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Love. Heal. Cleanse. Release

Consciously and Ethically sourced crystals and crystalline singing bowls

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Welcome to &Crystals, where we care about your healing,  Its not just about the crystals, its about the healing support we provide. Each curated healing box contains high quality, consciously sourced stones, with a story. Each stone is cleansed,  kept in love, charged in the sun, and blessed with light language to ensure they are fully awakened and singing by the time they reach you. You can 'feel the difference and love in our stones.

When selecting crystals Katie-Jane taps into the collective energies and feels into which stones are needed at this time for stronger connection, the stones that have stepped up their energy recently, and also just stones she really loves and knows you will too.

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I'm so grateful for my light coded crystal, I have been having the most wonderful experiences every time I tune in, the meditation with it is beyond powerful, I met goddess Isis, received 

transformation DNA spiral healing.


I received my crystals today, thank you so much, they are amazing.  The sulphur in quartz is so powerful it brought a tear to my eye. The danburite nearly lifted me off my feet. they are exactly what I need right now, thank you


I feel so deeply connected to my pieces from Katie-Jane, they have a magical, soulful energy that can only be understood by those who have experienced it. My stones were hand picked by her with love and chosen for me with the gift of love and light


Katie-Jane places so much love and care into each parcel. Her descriptions are her own and perfectly blend cosmic & earth energies, guiding you to truly understand your crystals gifts. She opens a door into the mineral kingdom, for you to step through & discoveries true magic.


Our Blog

Your Guide to Crystals

So what does it mean to be 'conscious' ?
in this day in age when so many claim to be.


For me it is about being aware of my choices with crystals and who I buy them from, knowing the chain they have been through have been through. I prefer to  work with family mines so I know exactly who has held, touched and kept my stones.


My work is about honoring the energy of the land and those who protect it, and working with the crystalline grids to support the earth.  To give back in gratitude and to only take what the earth offers to us.  I am not a crystal seller I am a crystal guardian.

I like to bring forward the stones that are speaking through the grids for our healing at this time,  this is why you will not find huge collection's of every stone on my store, I only pick what feels right for now and only a limited amount, only those that wish to come to me.  

This has earned me the reputation of people knowing that when they come to me they find something special with a story to tell, I care and nurture the energy of my stones, activating them and going the extra mile, from the way they are presented to the way packed with so much love and respect.

I am a crystal Whisperer and Guardian and have been through many lives, I work with the earth grids and the stone’s circles of this planet as they are divine portal points of such amazing energies.  You will often find me at a stone circle attuning and activating crystals for the store.

Often I save crystals and work on clearing them for months before they are ready for me to re-home.  At the end of the day all you can do is tune into the crystals and the person that you are purchasing off to feel in your heart if it feels right and authentic.

This is a little insight into the way I care for your crystals and select them before they reach you.

-Katie-Jane x

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