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I have been lucky enough to work with the most amazingly gifted people, most of whom have gone onto become healers themselves, or excelled faster down their path. To see them grow, flourish and to support them, leaves me so thankful- Katie-Jane.

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"Katie-Jane you are an amazing and talented spirit! My reading was beyond epic, truly, the information and healing that came through was nothing short of spectacular. I am humbled by the experience and have so much gratitude for having been lucky enough to connect to you. I have no doubt you are going to have a massive impact on others lucky enough to spend time with you. Thank you so much for your time, your gift, and your open heart!"

Ixchelle Yakimowich-  Mentorship program.

Thank you so much again. I feel such a wave of peace over me today. You are the most powerful healer I've ever encountered and I knew that from the moment you crossed my path. You are for sure not of this planet. I actually sobbed when we got off when I was trying to tell my fiancé about it because it was so powerful, and I promise that has never happened to me before, and I've worked with many healers. Such a beautiful, aligned day too to talk during the New Moon.

Sarah Freese- 1-1 healing session.

My session with Katie-Jane was nothing short of life affirming and life changing. Having followed her on Instagram for some time, I felt really drawn to her energy. Even before the session KJ read my Energy and by the time we spoke I felt she had known me all my life. She understood and heard parts of my life she could never have just known and she was intuitive, warm and so caring, it was like a healing, energetic bath!!

I can’t recommend her enough - she has a real gift for reading your energy and not just telling you things about your life and future, but offering information, visualisation practices and grounding that I know will support me for a long time. 

There have been some anxieties I have carried for a very long time and in one session she swept them away, reassured and re energised me. I woke up today feeling lighter, brighter and more at peace than I have for as long as I can remember!!!

Laila Manji- 1-1 healing session. 

My daughter is diagnosed ASD and ADHD and she struggles terribly with her emotions, the world around her can feel very stressful.  We have been offered medication, however, this comes with varying side effects that I am not willing to accept.  A while ago now I stumbled across a mention of Crystal Muse in a magazine and at my wits end contacted Katie-Jane.  I can honestly say that she has changed our lives.  She was able to guide and teach us in which crystals to use and how to use them.  She is always offering up different ways to connect not only to the crystals, but to the wider world around us.  Every crystal Katie-Jane sends out you know is of the highest quality and she has put so much love in too - cleansing, charging and offering tips on ways to use them.  She has helped my daughter really connect to the crystals and the natural world.  The difference this has made to how my daughter is now more able to cope with things is astronomical - she is able to pick one or more of her crystals and focus on what emotions she feels she needs help with.  This is huge.

Crystal healing isn't a quick fix - pop a pill and get immediate results.  This is a gentle, natural aid that can only enhance your life.  If you are willing to open your heart and your mind to Katie-Jane she will open your eyes to the gifts of the world around you and also shoot you up to the magic in the stars!  I truly cannot put into words how grateful I am to Katie-Jane for everything she has done for us and continues to do.  She is such a guiding light and SO full of love.  It may sound corny, but it is obvious, Crystal Muse is not her 'job'  it is her 'calling' - she wants to help people and it shines through in everything she does and says.  Katie-Jane, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you change lives

-Jenifer Drury @jennyad22- Spiritual and crystal advice and mentorship.

Katie-Jane is an extraordinarily gifted seer and healer. Receiving a reading from her was a supreme gift. She sent me a 5 page document describing several of my past lives in remarkable detail, as well as sharing about my guides and spiritual support. Reading this was mesmerizing, resonant, and magical. I felt transported into another realm. When I spoke with Katie-Jane I felt like I was reconnecting with a long lost soul sister. She is so genuine, kind, and truly resides in the consciousness of divine service. She treats her readings with utter reverence, creating a beautiful ceremony afterward with bespoke crystals and flowers to close the space. I am still in awe of her and of the beauty and power of my experience. I will absolutely be working with her again!-Past life Reading and channelling.

Taylor Phinney Russel, USA


After having listened to Katie Janes Light language transmission I felt something being removed from my heart and immediately felt relief.  My room lit up with white light and I felt a presence along side me.  The next morning when getting ready to take my medication for anxiety, I realized I no longer needed it.  I have not been taking it for a month now, my friends comment that I look like a different person, glowing from within, my eyes are bigger and brighter and I look 10 years younger.  most importantly my energy is calmer.

-Feedback after listening to my heart light language audio.

I heard about Katie Jane from a series of fortunate events and as soon as I heard about her abilities I got in touch. I've been blown away by what Katie Jane has told me about my current and past lives since that first contact. Her accuracy is one thing but her beautiful tone, honesty and love through the healing's we've had make her a very unique woman. I've already recommended her to all my family and friends. I can't wait to continue our work together. We've only scratched the surface. Thanks so much KJ.

-Past life Reading and Release,

Sarah Tobin- Tapping for mums, E.F.T practitioner and Reiki Master.


Katie Jane thank you for take me to a emotional journey I will never forget. What a lovely gift you have, you are inspiring and a truly creative angel. Your talent made possible reconnect me with my dearest dad, you bring him closer to me. With your energy reading you helped me to understand my past, rebalance all my chakras and intervened into a more deeper areas I needed. I was blown away by how careful and thoughtful you carried the surgery and helped me to lift a massive weight I was carrying with me from my previous lifes. Now with all your advise and wide knowledge of healing crystals,I am taking care of my self everyday a little bit more. I am truly thankful for you to open up to me, a new way of living and introduce me to what I can do in the future.

1:1 Soul session, Past Life, energy rebalance and heart activation.

-Fayna Santana-Penate - Angelic healer.



Katie Jane has provided me with one of the most emotional experiences I've had but in the most insightful way. There were many aspects in my current life in which I did not understand, frustrated with or I was completely unaware. Through the reading, I came to realise these same aspects had previously appeared in my past lives. It was a continuous cycle which moved on from one life to the next.

 Everything was explained in great detail and she helped me understand things more clearly. It was a such an eye opening experience and after the reading, I was happy and felt stronger. This was going to be the first step to help me grow and felt that I truly deserved all the things I wanted in life. 


Katie Jane helped me heal and find my inner power and light. She shared some healing notes, affirmations, taught me how to reconnect to my spiritual guides and even suggesting some crystals to help me move forward. Katie Jane has always been a kind hearted and generous being. But sharing her gifts to help others, is a rare and beautiful thing. I am truly grateful for the reading and would definitely do it all again.

Past Life reading

-Catherine Gemanal @cat.gemanel


Katie-Jane is not only incredibly in tune with my healing needs, she also guides me comfortably through the process. During a session, she worked with me on breaking down an issue I've been holding on for lifetimes and did an amazing job at supporting it with her wonderful knowledge of crystals and her light. At all times, I understood how she was viewing the 'stuck' and 'locked' points of my body, able to read all through the layers of my energetic field - she was picking up on areas I have always known have needed work or healing, and I finally feel like they have. And even when things arose that were not initially anticipated, she dealt with them perfectly, sending so much focus to clearing problems that showed themselves to her. I felt soothed and cared for the entire time, and her aftercare goes beyond anything I could ask for. I felt so much stronger after my session and more connected to myself and my own abilities. Her gifts extend into multiple layers of spiritual/emotional/physical development, meaning that she always knows exactly how to help and guide me.Crystal healing, channelling and Energy Rebalance.

-Stephaine Victoire @weeping_willow




I've had spiritual experiences ever since I was a little girl. The past years my spiritual journey has speeded up and been all over the place, and I've felt very lonely and helpless in this process. Like things was out of control. I've been working with several clairvoyant people and mediums during this time, but it wasn't until I got help from Katie-Jane I felt like someone really tapped into my world and could help. I truly can not express how wonderful, giving and lovely all my experiences with Katie-Jane have been. I feel like she really puts me in the centre of the readings and help me grow. She includes me in a very unique way, and helps me find back to my inner power and light. What I love and appreciate the most about her work is how she explains the channellings and readings in a very good sensible way. You won't be overwhelmed with information you don't understand, she'll walk you through it all, and make you feel safe. I'm forever grateful and I hope to continue working with her many years from now. It's such a gift!

It now feels like when I'm slipping and flowing away spiritually, Katie-Jane is there to take my hand and drag me back onto steady ground.

Automatic writing and spiritual guidance.

-Merete Kristoffersen Graham, @grahams.universe 



Katie-Jane helped me understand the past lives that were most affecting me and intertwined with my current struggles. Not only was it interesting but it also completely resonated with me.

She also gave me clear insights into how best heal these ’traumas’ after looking into my energetic aura which was extremely revealing.

I was given lots of practical advice (meditations, visualizations, suggested crystals...) as to how to overcome my current issues so that I was and still am active in my healing process. 


What I loved most about my reading was reconnecting with some of my beautiful guides from the past who (now that I’m aware of them!) bring me lots of smiles and joy. I also received a beautiful message from a loved one who had passed.

She truly is an open-hearted, warm, nurturing and genuine human being!


She has helped me gain a truly cosmic perspective on my life which has brightened up my world!

I’m so so happy to have connected with her and her amazing and magical abilities.

Past life reading and Energy Flow.

-Lola Martinez,  @lolahiboucoco. 

'Katie-Jane!!! I just want to thank you for my incredible reading, you have such an amazing gift. You brought through somebody very special to me and told me things that only myself and that person knew, down to very tiny details even I'd almost forgotten! I can't tell you how happy it made me - thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Automatic writing.

-Kate H.

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