Origin- Brazil

Chakra alignment- Crown/All and higher chakras

Approx Size- 5cm x 3cm



*Quartz is a power stone and an amazing amplifier. Place it next to any crystal to amplify that stone's energy and make sure you program them with intentions. 


*Its a great focus stone for the center of a crystal grid as it can hold so much light, it becomes a good container to assist you in expanding and manifestign your heartfelt intents and wishes.


*It brings clarity and connecting to the universe.


*Assisting you during meditation to reach higher levels of consciousness faster.


*A master healer, full of pure white light, cutting through any low vibrations instantly, purifying and lifting spirits and the vibrations within your aura and space.


*Increase's wisdom and insight.


*Good for psychic development, it holds the frequency of all colors so can be placed on any chakra for healing, It especially works well on the crown.


* Will bring an unlimited potential of growth to your spiritual path.


Clear Quartz Focus Point

  • Quartz is a hardwearing stone that can be cleansed using any method.