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Earth Alchemy Oracle Deck

'Earth Alchemy' is an oracle deck packed with so much chatty elemental energy, and dives right into the crystalline kingdoms…It’s been an absolute joy and privilege to share the messages of the Stones with you. The Crystals have been very vocal as to which flowers and trees they paired with for their healing messages. I think you are going to love the combinations- a few of my favourites being; Labradorite and Blue lotus, Amber and dawn Redwood, Turquoise and forget-me-not.

The deck is being published by the wonderful Watkins books @watkinswisdom. I am so grateful they believed in my vision. You may remember my Spirit Animal Wisdom deck that I created with the amazing Nikki Strange. So, of course I teamed up with Nikki again @nikkistrangedesign to translate the energies brought through-because there is no other! She is magic! I have to say- this is our BEST deck yet.



12TH APRIL 2022

This deck took me on a pilgrimage. It started in America, sitting with the Japanese’s paper flowers at the moon gate in Washington DC, to the botanical garden of Vienna where I sat with the Empress tree you see in this photo. To the roses at Glastonbury Chalice well, and the fae in Roslin glen, Scotland - with many ancient stone circles and monoliths in between.

The seeds were being planted years before as I started to write and create it (the first draft was 30,000 words I had to cut it by half for the guide)

I’m so thankful for ancient roots, the ancestors and plant and mineral kingdoms for re awakening and opening the wisdom for us. And thank you @sacred_space_cornwall for the beautiful shots.

The ‘Earth Alchemy’ Orcale deck, illustrated by @nikkistrangedesign is available 12th April

You can pre order it now on Amazon


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