Origin- Brazil

Chakra- Heart.

Size- Approx-6cmx 3cm


**I will hold your name in my heart and select on for you**


I can not rave about this stone enough for the most cleansing heart energy, it holds so much goddess energy. it pulls up your energy, connected in your higher heart and helping to regulate the energy flow through your heart and higher heart.


its biggest message is about 'lifting' . It showed me how it lift’s the whole energy field, it cleanses the emotional body of stress and anxiety, perfect for working with the current energies. Helping you shift hidden traumas and old wounds. it re kindles lightness, 'lifting' you up and lifting any burdens.


connected with the pink ray of love It brings healing and compassion to all parts of you, especially the heart.


It's a really good stone to pair with selenite placed at the heart to assist clearing and instilling 'trust'.


Raw Morganite