Join Katie-Jane on this unique 7 week online healing + Training course, each week, you will dive deep into your healing. Learning how to connect deeply to crystals, mineraloids and the ancient energies that are re-surging at this time.

Aligning to your highest vibrational crystalline template and activating your crystalline DNA.

 through new ways of grounding and anchoring in the higher frequency of cosmic consciousness, 10D and above.

Enrol From November.

Course begins -December 9th.

About Katie-Jane- Crystal Guardian

At 7 years old I picked up my first rock from the garden, believing it was from the moon, I loved that crumbly rock, I put it under my pillow every night, it grounded me while I went flying in my sleep.  All of the rocks of the earth, the sands, hold energy imprints, and memories, they hold subtle energies that interact with your energy body, and that fascinates me.   I love the earth, a lot of the stones we will explore are often called Shamanic stones, they hold the voices of our ancestors, of the earth and stars, a very ancient energy.

I am a crystal guardian through Lemurian timelines, working with the crystalline grids through the earth, cosmically I connect in with the crystal skull consciousness of Atlantis, the original 12 crystalline pyramids of the earth and inner earths crystal library. So we have a lot to explore!


I am self taught, spirit and the earth is my teacher, I have always visited the halls of records as a child to review my records, moving through the Akashic field to view points and moments from the past. I am sensitive clairvoyant who can see though many realms at once, able to move through cosmic records to see the souls truth and blue prints, past, present and future.   I have connected with many of my higher vibrational aspects and remembered my work through many lives as a healer and teacher, and I am ready to pass this on, in this unique course. 

My work and teaching comes from a place of Love, I am here to lead people back to the heart to remember, this is my first course offering, as I feel I can not hold in all of these messages and Stella activations I have been given, I am here to hold space and translate the frequencies for your souls growth.  It may not be easy, it may push and test you but you would not be reading this if you were not ready.

Authenticity is important to me, empowering people with love to use their voice and have faith in themselves,  My practice and teachings bring in crystalline sound and light language which in itself is highly activating.  I have the ability to communicate and allow high vibrational frequencies move through my voice, which moves, grounds and shift's vast amounts of energies in a quantum way.  


I am here to help you vibrate at your optimum frequency, to shed all limiting beliefs and help you ascend to a higher vibrational diamond light body template so you can move forwards with your healing and teaching in grace and confidence.

- Katie-Jane

This is a Crystal course with a difference..

We will be working with Light Language and the New Earth Elemental seals of light.

Are you ready to align to your Diamond crystalline template and activate crystalline DNA?

Each moment the cells in our body are becoming more crystalline as higher vibrational light comes to earth, our new light bodies are forming.  Our bodies are moving from a carbon to crystalline template- transitioning into silica, diamond.  We have been experiencing much change.  Our DNA is being re activated and the physical body is the last to catch up.

Katie -Jane has been given the direction from the celestial beings of light and crystalline keepers, to bring forward and champion the energies of 7 particular stones, that are stepping up their energies to assist our light bodies upgrade to a newer crystalline template, so that you can reach the highest vibrational version of you.  She has sat with the energies of the stones that were given and shown to her by name, documenting the exchange and messages from not only the energies of the stones, but from their guardians too.  Messages of unification through the alchemy/fires of love, zero point energy, raw elemental energies and plasma light activations- curious?

The Crystals of this course

We will be working with 7 divine frequencies, Shamanic stones of the earth and stars. A mixture of tektites and metals as well as cosmic meteorites bringing a deep grounding of all of these higher vibration energies of the 12D realm that are coming in to earth. 


They act as transmitters for these new earth energies, the stones you will be connecting with on this course were formed through meteor impacts, and through raw elemental moments of alchemy, The raw energies of the elements are crucial for clearing in a deeper way. They also may not be stone you have necessarily heard of before.

Here is a taster of the stones you will be working with, some of those that have come forward to speak.  

  • Golden Libyan Tektite

  • Lava Stone

  • Herkimer Diamond

The Raw element's play a huge part through this teaching and remembering  through the crystals and sound, we connect deeper with the waters, the fires, the air and earth, to reclaim those wisdom keys we have hidden deep within the earth, through scared sites, many timelines thought the cosmos and inner earth. Saint Germain and I can not wait to welcome to the teachings of inner earths Alchemy schools.


What are you recieving?

This is a 7 week Healing + training course of live Zoom calls once a week - Each will be recorded and uploaded to the course pages so that you may do it in your own time if that is what you wish, you will also have unlimited access to these videos to continue to work through as a healing that grows with you. 

Crystal Healing

Each week I will lead an informative session on the crystals of that session, how to connect with them and how to dedicate and work with them.  We will go deeper into new layouts and grids to work with for your healing.

Journeying and Light Activations

This is where my course differs from other crystal courses, I am self taught, I listen to the energies of the stones and their guardians to pass their ascension messages. I combine high frequency light language and journey work with sound.  As well as learning and connecting with the stones you will receive light body upgrades, crystalline template alignment and DNA plasma light activations from the 7th heavens. So you will be receiving healing in a very multidimensional way through many layers of your light body, to prepare you to move forward and take the next step up, aligning to your highest vibrational crystalline template.  

This is a multidimensional course that grows with you, that you can go back to at different points in your future journey to retrieve more.


Sound vibrations play a big part in this course through my voice and toning and crystalline instruments, to create a sound scape to help open and deepen the connection to your heart to receive. This course is HIGHLY activational and I cant promise that every sound bath will be relaxing for you, it will create deep and much needed shifts. All of our weekly sessions will incorporate sound and a format of learning, listening, sharing and journeying.

The 7 Week Journey

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Week 1 - Opening Ceremony and connection.

Wednesday December 9th

8-9.30 pm GMT

*Introduction to the mineraloids and crystals of this course, the supporting star councils and the ancient earth founders, why this course and why now? 

*Opening the container- Setting the space, our alter, intentions and opening the space for the group, marked by a tea ceremony and pledge for commitment to your healing.

*How to Create your sacred space on the higher Octaves of light.

*Dedicating and connecting with your stones.

*Discussing The 7 planes of existence and where we will be working

*Discussing the 13 chakras system- Where our focus lies through this training and why.



*building the quantum diamond light chamber

*The dedication- Building the multidimensional space we will work in to welcome in the new, to let go and thank the old.

*Light language Heart activations and blessings from the guardians of this course.


Rocks in Desert

Week 2  Light body Transmution-  NEW earth fire codes 

Wednesday December 16th

8:00pm-9.30pm GMT

*Introducing lava stone and meteorite- why these stone's, their messages and metaphysical properties.

-Previous weeks take away-connection experience and observations.


*We will connect with Saint Germain -the frequencies of the master Alchemist,  to visit his cave of symbols, through his etheric retreat, to learn how to scan the body to remove control symbols and explore what these are.

*A journey to reclaim our fire and power through forgiveness and love.

*New wave Trinity Grounding practices with these stones, working with them in the 3D here and now and also working with them in different dimensions.

*Crystal layout activations, connecting to the fires within.


Light seals

New earth 'Sirian' fire code to work with in meditation with instructions.

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Week 3-  Egyptian Timeline Healing and Retrieval of wisdom codes

Wednesday 30th December

8pm-9.30pm  GMT

*Introducing Lybian gold tektite, its history, messages and connection to Egypt and star races, It's metaphysical properties, how to use it in your practice and with others.

*Viewing through the Akashic field and halls of Amenti- bringing unifying clearing and balance to your past so you may move forward- We will Explore Egyptian Timelines for past life healing.



*Egyptian guided journey to activate through sound and crystalline frequencies, where we are held by the goddess Isis, 'RA' and the divine mother frequency, the royal houses of Lyran feline races who are divine protectors of those timelines. Unifying rod and staff (masculine and feminine aspects) within us.


Image by Kenrick Mills

Week 4-  Accelerating your vibration with the New earth Air codes

Wednesday 6th January

8pm-9.30pm GMT

*Introducing the shamanic stone Fulgurite, its messages and metaphysical properties.

*We work with the metal copper, exploring why the metals are important companions through this course.

*Working with high vibrational guided crystal layouts for our higher and lower chakras. 

*If you have been interested in earth gridwork - this week will introduce it, as we work with Dragon energy, they are the raw elemental energies that assist the earths Ley lines and grids.


Guided Journey

*Connection meditation with sound and crystals, working with the lightning and thunder beings to charge our bodies, the grids that support us, shaking up the field around us to allow us to reach our highest possible vibration.

*experiencing dragon energy and meeting your main dragon guide


Seal of light

Andromedan new earth Air code, to work with in meditation.

Image by Matthew Smith

Week 5 - Connecting to the crystalline grids of the earth- recieving New EARTH keys of light 

Wednesday 13th January

8:00pm-9.30pm GMT

*Introducing the crystal/mineraloid- Stromatolite, its place in this course, their messages and metaphysical properties.

*Calling in your ancestors to support and move through ancestral line healing and re balancing as we focus on the base of the spine.

Healing Journey

Continuing our Earth grid work- Connecting to the crystalline grids, journeying to inner earth's crystal and plant library with the devas of the earth. To receive the crystals that resonate with your vibration, and the wisdom from the ones you have  planted within the earth through past timelines.


Light Seal

New EARTH final seal of light to journal and meditate with.

Image by guille pozzi

Week 6- Birthing a new earth-What are you birthing into creation?

Wednesday 20th January

8pm-9.30pm GMT

*We will work with the stone known as the 'divine creation stone' Vanadinite, exploring its metaphysical properties and messages of re birth through the seat of your soul your Thymus gland/Higher heart

Healing Journey

*Sealing in all the healing from the course to integrate we are lead to the cosmic egg which is a symbol of birthing creation.

*Divinely lead diamond light crystalline activations and journey work.


Week 7- I AM the light- re activation and alignment of your crystalline codex

Wednesday 27th January

8pm-9.30pm GMT

*We will explore Herkimer diamond, its properties and energies as a master new earth healing tool.

*How you can bring the energies to your healing practice- crystal layouts for the body for yourself and clients.


Trinity of 3 Activation's

*Stella activation of  the atomic gateway- the Medula Oblongata through the 13 chakra column. 

*Crystalline DNA activation with diamond plasma light.

*Opening your crystalline codex.


Receiving the trinity seal of light

Calling in the elemental masters, receiving the rites and sealing in the new light symbol of 3 through the light body so that you can go on to work with them with others.

It is hard to put into words for what this course will bring you, as it is a quantum course that grows with you and offer's so many layers. I know that what I have outlined in the weekly sessions above will grow and I leave an element open to the flow of the session so MORE will come in and through.  


Many courses offer promises... for example just the element of light language in this course is highly activating and shifting and will activate you, you will recognize my stellar languages and find you will be activated to speak similar.


But I cant promise anything,  its all about where you are on your journey as to what level of healing you receive.  Some things I can in my heart say you will experience-

  • You will connect to crystalline frequencies and the earth deeper then before, and in that you will be able to offer others this deeper connection to others.

  • You will receive high vibrational transformative shifts and Stella activations through the emotional, mental and spirit/etheric body/field. You will align to higher vibrational templates,  and crystal DNA re coding that in turn activate the christ light consciousness within your divine blueprint.

  • Through the teaching of the journeys and words in the handbook, the seals of light, you can go on to pass this work on and hold space for others to experience their crystalline shifts.  

  • You will receive your set of 7 crystals for the course (including postage of the set), all rare and hard to find minerals that cost over 100GBP+. This is reflected and built into the price of the course, these are not your average abundant crystals.

  • Ceremonial tea hand blended for the course.

  • PDF Light language seals of light and Alter prints.

  • Workbook and printable sheets each week to support the lessons and healing.

  • Bonus Audio guided activation to work with.

  •  Crystal layouts and journeys to support the healing work through the course.

  • Access to the course online, so you can re experience activations and teachings for as long as you need. 

  • Group support - for your healing and for you to connect with others on the course.

You can invest in this course from 11.11.2020......

So what kind of investment is this healing and training?