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The Crystal Heart of Lemuria
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7 Week Quantum Crystal Healing course
Remembering Lemuria & Activating your ancient wisdom through the
Lemurian seed grid and Divine Mother Energies of

Lemuria was a matriarchal civilization of the divine mother, known as the 'Mother Land'. They were the first to create, harness and anchor vast crystalline systems and grids for the future Atlanteans to build their crystalline technology.  They were the alchemists and  the healers that sewed original roots for all of our ancestors to come. All of the Earth's shaman, medicine people and alchemists originated from this time.  This course offers you the opportunity to go deep into this part of your past.


It is this history and their stories that I have created this container to receive from the Guardians and star races that seeded this community, and from the Aquatic beings, the Elementals, Crystals and flowers of that timeline.


It is of the utmost importance that we go back to the seeding of this earth through the Crystalline Diamond heart templates established and anchored in Lemuria.  This is the framework that many of us co-created, that needs clearing of trauma and mis-use.

I am calling the Priest and Priestess of the Lemurian Mystery schools to awaken and dive even deeper into their mystic roots.

We will remember and honour the songs of the stone's, the codes of the flowers and the way of the waters.

crystal course posts (1).png
Working with your Star Ancestors

We will be working with the New Earth Elemental Council with emissaries of light from the Pleiadian Elven high council,  Star mothers of the Pleiades, Lyran-Sirians, Ma-Ra (Mother Mary), the Hathor's. Supporting Aquatic beings from Neptune and Mintakhen.

The councils of the Rose and the Lotus flowers and those who have guarded their safe passage and wisdom through the ages are keen to be known to you. Not only are the crystals very important so are the flowers.

Artwork by Danielle Noel

Many of us seeded and anchored the crystal grid architecture of this planet through Lemuria, which went on to sustain Atlantis.  With our gifts of sacred sonics and geometry, our ability to shape shift and move with the elements to create alchemy, connect to planetary frequencies and marry them within our heart for unification.


All of this capability to create from the heart seeded future frameworks for Atlantis to thrive. If you are reading this, you are part of it. 


Those who have worked with me know that I am a crystal guardian and crystal skull keeper, through Lemurian and Atlantean timelines. I am a crystal whisperer and protector that has an innate connection with the crystalline grids and planetary blueprint architecture. Which enables me to identify, witness and translate many new incoming planetary frequencies in power spots across the world where crystal are activating and conduits of light.  Many of these new hubs are awakening and the Lemurian seed grid is the original framework that supports this.


This is a highly activating course of REMEMBRANCE, sitting in the planetary grids with the angelic founders to really harness your light and calibrate specific lemurian hubs on the earth through the crystals.


Here we will connect with your galactic origin story beginning with the cradle of Lyra, to understand how you came to Lemuria, and the work you did.


Do you feel you have had a life or lives in Lemuria?

Are you a protector of Lemurian wisdom and consciousness?

Do you love lemurian crystals?

Do you have an affinity to the water?

Have you felt and seen glimmers of your memories in Lemuria/Mu?

Ask Yourself...

It is time to go back there, to remember the how and why, and what does this mean for you in the now, how can you harness and anchor that specific heart light again from the diamond heart.


You must remember your specific connection to the lemurian seed crystals and the crystalline technology you co-created through the Atlantean Bridge. 


As a ‘seer’ with this part of earth’s timeline, and through my work with the many star councils and crystalline technology we can walk that path or remembrance together.


 Crystals of this Course

I was in Glastonbury on 11/01 riding with the Lyran energies and attuning the crystals on the Mary and Micheal lines, there is a lot of preparation being done on that and I can’t wait for you to meet them.


You will receive:

  • Smokey Lemon Lemurian Quartz from Barzil - many have etching, recordkeepers, twin & bridge formation. They range in size but are alla substantial piece chosen for you.

  • Unusual tumbled Azurite from the Congo

  • Iron Meteorite from Morocco

  • Raw Prasiolite from Brazil

  • 3 small pieces of Magnetite (not shown in the picture)

Diamond Grid Work

This course is to activate very ancient missions of light within you to support the Earth, and the release of old programming and dead energy in the grids. 


We are on a mission to clean up the crystal grids of Earth of AI machinery and crystalline architecture that was seeded in Lemurian and was then misused in Atlantis.  We will be clearing through the echo’s of this within and around us.


Why this course? and why now?

The New Earth Elemental council (with whom I created my first light sealed crystals course) who encompass many councils of light including the Pleiades and Sirius,  feel that it is important to support this quantum jump to activate your Christos Sun keys. And to support the infrastructure of a new architecture to support a new Solar logo gate to anchor through the milky way. 


This course is ultimately about your anchoring and aligning with Feminine Sophia keys of light, and healing the mother within. It will also help you understand who you are on a multidimensional level, so that you can move forwards with confidence. Understanding more of why you are here (as we have many missions of light)  and how you are supporting others and indeed the planet, and indeed awaken in a very conscious way to the planetary grid architecture you support.

7 week summary by module

Module 1on 2nd March at 7pm GMT - Star Mapping with Azurite. Exploring your Cosmic Origins & Star Ancestors through the Cradle of Lyra.


Module 2 on 9th March at 7pm GMT - Exploring your place in Lemuria - with Lemon Lemurian seed - Connection with Sophia & Mother Mary. Clearing controlled crystal consciousness through the grids and realising your connection to the Lemurian crystals.


Module 3 on 16th March Pre-recorded - Lightbody Activation from the Pleidians with Magnetite.


Module 4 on 30th March at 7pm BST - The Crystal Ankh - its place in Lemuria and connection to the priestess of Isis. Activating the light body with Goddess Isis and Saint Germain.


Module 5 on 20th April at 7pm BST - Star Languages of light, exploring and activating your light language, healing journey with the whales.


Module 6 on 27th April at 7pm BST - Lemurian diamond heart crystal grid, Purifying ourselves and tunnel networks of AI machinery and specific Implants from that timeline. Healing the rift- the bridge period Lemuria to Atlantis, healing trauma and clearing grids, linking to feminine hubs and portal points across the globe.


Module 7 on 4th May at 7pm BST - Connecting with the Cosmic flowers with Prasiolite- Journey with the Lotus and Elven beings. 


This 7 week course, including crystals is £777.

There are options to purchase in one, three or five installments.

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What are you recieving?

This is a 7 week Quantum Activational Course starting on 2nd March at 7pm GMT. You will have access to the course platform where each lesson is around 2 hours. This includes a format of receiving activation wisdom and guided journey work.  Weaving in the crystals, sound and angelic/light language.

Please see module layout for each module date.

You will receive

* Access with your own private username and password

* A set of crystals hand picked sourced and attuned at sacred sites and springs by Katie-Jane. Lemurian seed crystal, Prasiolite, azurite and meteorite.

* Journalling prompts.

* Light Code PDF's to work with.

* Fiats and Decrees of light for your spiritual development.

* BONUS - 2x 15min Audio meditations/sound baths to complement the healing and integration.

You will have unlimited access to these videos to continue to work through as a healing that GROWS WITH YOU. meaning you can do these activations and meditations over and over and each time you will receive something that assists where you are at that time on your journey.

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What the Journey looks like

Module 1.png

We explore our cosmic beginnings in this solar system.

How we created and anchored the Lemurian Template’s of light.  

We will begin our journey through your star Ancestry with the Royal houses of Lyra, the Cosmic Trinity, where the solar logos (the Christos blueprint of 10/11/12D) 

The Lyrans were part creators of the human race, we explore your connections with Lyra, as earth's original ancestors, they went on to seed Pleiadian and Sirian races.

Katie Jane will bring forward messages from the Lyran-Sirian founder lines that originate from Sirius B, the Ancient Master Builders and Architects that seeded the avatar Christos Collective.

Things we will cover

  • Building and activating the container. Each will bring their dynamic energy, frequency and light to co-create a holding space. 

  • Journalling and mapping your star body.

  • Information and insight from the star mothers and New Earth elemental council.

Date: 2nd March at 7pm GMT 

crystal course posts (3).png

The full story on Lemurian crystals, the master lemurians in the grid and how we can support their frequency shift.

Things we cover

  • How and why we created them, our part in this timeline.

  • Their connection to the divine mother and many star councils who hold the divine mother archetype framework for earth.

  • How were they distorted and how can we reclaim and heal that abuse. 

  • Their existence and missions at this time.

  • Pleiades, and they place in seeding Lemuria, our stella links to that star set and reclaiming out Pleiadian aspects.


  • Connecting with the lemurian crystal hubs of the earth to efficiently conduct more light and release.

  • Connection to Magdalene/Essene community, mount olives for grid activation and release.

Healing Work.

  • Magdalene womb code attunement with the blue rose, removal of any dark seals, and distorted symbols at the womb and healing the origin of this with Saint Germain.

  • Claiming back all stolen lemurian crystals on and off the planet, singing them home to our hearts as a lemurian stream of consciousness that is us.

  • Releasing the seeding of distorted, encrypted serpent codes in the womb, notably placed within the Priestess of Isis line.

  • Remove devices that were placed on the priestess of Lemuria to seal and desensitize their abilities during Atlantis.

  • Energy of the Fern rose and lotus and crystals, pearl, opal and diamond.

  • Past life journey - we will meet Ma-Ra in the Temple of the Mother, to remember and meet your lemurian self


  • A light language Audio for release

  • A womb code attunement

Date: 9th March at 7pm GMT (2.5hr)

Module 3.png

This session does not follow the usual format, there will be no discussions, it is a 90 min hour healing transmission to receive and listen to. To recalibrate and format you to the vibration and levels you will be at to access these keys of light within you.

Journey work

  • Katie-Jane will guide you through the portal to Mu, where the star councils will be ready to offer new earth signature imprints of light to strengthen this process.

  • We will connect with the pleiadian light ship, as we move through the portal of Mu (LeMUria)

  • Releasing guardian fragments of the timeline, releasing old outdated galactic contracts or treaties, so you can move forward.

Date: 16th March at 7pm GMT

Module 4.png

Why it is integral to this course and its importance to balance and receive the frequencies of this course to Anchor the new. 


  • Continuing on the uses and mysteries of the Ankh from Master Saint Germain and Angelic guides.

  • Working with the ankh for healing on yourself and others. How the Ankh relates to the cosmic Holy mother principle and its restoration, through the frequencies of Sophia, goddess Isis, Hathors and Mother Mary.


Healing Journey with Goddess Isis

- Activating the Ankh lightbody and connecting with the planetary Ankh lightbody.

Date: 30th March at 7pm GMT

crystal course posts (4).png

This will take the form of a discussion on light language, what this is to me, how we can discern with it, my personal experiences.


We will explore and have fun with this medium of moving energy.


I will open the space for the guardians of this course to speak about light language from their point of view, and why so many are opening to it at this time.


There will be a throat and heart activation to support your light language to sing through, whether its written, movement or sound.


There will be artistic and creative ways woven through the call to help you to harness and work with your light coding.


Healing Journey with the Cosmic Water beings

The water beings of mintaka and the pleiades, the dolphins,whale mothers and a host of galactic aquatic beings offer you joyous experience to create and play, in this light language activation session. Time to step into your voice, and the sounds of creation.

Date: 20th April at 7pm GMT

crystal course posts (5).png

We focus on The Lemurian cataclysm- healing the rift. 


- Continuing with our deep light body clearing - Removing imprints and implant, and repairing DNA mutations.


- You will be taught where and what these look like in the lightbody so you can go forward and support others in this removal.


- You will be given coding and  lightbody checklists to use on others when activating them.


Healing Journey 

Receiving a new team of lemurian and intersetall guides who will become your team of ‘Doctors’ for want of a better word, who will support any future healing work you do, they wish to have contact, to support you in activating  and aligning ‘Angelic origins coding’ in others 


Accessing, sitting with and moving through the wounds and trauma together

27th April at 7pm GMT

crystal course posts (6).png

We end on a joyous high and celebration with the elementals of new earth.


With Creation codes - The way of the flowers how the vibrations of specific flowers are holding a frequency for the new earth girds. 


Information on the Lotus, Rose and passionflower and how they came to this planet. From the Guardians who seeded them. 


Activating and aligning the cosmic plant wisdom and plant guardians of the new earth.

Date: 4th May at 7pm GMT

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Client course Review

Last night was so beautiful you are such a pure soul of love and trust ! I cried with you wow what a journey I wish we could just be on your sessions forever as they’ve made me feel alive, part of something bigger and they’ve made me feel like I’m here to do this I’ve had so many shifts since the start of the course and started my own little membership to help others Heal. Thank You so much honestly you're such a guiding inspiration to me and I don’t feel this from many people in our lines of life as I don’t find many ‘Authentic’ but I know you live, eat and breathe this life .

Laura T

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