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Chakra- Heart, Crown.

Approx Size-2mms


 Moss Agate is such a gentle earth energy,  with a lovely balance of water element to support feminine healing, but, it tells me not forget the 'balance' I am a unification of both masculine and feminine energy.  


Moss Agate -


I will take you deep into the caverns of your heart through the roots of the earth into the crystalline rivers of pure water.  Here the nymps and driads retreat and replenish their energy.  Here you too can replenish and swim through your hearts caverns, (with is reflected within the earth). I support your rest, replenish and release.

  I connect you to the heart but also deep within the core of the earth, into the heart of earth, Avalon, glastonbury.


If focussed eaeth work is what you wish, use me in grids, i am here for this, place me on your heart to connect with, then to the earth.  I wish to connect you to the lands of mysical Avalon and your past in ancient Albion (uk) lets move through earth streams and visit the past, the glorious energy of ancient earth.


*It  will help you journey within inner earth to connect with soul fragments and pieces and parts fo you that are forgotton or disconnected.


What I love about moss Agate is it magical potential, it connects you to elemental realms, elfin kings, Merlin, the fae.  Holding it up to the light you see the magical kingdoms inside, layer upon layer of what looks like plants and water trapped inside, it’s amazing to meditate with.


*Its colors resonate with your heart and crown, it does have some water content so will gentle help release emotions within these areas, very gentle and slowly.


*It has a slow heavier energy, connected to the earth, and will ground and stabilize you.


*The fairies like this stone because they tell me it unlocks memories of your past, of their world of visits you have made there.


*It’s a great stone for gardeners, to heal plants- Plant it in a plant pot to help your houseplants grow, as its energy is so nurturing to them.


*On a Spiritual level, it will help you work through blockages in your energy field, understanding the root cause and helping you forgive.  


*It reminds you of your connection to the earth, to honor mother nature and yourself and your place here at this time. It wants you to tend to your roots, anchoring you into this world- to be more present.


*it balances the emotional layer and your yin and yang.


*A stone of new beginnings and abundance.




Moss Agate bracelet- small beads

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