My name is Katie-Jane Wright, owner and founder of &Crystals. I set this brand up with humble aspirations, with a big open heart and a simple passion to just help people. To provide people with ethically sourced crystals, all hand picked, with a story.  I feels its so important to provide healing information with the crystals, so my packages come with crystal layouts, meditation guides and affirmations to help you connect with your stones on a deeper level.  My service is very personal, and I feel thats been the reason it has been so successful to date, you don't get my stones you get me, my support.  

The bit before &Crystal's.

I have been a psychic clairvoyant since I was a child,  always seeing the world in a different way.  I inherited my gifts from my grandmother, she originates from a Khasie tribe in the hills of Northern India,  a strong matriarcle society of women, she had healing hands and her mother before her.

 As I got older I started to see energy in new ways, colours in peoples aura, their blockages and past lives.  I started to hear, feel and sense energy all around me, not just spirit but in and around people, places, plants and most importantly crystals.  Through my teens I shut it down, it became very overwhelming and I didn't feel I had the right support.


I qualified in Footwear design many moons ago, and spent 12 great years happily designing and heading up the Footwear design departments for some very wonderful Luxury brands and British Royalty including; Kurt Geiger, French Sole and Markus Lupfer.  Ever a teacher at heart, I always wanted to guide and help people, I also lectured 'Footwear Design' at De Montfort University in Leicester UK over a period of 2-3 years.  My career was successful but I always craved something more, something for my soul.

In 2016  I started to take on clients for energy healing sessions in my own time, I was guided and taught by spirit, my work is very intuitive based and thats how I teach people to work with crystals.  I found people from all over the world arranging skype appointments with me, all through word of mouth, I refused to advertise.  Feeling the right people would find me. It built my confidence and sparked this burning desire in my soul. This is what I craved. 


After sessions I would recomend clients certain crystals and advise them how to best use them, I found them asking me where they could get them and I just could not find anywhere I felt happy to suggest. So &Crystals's was born, teamed with my love of design and asthetic's I got to work on my brand concept.  It happened very fast and organically- which just told me it was all meant to be.  I started with subscription boxes and themed gift boxes with all the support to go with the stones- they have been very popular then I move on to sell individual stones.  I also offer intuitive crystal readings and bespoke boxes where I tune into the persons energy and select for them, alway's giving them handwritten notes on the why and how behind them.  

I have been so grateful and overwhelmed by the beautiful response to what I do, I have appeared in magazines and blogs, talked on a pannel at Libertys London about the energetic qualities of crystals - 'Stone Focus' , hosted pop up crystal stores in London and am developing some really exciting future projects.


 I create, source, pick and cleanse all of the stones myself as I feel this is so important.  I ask the important questions for you, I know where all of my crystals come from as I try to source as close to the mine as I can,  I have certain people who collect the stones for me without digging so only they and I have touched them so their energy is in the most pure state.  I keep and hold them in love and with the respect I feel they deserve- no crystals wrapped in newspaper over here! 


My Book 'Crystal's,  A conscious guide' was published by Aster books /Octopus books February 2019, its available worked wide in bookshops and online.  I wrote it because I am passionate about opening peoples eyes to the potential of crystals in their everyday life and how they can calm, cleanse, focus and bring deep peace and love to their life has been the highlight.  I have been hosting a range of workshops around the UK for people who are new to crystals which include, crystal 101 classes for beginners, crystal gridding with natural elements, protection and self love workshops, It really has been a joy, and the teacher in me is happy.  My journey has lead to crystalline sound.  I play sound baths regularly with crystal meditations and have recently received a qualification in sound healing and a diploma in acupressure.  I continue to hold sound baths at events around London and Washington DC where I am currently based.


For more information about my service or if you are thinking fo working with me take a look at my services and Press page.