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Join Katie-Jane on this unique 8 week online healing + activating crystal journey, each session you will dive deeper into your healing, opening past life memories and connect to the crystals and the earth.


Learn how to connect with crystals in a multidimensional way. Remembering the ways of the Ancients of the shamans of Lemurian and Priestess of Atlantis.

It is more than a crystal course it is a healing journey and awakening to the many frequencies around you.  Aligning to your Diamond crystalline template and activating your DNA. Through new ways of grounding and anchoring in the higher frequency of cosmic consciousness.

I am here to help you vibrate at your optimum frequency, and align to your highest trajectory, to shed all limiting beliefs and help you ascend to a higher vibrational diamond light body template so you can move forwards with your healing and teaching in grace and confidence.

Are you ready to align to your Diamond crystalline template and activate crystalline DNA to help you move forward in your spiritual path?

This is a Crystal course with a difference..

We will be working with Light Language and the New Earth Elemental frequencies of light.

Each moment the cells in our body are becoming more crystalline as higher vibrational light comes to earth, our new light bodies are forming.  Our bodies are moving from a carbon to crystalline template- transitioning into silica, diamond.  We have been experiencing much change.  Our DNA is being re activated and the physical body is the last to catch up.

Katie -Jane has been given the direction from the celestial beings of light and crystalline keepers, to bring forward and champion the energies of 7 particular stones, that are stepping up their energies to assist our light bodies upgrade to a newer crystalline template, so that you can reach the highest vibrational version of you.  She has sat with the energies of the stones that were given and shown to her by name, documenting the exchange and messages from not only the energies of the stones, but from their guardians too.  Messages of unification through the alchemy/fires of love, zero point energy, raw elemental energies and plasma light activations- curious?

The Crystals of this course


We will be working with 7 divine frequencies, Shamanic stones of the earth and stars. A mixture of tektites and metals as well as cosmic meteorite bringing a deep grounding of all of these higher vibration energies of the 12D realm that are coming in to earth. They act as transmitters for these new earth energies, the stones you will be connecting with on this course were formed through meteor impacts, and through raw elemental moments of alchemy, The raw energies of the elements are crucial for clearing in a deeper way. They also may not be stone you have necessarily heard of before.

Here is a taster of the stones you will be working with, some of those that have come forward to speak.  

  • Golden Libyan Tektite

  • Lava Stone

  • Herkimer Diamond


The Raw element's play a huge part through this teaching and remembering  through the crystals and sound, we connect deeper with the waters, the fires, the air and earth, to reclaim those wisdom keys we have hidden deep within the earth, through scared sites, many timelines thought the cosmos and inner earth. Saint Germain and I can not wait to welcome to the teachings of inner earths Alchemy schools.



Why this course? and why now?

I wanted to create a held space where you can go deeper into your heart, where you can come home to yourself,  be guided trough the inner work, to bring the realizations and deeper awakening.


I know there are many of us looking for something,  for answers and some peace, we often don’t trust out own inner knowing and intuition, or we just don’t know how to go support ourselves in going deeper.


This is that space, this course is about YOUR healing and remembering, and we do this with the heart teachings ‘Wisdom through love’ that the ascended masters taught and the Magdalenes lived by.  We include the energies of some magnificently powerful, very old energies of the earth.  


Yes it is a Crystal course, we work with a different crystal each session, they are the tools to assist in our awakening, and I love to bring into the course the ways we have worked with them in the past.  Im passionate about getting people out of the 3D mindset of, 'What can this crystal do for me'..they do so much and the ways we can work with them are opening, as our consciousness expands, I like to help people remember how we worked with them in a 5D way during Atlantean times, from the heart.


It is also so much more then just a crystals course- I offer lots of concepts that are quite advanced and quantum in nature, but I offer them in a a simple way, then you have the choice to sit with it and go deeper in your own time with things that felt right for you. The simpler something is the closer it is to the divine, the more complex then ego does have a tendency to step in.

I wanted to bring in a foundation of spiritual practice, the things I wish I have known on the very start of my journey, for example decrees and fiats, but that was not my path, this is, teaching and holding space.

What are you recieving?

This is a 8 week multidimensional Healing Course. On checkout you will be prompted to download your course material.

  • 8 Module prerecorded videos of  1.5 - 2 hours each. 

  • Each video includes a format of learning about a crystal/mineral,  guided meditation and activation journey at the end.  Weaving in the crystal of the course, sound and light language.

You will receive:

  • 7 Crystals that will be sent to you in the post.

  • Unlimited access forever.

  • Module handouts that altogether totals 100 pages of information. Including crystal information sheets, crystal layouts, Journalling prompts, Ligh code PDF's & Fiats & Decrees.

  • You will also receive a bonus of extra Audio meditations/sound baths to complement the healing and integration.

  • There is also a special gift of an A4 PDF Activation Artwork collaboration with Artist Danielle Noel- of star child, moon child , work your light and star-seed tarot and oracle decks.


You will have unlimited access to these videos to continue to work through as a healing that GROWS WITH YOU. You can do these activations and meditations over and over and each time you will receive something that assists where you are at that time on your journey.   

Crystal Healing

Each session I will be talking about a crystals healing work and passing their messages for the course, how to connect with them and how to dedicate and work with them.  We will go deeper into new layouts to work with for your healing.

Journeying and Light Activations

This is where my course differs from other crystal courses, I am self taught, I listen to the energies of the stones and their guardians to pass their ascension messages. I combine high frequency light language and journey work with sound.  As well as learning and connecting with the stones you will receive light body upgrades, crystalline template alignment and DNA plasma light activations from the 7th heavens. So you will be receiving healing in a very multidimensional way through many layers of your light body, to prepare you to move forward and take the next step up, aligning to your highest vibrational crystalline template.  This is a multidimensional course that grows with you, that you can go back to at different points in your future journey to retrieve more.


Sound vibrations play a big part in this course through my voice and toning and crystalline instruments, to create a sound scape to help open and deepen the connection to your heart to receive. This course is HIGHLY activational and I cant promise that every sound bath will be relaxing for you, it will create deep and much needed shifts. All of our weekly sessions will incorporate sound and a format of learning, listening, sharing and journeying.



Katie-Jane What an activation... incredible!  


I felt so loved, full of love and as I spoke to my husband afterwards (who is also a healer) I just cried and cried.... and crying while I write this, I feel like my hearts been cracked open and I've just been given the key to my future to be honest...  


I had some pretty high expectations when I purchased the course because I've worked with Katie-Jane in the past.  Those expectations were blown out of the water.  The knowledge and love put into this course was amazing.  The connection I have made with crystals as a result is so heightened, together with a real sense of knowledge on so much more than I thought I knew.  SO much more.  It is difficult to explain the course but not difficult to recommend it.  If you are looking at it, DO IT, it will not disappoint you.

Anna A.

I just completed “The New Earth Crystal FrequencIes” and I can honestly say that it is life changing! 

When meeting Katie-Jane For the first time, you immediately feel a warmth and light that radiates from her. Her teachings are authentic, true, powerful and much more..... The course is so rich; with ancient healing knowledge, light language and unique, powerful earth crystals that resonate with you more and more as the course grows.

 I am grateful to have been a part of this truly beautiful, memorable course. 

What The 8 Week Journey looks like

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Module 1
Opening Ceremony and connection

*Introduction to the mineraloids and crystals of this course, the supporting star councils and the ancient earth founders, why this course and why now? 

*Opening the container- Setting the space, your alter, intentions and opening the space for the group, marked by a pledge for commitment to your healing.

*How to create your sacred space on the higher Octaves of light.

*Dedicating and connecting with your stones.

*Discussing The 7 planes of existence and where we will be working

*Discussing the 13 chakras system- Focusing through the course of the Soul Star and Earth star Chakras. Where our focus lies through this training and why.


Healing Journey

*Building the quantum diamond light chamber

*The dedication- Building the multidimensional space we will work in to welcome in the new, to let go and thank the old.

*Light language Heart activations and blessings from the guardians of this course.

BONUS Audio meditation

*Hearts Flames- we go deep into your heart space to help you bring healing focus to all of your spiritual work- a guided journey with light language.

Rocks in Desert

Module 2
Light body Transmution-  NEW earth fire codes 

*Introducing lava stone and meteorite, their messages and metaphysical properties.

-Previous weeks take away-connection experience and observations.

-This week is all about preparing the body and cleansing it, each session layers onto the next.

Healing Journey

*We will connect with Saint Germain -the frequencies of the master Alchemist,  to visit his Cave of Symbols, through his etheric retreat, to learn how to scan the body to remove control symbols and explore what these are.

*A journey to reclaim our fire and power through forgiveness and love.

*New wave Trinity Grounding practices with these stones, working with them in the 3D here and now and also working with them in different dimensions.

*Crystal layout activations, connecting to the fires within.


Light seals

New earth 'Sirian' fire code to work with in meditation with instructions.

BONUS Guided Audio - 24 min, Trinity Wave grounding meditation.

Blue Water

Module 3
Atlantean Timeline Healing and Retrieval of wisdom codes

*Introducing Libyan Gold Tektite, its history, messages and connection to Egypt and star races, It's metaphysical properties, how to use it in your practice and with others.

*Wisdom surfacing through the Alta RA priest/priestess hood of Atlantis regarding crystals and how we used to work with them.

*We will connect with the Golden dolphins of Atlantis, and the master temple quartz to help us access our Atlantean memories.


Healing Journey.

 A  guided journey to Atlantis to activate through sound and crystalline frequencies, through the water ways of the earth, to retrieve crystal coding and wisdom keys. Connecting with the record keeper crystals of Atlantis.


BONUS Extra Gift

-Sound Bath- a 25min grounding and integrating sound bath recording.


Image by Kenrick Mills

Module 4
Accelerating your vibration with the New earth Air codes

*Introducing the shamanic stone Fulgurite, its messages and metaphysical properties.  Working with the lightning and thunder beings to charge our bodies,  shaking up the field around us, to allow us to reach our highest possible vibration.

*We work with the metal copper, exploring why the metals are important companions through this course.

*Working with high vibrational guided crystal layouts for our higher and lower chakras. Covering Manifesting with this stone, and opening the light body to receive more light.

*This session we introduce Earth Grid work, as we work with Dragon energy, they are the raw elemental energies that assist the earths Ley lines and grids.


Guided Journey

*Journey to the Ascension chamber and Etheric Retreat of Serapis Bey, to receive the masters of the rays you work with. To receive and activate Diamond and pearl radiance in every cell, through the ascension flame.


light Code

Andromedan new earth Air code, to work with in meditation.

Image by Matthew Smith

Module 5
Connecting to the crystalline grids of the earth, 

receiving New EARTH keys of light 

*Introducing the crystal/mineraloid- Stromatolite, its place in this course, its messages and metaphysical properties.

*We dive deeper into the crystalline grids, learning about how to connect with them, exploring the crystalline caverns of this earth on this plane and others.  Linking back to the ancient energies of Atlantis and Lemuria.

*We introduce the concept of Zero point energy and I introduce a meditation on how to clear a crystal to its zero point state.

Healing Journey

We will be working with the crystals of the course to connect into the crystalline grids of the earth. journeying to inner earth's crystal and plant library with the devas of the earth. To receive the crystals that resonate with your vibration, and the wisdom from the ones you have  planted within the earth through past timelines.


Image by guille pozzi

Module 6
Birthing a new earth,
what are you birthing into creation?

*This session we we will be working work with the stone known as the 'Divine creation stone' Vanadinite, exploring its metaphysical properties and messages.

As we have  come past the half way point of the course, Its time to check in as we ask ourselves -How can I show up more for this light work?  Is it more confidence, devotion, more ritual and practice, does it involve letting go of something? Or releasing a fear that may be getting into your way.  

We have talked a lot about manifesting with these stones and we check in now with the intentions we set at the start of the course. We are working with a fiery creation stone which will assist us.

This session we bring in the energy of the Goddess and mother in more of a focussed way.


*We will be preparing the spine, clearing pathways and portals for week 7, working with the crystals Fulgurite, and vanadinite in a layout and guided meditation.

We will be talking more about Earth Healing - and introducing the crystals- Clear quartz, Presili bluestone, Kambaba jasper and Moss agate.  As well as covering how to creating Grids on the Earth and a simple way of working with them for earth healing.

*There will be a meditation to clear the spine- Meditation with Stromatolite and Fulgurite to clear the spine and ground down higher frequencies


Healing Journey

You will be receiving a light language pineal gland/third eye activation journey, to assist all the shifting and unlocking fo this course so far.  During this session I will be activating the pineal gland and stimulating it with light language, it is a sensitive area and I'm fully aware that it needs to be approached with caution. This is why I build this course in layers.


Module 7
Mother Flame Shakti activation

*This session we talk a bit more about the Zero point energy field, and plasma light.

*We will talk a little about crystal ethics, and there will be a guided meditation to clear the trauma through a crystals,  taking it back to its zero point state.


*I will talk about the planetary and Gaias kundalini flow, what this is, and how it connects to us, all to help inform the activation that follows

*We will explore a few more crystals at assist kundalini activation, including Serpentine and Atlantisite.

Healing Journey 

Crystalline Mother Flame Activation-  The work we will have done leading up to this on the spine, has been for this frequency and attunements.  We will receive the gifts of the goddess and divine mother, working with the Cosmic egg and crystalline serpent and grids.

BONUS GIFT- an amazing A4 PDF to print, a light language collaboration with Danielle Noel, the arts behind Star child, moon child, work your light and the starseed oracle and tarots.  Dani and I have created a beautiful activational print for you, to mark this session and work.



Module 8
I AM the light- re activation and
alignment of your crystalline codex

Over the past few sessions you will have been doing some deep individual and collective work- You have been clearing way for DNA and template upgrades, for diamond light heart templates of a much higher vibration. 

We have been setting the foundations of crystal and spiritual practice.

Bringing activation to the Soul Star, Earth star, Pineal gland and Soma chakra- all key areas for this work of unification of the self and re connection to the divine mother.

There has been a deeper connection to sacred heart resonance and crystalline grids and earth healing.

So this week we celebrate that and YOU.

*We begin by looking at Herkimer Diamond and working with its metaphysical properties.


We will be moving through a small ceremony to honor your rite of passage and then flowing into a final healing activation.

Healing journey.

*We will hold the vision for your crystalline DNA-  Opening your crystalline codex, calling in zero point clearing. And meeting with your guides to receive their final gifts 

Then we will close this course and sit in all of the uplifting joyous vibrations it has brought you.


It is hard to put into words for what this course will bring you, as it is a quantum course that grows with you and offer's so many layers. I advise you to watch the video I have created on my course platform to decided if it is right for you. Please do  read some for he testimonials people who have done this course have given me -You will find them above and below on this page.


This course is highly activating and shifting, you will recognize my stellar languages and find you will be activated to speak similar. You might also find in this journey of deeper awakening you open your psychic gifts and connect with your personal power.

Many women and men have done this course and gone onto create and start their own circles, courses and crystal businesses.

Things that you will experience..

  • You will connect to Crystalline frequencies and the earth DEEPER then before, and in that you will be able to offer others this connection to others.

  • You will come from it with a deeper connection to your team of guides, the Ascended Masters, your past and connections to crystal through Atlantean timelines.

  • You will receive transformative shifts and Stella activations through the emotional, mental and spirit/etheric body/field. You will align to higher vibrational templates,  and crystal DNA re coding that in turn activate the christ light consciousness within your divine blueprint.

  • Through the teaching of the journeys and words in the handbook, you can go on to pass this work on and hold space for others to experience their crystalline shifts.


Teri E.

I have such gratitude to you for providing this sacred container Katie-Jane. The connection to these powerful crystal beings is just beyond! I have to share that this session with the fulgurite brought in frequencies so high that my electronics have been glitching like mad. When we "pushed away" energies at one point, all of our car alarms went off in our driveway. I ran out barefoot in the snow to try and turn them off, to no avail. Then just as suddenly, they stopped on their own. Then my tv turned on by itself. I have worked with the fulgurite and Libyan Tektite every day since our session and each time I am taken on a journey. It is beyond powerful. Thank YOU! 

Laura T

Last night was so beautiful you are such a pure soul of love and trust ! I cried with you wow what a journey I wish we could just be on your sessions forever as they’ve made me feel alive, part of something bigger and they’ve made me feel like I’m here to do this I’ve had so many shifts since the start of the course and started my own little membership to help others Heal

Thank You so much honestly you're such a guiding inspiration to me and I don’t feel this from many people in our lines of life as I don’t find many ‘Authentic’ but I know you live, eat and breathe this life .


Thanks Katie-Jane and for this beautiful crystal container,  so lovely and so blessed to be on this journey with you. I have just watched the replay, loved the opening ceremony, all sorts of feelings and visuals, learning so much already. The end journey was beyond anything I have ever experienced,  I experienced so many beautiful emotions from all senses, so much love, gratitude and blessings - thank you thank you thank you.


Katie-Jane, you've introduced me to the thing that was missing, the bit I was searching for... connecting me back to me, seeing and feeling the truth, from my heart.


I know now why I have wanted to surround myself all my life with crystals and now I know how to properly care, respect, talk and listen to them...


This course has been so much more than a 'course' -  I was ready and waiting... I knew immediately without hesitation to book, my guides were so happy!  I've watched every recording and heard something new every time, there are so many layers, I've learned so much, but at the same time only scratched the surface!


I love that the teachings are guided from source, they're pure and true and so relevant for what's going on right now in the world.  It's funny each week the teaching has continued, strange (or not) coincidences connecting all the dots!


The course was put together beautifully, the perfect mix, everything just seemed to flow.


I know this is only the beginning for me, I'm 53 and have been a healer, psychic medium and mentor for 25 years, I've always trusted the universe and been led by my heart... I have been shown things over the last few weeks that I never thought I'd be connected to, I see this as just the beginning and look forward to soaking up the last 8 weeks, ready for Level 2!


"Katie-Jane, THANK YOU so much for our journey last night! Absolutely enthralled by all the information that you are sharing , Also the formation and healing attributes of our crystals are astounding! I really am beginning to forge a connection with each Crystal because of the knowledge being shared. Last night I kept on seeing a lilac halo around my fulgurite which was heartwarming. I cannot wait to go through all the notes and replay . THANK YOU for the sound bath audio... it is wonderful . In times like these that we are living through I really feel that you are showing us a glimpse of the world to come. I am most grateful to be under your tutelage and cannot THANK YOU enough for sharing your wisdom in love, laughter &; light language,THANK YOU .. THANK YOU THANK YOU." 

-Gila H

"This has been the most unique course I’ve ever taken. It’s not just about crystals but my own personal journey with the ascended masters that I met in each week’s journey. They came and taught me so much about myself, the parts of me to release and the parts of me that I forgot to love. As I listened to the journey recordings again, the energies continuously changed to suit my own progression, each time a different ascended master showed up to help me move further on my path. I’m incredible grateful for this experience, it has taught me how much support I have at each moment, that I have never been alone and how easy it is to call for help. It’s actually a very advanced course but I felt completely at ease in my own pace, to read and rewatch the recordings to understand more at my own speed, Katie Jane held such a loving energy for me to feel completely accepted as I am no matter where I was on this path. I’ve also learnt to work with crystals in a completely new way, to surrender to their teachings more, to allow them to guide me as teachers on this path. I can’t recommend this course enough and please have a level 2!!!"

-Joyce Wang, Sound healer, London.

 Reflecting on the last few months and this beautiful  journey I have been on with Katie-jane, I can't quite believe the impact it's had on my life, it's been truly transformational!!! The knowledge and wisdom that Katie-Jane shared is amazing, I feel I have connected with the beautiful ancient crystals we have been working with and learnt so much!! I looked forward to each week where we went on a journey and explored deeper into the crystals, the earth and ourselves. The grounding layouts and meditations have really helped me and i am leaving this course with so much love in my heart and knowledge, thank you Katie-jane 

-Lauren M.


This course has been the most magical journey, I didn’t want it to ever end! 


Katie-Jane is the most beautiful ray of light, so dedicated to her work in the most authentic way. The joy she exudes is contagious and her heart pours through the screen as she speaks, wrapping you in the same love that she radiates! She honored each and every step in the process, down to the smallest detail. And while the focus of this course is on the crystals, it is just so much more... it is a remembering, of all that you are, and all that you have ever been. 


Thank you Katie-Jane for this beautiful gift you gave us! My heart is so full!! 

-Amy S

Katie-Jane has held the most beautiful container over the last 8 weeks which at a personal & collective level has been transformative & life changing.  This is no ordinary crystal course it is extraordinary. Katie-Jane has an incredible gift & talent for sharing her knowledge not just with crystalline energies but so much more into spiritual & angelic realms. Information is shared in a way that creates healing & connections at a deep DNA and spiritual level.


This is an investment worth making for anyone not just trying to learn more about crystals but interested in healing and raising their vibration for the collective.


I am totally honoured to have been on the first group for this course.

-Allyson S

So what kind of investment is this healing course?

The 8 Week course is £777  - but currently on a special of £555 until Jan 2024

Due to the fact the course is delivered to you in full, it is a one time payment. Upon payment you will receive your welcome emails and the course in full.


You also receive a box of 7 crystals that would usually be sold at a RRP of 100.00GBP+

 They are RARE and hard to find crystals and minerals that usually come with a high price tag.  These will be posted to you upon payment.

Please note that because you receive the course in full at checkout, I am unable to give you a refund. If you have any questions - please do email me. 

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