why I have wanted to surround myself all my life with crystals and now I know how to properly care, respect, talk and listen to them...


This course has been so much more than a 'course' -  I was ready and waiting... I knew immediately without hesitation to book, my guides were so happy!  I've watched every recording and heard something new every time, there are so many layers, I've learned so much, but at the same time only scratched the surface! I love that the teachings are guided from source, they're pure and true and so relevant for what's going on right now in the world.  It's funny each week the teaching has continued, strange (or not) coincidences connecting all the dots!


The course was put together beautifully, the perfect mix, everything just seemed to flow.


I know this is only the beginning for me, I'm 53 and have been a healer, psychic medium and mentor for 25 years, I've always trusted the universe and been led by my heart... I have been shown things over the last few weeks that I never thought I'd be connected to, I see this as just the beginning and look forward to soaking up the last 8 weeks, ready for Level 2!


Katie-Jane, THANK YOU so much for our journey last night! Absolutely enthralled by all the information that you are sharing , Also the formation and healing attributes of our crystals are astounding! I really am beginning to forge a connection with each Crystal because of the knowledge being shared. Last night I kept on seeing a lilac halo around my fulgurite which was heart warming. I cannot wait to go through all the notes and replay . THANK YOU for the sound bath audio... it is wonderful . In times like these that we are living through I really feel that you are showing us a glimpse of the world to come. I am most grateful to be under your tutelage and cannot THANK YOU enough for sharing your wisdom in love, laughter &; light language. THANK YOU .. THANK YOU THANK YOU


This has been the most unique course I’ve ever taken. It’s not just about crystals but my own personal journey with the ascended masters that I met in each week’s journey. They came and taught me so much about myself, the parts of me to release and the parts of me that I forgot to love. As I listened to the journey recordings again, the energies continuously changed to suit my own progression, each time a different ascended master showed up to help me move further on my path. I’m incredible grateful for this experience, it has taught me how much support I have at each moment, that I have never been alone and how easy it is to call for help. It’s actually a very advanced course but I felt completely at ease in my own pace, to read and rewatch the recordings to understand more at my own speed, Katie Jane held such a loving energy for me to feel completely accepted as I am no matter where I was on this path. I’ve also learnt to work with crystals in a completely new way, to surrender to their teachings more, to allow them to guide me as teachers on this path. I can’t recommend this course enough and please have a level 2!

JOYCE WANG, Sound healer, London

Completing this crystal course with Katie-Jane was a truly magical experience.  The knowledge and love that was shared each week during our sessions were at once grounded in wisdom and had me soaring to the stars.  This was a carefully planned and curated journey, that was delivered with such passion, care and respect.  Katie-Jane is an authentic delight and her soul shines brightly for everyone to see.


I had been secretly manifesting for Katie to teach a course for awhile so when she launched, I was over the moon excited. I had no expectations beginning the course but was blown away by all of the content both in the live but also the weekly handouts. They were so well done and I will continue to refer to them moving forward. This journey for me was very expansive and I learned so much over the 2 months together. I highly recommend taking this crystal course. It is so much more than crystals, it is deep multidimensional healing and learning. Thank you Katie for spreading your light and sharing all your wisdom. I can’t wait to go through the course again!! 



I cannot believe how far YOU have taken me physically , spiritually and ethereally. At the age of 60 and not a practicing healer I felt a little under qualified to be doing such phenomenal earth & spiritual work. Every step of the way you have enlightened my lack of confidence with love positivity & knowledge so unconditionally that i in turn feel empowered .  You have so much light to give and like all of our beautiful crystals on this course you are like the copper that amplifies every beautiful step of our spectacular journey!! I have never smiled so much and felt such energy of love & commitment to embrace the light forces coming through now . 


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