10 luxury Hand rolled Incense sticks by Sacred Elephant.


Handcrafted by traditional methods, with the highestg quality ingredients provided by nature. Made according to a timeless recipe handed down through generations.


They are a clean burning incense avaliable in Rose, vraja Leela and Gaura Leela.


  • Vegan
  • Ethically produced in India
  • Using pure essential oils
  • no chemicals or synthetic ingredients.



  • Is a romantic, warm and comforting Fragrance using the purest higuh grade rose oils and petals.


G A U R A  L E E L A

  • bright and exhilarating, a blend of Amber and saffron.


V R A J A  L E E L A

  • Invigorating and nurturing combination of Jasmine and rose, with soft hints of lavender and sandalwood. Provides a spirited fragrance ideal for stimulating the senses.



Sacred Elephant Luxury Incense.