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Consciously sourced crystals and crystalline singing bowls

Hello Friends

Welcome to &Crystals, where we care about your healing,  Its not just about the crystals, its about the healing support we provide. Each curated healing box contains high quality, conciously sourced stones, with a story. Each stone is cleansed,  kept in love, charged in the sun, and blessed with light language to ensure they are fully awakened and singing by the time they reach you. You can 'feel the difference and love in our stones.

When selecting crystals Katie-Jane taps into the collective energies and feels into which stones are needed at this time for stronger connection, the stones that have stepped up their energy recently, and also just stones she really loves and knows you will too. 

We are happy to announce that Katie-Janes book- 'Crystals' tapping into your infinite potential Won best crystal book in the 'Soul and Spirit 2020 book awards'. 

Inspiration behind  &Crystals

What People have to say about our Crystals

&Crystals was created by Katie-Jane,  a crystal and sound healer and light language activator.

 After being asked many times after her sessions for advice and help on where to get crystals from and how to use them, she decided to take matters into her own hands. In 2015 &Crystals was born, since its creation, it has lead to Katie Jane writing articles for many publications on the power of crystals, a 'Conscious Crystal guide' published with Aster/Octopus books, 'Spirit animal Wisdom' oracle cards, and holding crystal workshops, circles, events and retreats  across the UK and USA.

Guiding and Teaching people how to connect with crystalline energy is what she loves to do.


'I am passionate about helping people take control of their healing, empowering, remembering their divine connection through the heart, and reclaiming their gifts and wisdom keys.

Crystals are a tool to aid healing, they hold space and connect us to the many subtle energies around us and I deeply respect the transformation they can bring us if we welcome it in'


As a sound healer she is very passionate about the role 'sound' has in awakening humanity to the higher energy currents within and around them and to their limitless potential.  It has evolved into a mission to provide tools for 'awakening' moving into crystalline sound instruments of a high vibration to assist healing, clearing and release.



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 email if you have any questions, or special requests regarding our crystals.

We’re happy to help in every way we can.

Meet The Team


our lazy muse and occasional crystal sniffer.

Katie-Jane Wright

Owner and Founder of &Crystals.  Picking, cleansing, listing and packing all your crystals.

Philippa Macconnachie

Its a family affair here at &Crystals HQ with my sister Philippa on hand to provide digital and packaging support.

Im so grateful for my light coded crystal, I have been having the most wonderful experiences every time I tune in, the meditation with it is beyond powerful, I met goddess Isis, received transformation

DNA spiral healing.

Raana- @touchoflightwellness, Holy Fire reiki master

received my crystals today, thank you so much, they are amazing.  The sulphur in quartz is so powerful it brought a tear to my eye and the danburite nearly lifted me off my feet. they are exactly what I need right now, thank you

Lisa- @lisabambi_

I feel so deeply connected to my pieces from Katie-Jane, they have a magical, soulful energy that can only be understood by those who have experienced it. My stones were hand picked by her with love and chosen for me with the gift of love and light

Maddie- @maddieholistichealer

Katie-Jane places so much love and care into each parcel, its always full of light, just like the exceptional crystals she offers. Her descriptions are her own and perfectly blend cosmic and earth energies, guiding you to truly understand your crystals gifts. She opens a door into the mineral kingdom, for you to step through & discoveries true magic.

Kathryn @secretsofabutterfly