My name is Katie-Jane Wright, owner and founder of &Crystals. I set this brand up with humble aspirations, with a big open heart and a passion to help people. To provide people with consciously sourced crystals, all hand picked.

 I feel, see and hear energy, so I am able to pass the crystals messages on. I feels its so important to provide healing information with the crystals, so my crystal box sets come with crystal layouts and meditation guide to help you connect with your stones on a deeper level.   


I  source, pick and cleanse all of the stones myself,  I ask the important questions for you, I know where all of my crystals come from as I try to source as close to the mine as I can, if not straight from the mine where possible,  I have certain people who collect the stones for me without digging so only they and I have touched them so their energy is in the most pure state.  I keep and hold them in love and with the respect I feel they deserve- no crystals wrapped in newspaper over here! My service is very personal, and I feel thats been the reason it has been so successful to date. 

Past Crystal Events and Workshops

&Crystals Timeline


May- Hosted a crystal pop up at 'Smashbox' covent garden, London.

Aug- Played at the opening of 'umbrella arts festival, in Washington DC forArtist Reggie Black on the opening night. 

September- I have talked on a pannel at Libertys London 'Stone Focus' event,  and feature no their podcast, speaking about the energetic qualities of crystals.

October- Anthropologie USA started to stock my crystal boxes.


Feb-Book 'Crystals a conscious guide' launched by Aster/Octopus books

March- Asked to become the crystal expert for Spirit and Destiny magazine and write a monthly column with them.

Aug-I have spoken about crystals on a panel of Refinery 29s first 'Spirit and Wellness' event in London.

My Spirit animal wisdom cards launched.


I have hosted crystal workshops which included, Crystal 101 for beginners, Crystal gridding with natural elements, self love with rose quartz, Psychic self defense, these have taken place across the UK and America.