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Lightning Struck Quartz

I treated myself to something pretty special recently, its Lightening struck quartz, majestic and magical. Its funny because I went out knowing that there was a large-ish piece of quartz waiting for me, I had a vision of it before I went. This happens often. The stones talk to me before I go, most of the time I know who needs the stone before I buy them. I have given up taking lists to the store for people as I know what I bring home is the right energy, and much needed for them or at this time.

So lightning strike quartz or, lightening quartz as it is also known as, is exactly what it says, and it is rare. Its quartz that has been struck underground by lightning, with such a force, it melts and cracks the quartz and imprints on it such powerful cosmic and raw elemental energy. Its super high vibrations connect and align all the chakras and energy field. It has been found in 2 regions of Brazil, the Diamantina Plateau in the Bahia state of Brazil and the Minas Gerais region of Brazil.

"Lightening is one of the most elemental forces of nature, but it seems lightning bolts are so powerful they can reshape the atomic structure of rocks they strike.

Researchers have uncovered evidence that lightning can not only melt the surface of rock but also alter the crystals beneath in ways only thought to occur in the extreme pressures of meteor impacts.

Geologists found the lightning strikes turned the rock into a material known as shocked quartz, which only forms under extreme pressure"- National Geographic article 2015.

I like to sit with the crystals I source before I list them to connect and receive any messages from them. So I sat with my quartz today and the messages were very strong.

Its grounding but also way up there in the higher planes, if that makes sense. It seems to have the power to deeply ground you and also rocket you up above and out of your Stella gateway.

First of all I must say that each stone is very personal, it will do different things for different people.

This stone talks of change, Its ready to help you re-align and vibrate to your highest energetic potential. He is a masculine stone with lots of raw power, this comes from the cosmic frequencies in bedded when the lightning bolt strikes it. I feel he is a connector, to help you 'see' what you need to at that time, to 'feel' what you need, with such clarity.

He kept whispering in his soft voice that he was a 'key stone'. Now I had never heard of this term before so I looked it up on good old Wiki, and it states that a keystone is a large central tone in an arch or vault, the walls and construction can not be self supported until the key stone is placed. It is the symbol of completion. While trying to search for it in more spiritual terms I was directed to the Freemasons site, where they said the same thing, it is the last stone placed in the arch and it symbolises the stone of completion. So make of that what you will.

For me this feels like it means the bridge between the ethers, from our higher chakras, the causal, the soul star and the stellar gateway to the cosmos, the divine. The dimensions we can not all see but we may feel. I really believe this crystal bridges the gap between these worlds helping you to travel through them with more ease. Now 'He' (the crystal) tells me he does all of these things, but strong protection is needed along side him- as you would expect with such power. Its a infinite wide open space and if you rush in, full of light and wanting to connect with everyone and anything then you can not predict or filter what or whom comes to you. It needs to be treated with great reverence.

Strong grounding stones like black tourmaline are needed to work along side this stone unless you have experience in this more cosmic work.

This is nothing to be scared of, in my experience when you are such a light filled beings, and have pure intentions of love you attract the right beings to talk too, ones that have been waiting to connect, that may have been with you many years and you have not know, they have been waiting for this time. They might even be cosmic star beings that you already recognise because you have been working with them on the astral planes already.

The crystals tells me that he will give me what I need, which is something I believe all crystals do for us. Give us what we most need at that time.

I strongly feel that I must add that this stone is a powerful earth healer, sending blasts of its energy right down to the core for deep healing.

After all of the joyous messages I held the laser point in my left hand, I feel and see it shocking my energy field into action, like a lightening bolt, waking me up, jolting more life into it, expanding it, activating and cleansing it. much like how I feel it will work on the earth.

I have meditated with it twice, On the first occasion it took me up and out, connecting me with star beings I have only ever seen once before, they were the most like aliens I have ever seen. The first occasion I had seen them I was meditating with Moldavite and these beings appeared suddenly around me, combing and picking at my outer aura like monkeys do when they groom each other. I knew that they were helping me, remove shards from me energy field. They just looked at me and carried on. They didn't talk much they were there to do a job then they left.

They are very small watery, translucent beings with huge black eyes, no bigger than 1 meter in height. A huge funnel of cosmic light sprung up out of my crown, all activated by the crystal. At the top of this funnel were the star beings, looking in around the outside of the rim. They did not scare me in the slightest as I only felt love from them. They were intrigued and fascinated with me, they have been watching me for a while. They told me that they watch over all master beings incarnated on earth. They are watching the progress, as they have never been to earth before. They are hungry to learn from us and mostly watch over choosing to stay unseen for the most part, I got the feeling I saw them by accident both times. but it feels nice that they are around.

I realise now after writing that, it could be a bit out there for some of you, I apologies that there was not a warning. But I don't think I can apologies for who I am and what I see. And I do see so much, I have mentioned before that I am an open channel, I am tuned into cosmic consciousness. I have seen so many wonderful things and spoken to many mystical beings if you are interested I can write more about that.

The 2nd time I meditated with it I was taken back to a happy spot of mine on the astral planes, one that I go to a lot to meet spirits and also children that I heal in the waters there. Its a beautiful lush green forest with a waterfall, all the most vibrant colours.

If you feel drawn to lightening struck quartz I am so excited for you, it will give you so much, and only what you are ready for. You may not have exactly the same experiences as me, but it will take you up and out, take you to the past the future.. ground you if thats what you need. It's a wonderfully fun adventure, Im addicted to my piece and wont let it leave my sight.

Anyone who has sessions with me and wishes to connect with my lightning struck quartz I am happy to enable that.

Much love

Katie-Jane (a.k.a Astara)

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