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3 week mini series

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7 Week Quantum Crystal Healing course

Remembering Lemuria & Activating your ancient wisdom through the Lemurian seed grid and Divine Mother Energies of Lemuria.

Investment: £777

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~ Mini Series ~
Diamond Sun Series

3 week mini series

Diamond Sun Series

I have been asked by the New Earth elemental councils of light to support the Starseeds, the Wayshowers, Light Warriors and Leaders. Those of you who are awakening to your next missions during this ascension cycle. We have come to the time where we can not play small anymore, we need to harness that sovereign fire within us. This support comes in the form of divine transmissions, light body opening, expansion - release of 7th Dimensional Implants that keep us from expanding fully above the 7th.

Investment: £177

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~ Level 1 ~
Welcoming the New Earth Crystal Frequencies

8 week Self Led course

The New Earth Crystal Frequencies

Join me on this unique 8 week Self Led online healing + activating crystal journey. Each session you will dive deeper into your healing, opening past life memories and connect to the crystals and the earth. Learn how to connect with crystals in a multidimensional way. Remembering the ways of the Ancients of the shamans of Lemurian and Priestess of Atlantis.

It is more than a crystal course it is a healing journey and awakening to the many frequencies around you.  

Investment: £777

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Level 2
The Crystal Temple

10 week course

The Crystal Temple

I am in the process of creating this as a Self Led course.

Subscribe to my newsletter and or Instagram as I will annouce it via these channels when it is ready to be signed up too.

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