Origin- Provenance and mine guaranteed, Family mine in the  Minas Gerais region of Brazil, see photos.

Chakras- Crown, heart, solar plexus, Sacral and base.

Weight- 3g

Size varies, approx- 1cm x 8mm


This Golden Topaz is natural, although it is extremely rare. This has led to the market being flooded with heat treated and dyed Colorless Topaz which is being sold as natural Imperial Topaz. It is so important to know who you are buying your Topaz crystals from. This is why I have included photos of the land and 4th generation family I work with. You can also read about it on my blog post 'from mine to crystal'.


*These stones are an incredible high quality, a AA Jewellery grade. When I selected them from the family mine I work with my mouth was watering, they are such enhancing and activational stones, I cant wait for you to experience their light on your heart and solar plexus!


*Golden imperial Topaz calls itself a ‘divinity stone’, holding the glorious rays of the sun, a regal and bright energy that moves in a slow grounded warm way, radiating its gentle power in all directions, soothing and stimulating the glands around your brain, third eye and throat. It recharges and brings lasting energy that will recharge you for the days ahead.


*It loves  to help you uncover. It likes to seek out lies and illusions, helping you recognise patterns  of self sabotage, ways you have strayed from your truth out of fear. 


*It can quiet the ego, and show you how to appreciate your self-worth and pride in a balanced loving humble way.  Teaching you the lessons of attachment and detachment from your surroundings in a way that serves your higher self and I AM presence. 


*Its nature is an activating and enhancing stone that attunes you to the highest forces in the universe, helping you get things done, and move forwards, bestowing the gifts of wisdom, fortified strength and success through enlightenment. It is one of the most loving crystals you can gift yourself.  


*When you move with the energies of this stone you bring close  a magnificent array of archangels and masters  to support you including Lord Lanto, master of the 2nd yellow ray of illumination, wisdom and education, as well as master Kuthumi and Guatama buddha and lord Ganesha. 


 *A stone of infinite light and potency and one of the most potent and powerful manifesting stones you can get your hands on. Generating abundance within and around  you, in alignment to what is appropriate and harmonious for your highest path. 


*It links in with your Solar plexus chakra, activating and enhancing your will power, aligning with golden imperial topaz helps us realise that anything is possible, as long as we stay dedicated, focused and in the heart. We can be that higher, more powerful version of yourself.


* Topaz is highly effective for affirmations and visualization, meditation and projection.


Golden Imperial Topaz