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Origin- Hand Carved in China

Chakras- Heart and Crown connection

Approx Size- 9cm x 9cm


This star elven comes with a connection to a lemurian council fo 13 elders, It will bring conection to your lemurian lives, bring forward Elven lineages and any healing needed on those lines for you and your soul group.   she has the most beautful rainbow in her crown and third eye.


Whoever becomes its guardian will recieve a note with any messages this elven being wishes to share with you, as I pack I connect with both your energies and listen.


harmony, calm, inner peace, love


The overlighting energy of this star talisman is one of tranquility and calm, it is overlit by a peaceful race of beings called the Tak'u.  The taku are connected to the Acturus star set and originate from that region. They are part of the Stellar origin  and guardians council of this earth and solar system.  Bringing messages of gentle sound, of white light, of purity and certainty, a belief in you and what you are doing.


They bring Unconditional love and peace to your whole being, a very feminine energy that asks you to fall back into the arms and surrender, while they will offer healing that is in alignment to your highest good and highest templates/blueprints.  If this being calls to you, you know them, you feel 'home' through them, that is what they offer, a sense of peace and home within the body. 


'let us assist you in dissolving that harder outer shell,   let us explore the soft spaces within you,  softening the edges and bringing movement to the lines and flow through you.  Majestic and majesty of your light body are achieved by the complete softening and surrender of every part of you, every cell, atom, and molecule'


as the Tak'u were very specific with their wording i looked into what these words mean-


- 'Majestic means, having or showing impressive beauty or scale

- 'Majesty' means,  sovereign power, authority, or dignity.  


They speak of your beautful and expansive sovereign power.


You will not understand surrendering until you work with this light, this frequency as they teach you the true meaning of the word, as with many programs running through us as humans the ego can take over and we 'think' we know,  but really we don't.  They teach us this lesson of true soul evolution, evolution through harmony and grace, they are an indescribable loving energy that is needed at this time, my words don't do their offering justice, I am in awe and abundantly grateful to be part of holding the bridge to these being


White Jade has little written about it, which adds to its mystery, it's made of calcium and magnesium silicate can help the body heal itself. Supporting the bladder and kidneys on the physical, and it can ease the pains of arthritis and other illnesses related to the joints and bones. 


It detoxifies the body and gets rid of unwanted toxins.


White Jade Star Elven- Large

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