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7 Week Crystalline Womb Container

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Reclaiming your womb space as your creative place of power
Activating the divine GOLD print and seals of the cosmic womb.
A high vibrational course that will be full of embodied activations and
Crystal Womb Attunements

5 Modules and 1 Check in Call
13th March to 10th April 
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I would love to welcome you into this very safe, held and protected container to clear and purify deep levels of distortion through the womb heart, and the collective field, for the divine feminine. We have walked the wilds of winters darkness and are ready to emerge and heal with each other.

This is your personal womb healing journey, but also a training with attuned womb codes to work with on others.  A removal of sexual slavery codes, enforced sexual exploits through hybridization and breeder programs, encrypted programs around sexual union, perversion, punishment, and torture.  


The themes we are witnessing and moving through will push you, but it is so necessary for your evolution, and it is so needed. For us and our greater soul family. 

You have to dedicate yourself to this as I dedicate myself to this space. My time will be spent tuning in and receiving and allowing the course to grow into what it needs to be for you.  As we retrieve and realign with divine gold print and seals of the cosmic womb.

Working with balanced frequencies through the spiritual sun of Sirius and the spiritual moon energy of Alcyone, Pleiades. 
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This specific womb clearing work came into my awareness at the beginning of 2022 but I believe I have been preparing for it for many years.  I have been waiting for it to evolve and trusting it will be presented when ready. 

The journey involved a lot of my own personal work and purification. To get to the point where I can hold a vast 9th Dimensional energy source of Sirius and The Pleiades to support you. My own personal womb purification has been going on actively for 2 years. It’s seen me cracking open over and over, and witnessing the depths of the darkness humanity has. Also seeing how it links to the cosmic spheres and the threads of distortion implanted through the planetary system, with particular focus on the feminine ray and how it has been corrupted since Atlantis.

The ways they have been implemented have been clever with intricate pathways and trigger traps that need to be handled in a very special way. These hidden seals and devices are ready to go there are particular devices that were implemented in Atlantis, and a specific type of work and support can remove them with care, to point of origin through to specific earth points and planetary locations.  It’s not enough to just remove them, they need to be cut at source. Which is what I can see, and offer support with.

As a reflector (in Human Design), I am witnessing many women struggling to make that leap to the next level because of these devices. They will trigger in subtle ways as your vibration rises. It is old technology thats outdated but still holds and will be bringing cycles and patterns of fear, control and mental manipulation.  All cleverly put in place to make you doubt your abilities as light workers and to distract you. They don't allow you to rise through all parts of you higher than a 7th dimensional bandwidth. It is past this frequency level that we can connect to all parts of us and create consciously.


In my past courses we have dived into removing crucifixion and crown of thorn implants, and we will be revisiting these here, as well as 3 other Atlantean implants that have been holding the female collective back. This is important and deep work that needs to be done to elevate you to the next layer of your soul's evolution.


During this course we will move through your specific frequency keys that will enable you to help others around you.  Release this interference when you work on them alongside the crystals and attunements.  Taking part in the course will draw others with these distorted signatures to you to clear, so you might find your focus with people and groups shift to the womb. 


More and more women are realising the potential and power of creation through them, and they are doing the personal clearing work needed. This is the deeper level you may have not been able to get to and is so important to clear to be able to raise your vibration to the level needed and to reclaim and embodied higher galactic parts of you.

Overview of the Course

  • Exploration & teaching on advance energy work using the course crystals for focussed womb work and activation. On yourself and others.

  • Angelic vortex clearing and full light body purification.

  • Stellar frequency activations on the womb, heart, and throat unbinding and release of voice through all timelines.  Purifying and releasing any old teachers, past vows and galactic agreements and treaties.

  • Expansion in angelic light, reclamation of soul fragments, deep healing transmissions to hold, ground and anchor a higher percentage of light.

  • This course will activate light language in an embodied heart way like no other. This is the next level of work for the healers who are ready. I hold the frequency keys to activate Sirian, Pleiadian, Venus and Andromeda frequencies within your crystals codex.

  • Restoring the fire back to your womb, through the lines of Priestess of Isis, Hathor and Magdalene.

  • Planetary grid work - closing dark portals, and restoring harmony to specific points on the grid, to enable the feminine diamond template to ascend and defend in anchor points across the gird.

  • Removing of slave codes in the lightbody and planetary systems through earth and inner earth. 

  • Removing Alpha draconian control seals and tags, Reptillian agenda programs, removing negative Zeeta control systems, all with the light body, and planetary light body, with specific womb focus.

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The Journey across 3 Stellar Lines

From the moment you commit to this High Vibrational and Activating course we will begin our journey. We will be bridging, healing, and clearing through 3 stellar lines, during this course, if you are drawn to this it is because you hold one, or all 3 of these lines of stellar connection and you have commited to clear this pain, heaviness and corrupted codes for your and your soul and stellar families, because you can.

The Lyran - Sirian line

At this time in Earth’s evolution, the Lyrans who moved through to the Sirius star set when their planet was destroyed, come to bring the new earth solar codes from the great central sun, to the earth grids. They are the warriors that have been displaced, that seek acknowledgment in their place in earths history, they are the sacred protectors of earth, the wisdom keepers, and gardeners of this system. I have never met a more protective soul than a Lyran lion’s guard.

They tend to the ecosystems of many planets, growing, creating and cultivating diverse environments. They brought and tended to many plants and systems through the Vegan stargate, and have a vast amount of wisdom for us to bring back to the earth. They must roar again, and embody themselves.

Sirius is known as the spiritual sun, a portal to higher realms, and a place of higher consciousness, spiritual technology, that was only seen on Atlantis then withdrawn. Sirius shines 23 times brighter than our own sun, it is our ‘spiritual sun’ and helps to activate us into a higher level of awareness. We have a crossover in the linage of Isis here, as Sirius was considered the star of the goddess Isis, who rules over the cycles of death and re-birth. Sirius also offers us the vibrational codes of freedom, helping us to release limitations and feel free to express our divinity, and true self.

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The Pleidian star lines

Alceyone means ‘Queen who wards off evil storms’ with the energies of this star on our course we are protected to embody and live the truth that we are. It is the brightest star in the Pleiades, extremely high vibrational. Many ancient traditions say this is the spiritual central sun, the mother sun that emits creative light, which births great teachers of light into this world. It is as important as the great central sun in Sirius, and as the Pleiades are known to bring strong and highly advanced feminine energy to this planet we see her as the spiritual moon of this system.

The female equivalent of Sirius. Those lived and have parallel lives, on and created through the central star Alcyone These are beings who connect to Hathor the cosmic mother, the 7 sisters have been connected to the 7 Hathors, A vast source of mystic wisdom, known as the higher initiates in the mystery schools of Isis.

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Zeta Reticulan lines

Their place in earth’s history is important for its survival, they have learnt a lot through the extinction of their races and come form the future to support us. They can not reproduce so have been involved in a lot of hybridization stories and sadly as with anywhere there are positive Zeeta’s that just want to help, they are masters of DNA re-coding. They have been claiming their case for interdimensional healing for a long time.

They have a lot of false narrative around them and those that come to me are
benevolent, loving and kind, wish to bring their wisdom of the trees and regeneration back to the earth, activating dormant keys on specific ley points through stone circle circuitry and elevation which the course will provide.

Cosmic Pink

You will be receiving crystals that will be aligned to you and this course. I will begin to send them out from the beginning of March onwards. So if you are abroad, please allow divine timing for them to get to you. 

I am currently in Tucson sourcing the crystals...

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Crystals for this Course



You can pay in full or you can pay over 2 months.

Course enrolment will close on 3rd March 2024

What are you recieving?

  • The course structure will be a mixture of live and prerecorded formats. All lives will be done via Zoom.

  • 5 Calls and 2 check in calls. The dates of the calls are 13th, 20th & 27th March, 3rd & 10th April all at 7pm GMT & BST. The date of the check in call will be on Sunday, 24th March at 7pm GMT for 40 mins.

  • You will receive Crystals that will support you on this course. This will include their postage.

  • Each weekly module will include receiving an activation, wisdom and guided journey work. We will be weaving in the crystals, sound and angelic/light language.

  • You will receive the Angelic seals of light (light codes) for protection of your being, space, home and land.


You will have unlimited access to these videos to continue to work through as a healing that GROWS WITH YOU.  You can therefore do these activations and meditations over and over and each time you will receive something that assists where you are at that time on your journey.

Client course Review

"The sense of homecoming I experienced during Katie-Jane's "Crystal Heart of Lemuria" has been one of the most profound in my lifetime. Every word and sound uttered felt like magic. Magic tailored specifically for me and for my growth, healing, and transformation. Ideas, memories, and guidance I didn't know I needed to know, presented itself in such an exciting and intoixingly beautiful way. My heart continues to feel lighter, more joyful, and more playful daily. For the first time in so long, I feel connected to my soul and star families and can truly embody the fact that I do not walk alone in this lifetime by any means."  Lindsay, Crystal Heart of Lemuria

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