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Quartz Crystalline Bowls

Sound is one of the most important tools for our souls growth,  every organ in our body resonates to a certain frequency, our heart has its own harmonic base note, and within the flames of our heart we alchemize all.  I am a crystal sonic practitioner and have been playing the crystal bowls for 4 years, through working with them and traveling with them across the world I have learnt what and how I prefer to interact with these bowls and what I would love to provide in my collection-


*I have a collection of bowls and practitioner Bowls- these are bowls with a handle, through experience with working on 1-1 in small groups and with the land and grids, it is very beneficial to be able to move them around to scoop and swirl the energy in the field.


*My bowls do not go over 8.5 inches in circumference, as this the best size for traveling comfortable with on most flights in overhead storage.

*I include an information card with a ceremony- with a guided meditation on how to connect with the bowls sound through the heart to build that deep connection early on.

*What makes my crystal bowls individual are the light language portals I bring forward for the bowls that are etched on, these bring focussed stellar rays through to bring a focussed clearing of the light body through all layers.

*Each bowl has been cleansed and prepared for you with the up most respect for its energy, many Guardians of the New Earth elemental councils have come into over see this process and it is imbued with a high frequency energy.

About my Quartz Crystal Bowls

The crystalline sound tools that I have been guided to bring through are very focussed, working with pure clear quartz and the Violet, Blue and  rainbow ray to bringing deep awakening, clarity, purity, joy, acceleration, and deep connection to the Heart.  They 'bridge' planes of consciousness, especially connected to the angelic planes of existence that they take you to for healing instantly.


Latest Singing Bowls 

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

Sound healing creates a positive resonance between the body and the higher self. When, thru such resonance, we bring human beings, nature and the universe together in harmony, we touch the essence of the soul. Life in its manifestation is vibration'

-Edgar Cayce

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