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Meet some of the Families that I work with


This is Marcello and his Family-

He digs for crystals on his families land in the 'Mina's Gerais' Region of Brazil, you can see his family in the photos below, they dig for, clean and care for your Lemurians before they reach me, and are part of my chain which are direct from mine to me.  He has been a miner for many years, he understands the right ways and processes of digging crystals,  he knows the region well, and works with a network of  small families mining  and teaching them safe ways to mine their land.


He is my direct contact, miner, distributor and handler in Brazil.I feel incredibly lucky to be able to  work with the most wonderful families and to be able to speak in detail about the land your crystal have come from,  showing photos and videos direct from the ground so you can tune into this energy and know who is handling your crystals, It is important to know this, the process, and the ways we give back to the earth and people through this small chain of direct from mine to me.


Where do my Crystal come from?



The majority of my stones are from Brazil, I am passionate about the stones of this land,  having visited many times in my earlier life as a Footwear designer, I fell in love with the culture and the passion of the people. Some of the best Quartz is found in Brazil, it has crystal caverns where the  giant record keepers of Atlantis are stored and protected, It is also the place I buy my Lemurian crystals from, the land is rich with many crystals from Garnet to Rutile quartz, Natural Citrine, Amethyst,  Kyanite and Topaz, to name but a few.

 I like to show you where your crystals come from, The Golden Imperial Topaz you will find in my shop is from this land (see video) A region of Brazil called 'Ouero Preto' it is known as one of the only places to find  Golden Imperial Topaz  which is very rare. I really feel it is important for you to see and feel the energy of the land, here a 4th generational family work this land, digging with hand picks into the side of this mountain.

My Personal Ethics


To work directly with small family mines.

To buy where possible direct from small family mines, who are protectors of their land through many generations.  This was  I can speak to the people on the ground digging (via my translator) so I can monitor every stop of the process form digging to selecting, packing to shipping. I can supply the provenance of every stone I have from Brazil in my store, the land, region and mine, I  can even provide photographs  and videos (check my blog post on 100% Visibility) of the family's that I work with.

To Giving Back and to Honor the Earth.

It is of the upmost important to make sure I honor the earth and give back to the land every step of the way, through healing work, ritual and ceremony.  I also give back to earth charities through specific crystal boxes, recent offerings have been made to the NHS and Oxfam covid 19 appeal India through my 'Ganesha' healing crystal box and live crystal workshops.  The miner I work with in Brazil who is my right hand man and translator on the ground is a crystalline wizard, he grew up in the region and knows the smaller mining communities there, he says prayers to the land and offerings to the nature spirits, and gives back to the communities by teaching families how to open up mines on their land and dig for the stones and identify them.  You see, how we interact with the earth and stones from start to finish is important, every person who touches them is important to me, to understand their energy and process.

To offer small, curated collections- not to hoard crystals!

To only invest in the energies that are align to my pure intentions at that time, I am not a shop that does live crystal sales with endless boxes of stones, I buy limited collections.  I selecting only the ones that wish to be with me and wish to speak to the collective at this time, you won't find every stone under the sun in my store, they are carefully curated.  My time is spent talking to each stone and listening to their stories. Take some time to consider if you need to buy any more crystals, if you have worked with the ones you have enough? if you feel they have done their work with you pass them on to someone who you feel needs it/them.


If your interesting in collaborating with me, whether its an event, article, podcast or festival pop me an email.

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