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Amethyst crystal - From Fear to Freedom

Hello Crystalline friends,

I wanted to talk about the need to support your nervous system and help you manage levels of stress in the body, and that Amethyst has been stepping forward this year to help us shift through the frequencies of collective change and the wish for it to transmute Fear to Freedom.

The reality is and truth is that we have freedom over our souls and our bodies, we are divine, creator sovereign beings and Amethyst reminds us of this. Because it helps us unbind and transmute fears, past patterns, karmic ties, ancestral pain and trauma through its connection to the violet flame, which is anchored through it. But working with some amethyst you are welcoming in the keys of transmutation, transformation and change.

It is a crystal I suspect you probably all have, it’s one of those staples that seems to be the basis for all crystal collections, but do you actually work with it as much as you could?

I have to admit I don't, I love it, I mean I have large geodes all around my house, and my dog literally sleeps in a large pieces of amethyst. He loves it so much - it’s a good all round healer for people, plants and animals, I find it’s calming vibration sets, steadies and protects the energy of my home. But to pick it up and consciously work with it, I have to admit I don’t, until this year. It first came through with its guardian Saint Germain in dream, he took me into some very old Atlantean amethyst caverns to re align my nervous system and adrenals, which it likes to do. And I was shown the importance of it being a crystal for now, and this climate and time in earth’s history.

Amethyst has a wonderful humility, devotion and purifying and protective energy. Having it on your body or wearing it creates the violet shield of light around you which wards off any negative or un harmonious energy. It speaks of how its energy travels straight to the core of any root pain, patterns or karmic ties and blocks that stop you from moving forward in your divine light. There at the core of cells, organs, chakra and blockages wire it creates a violet flame that burns bright with every atom and cell to then ripple out its light to release trauma.

It is of a sweet, high vibration ready to work in alignment with the third eye, crown and higher chakras. But Amethyst wishes you to work with its energy on your heart at this time, sit it there if you have a piece, and allow it to sink into your centre of the flames in your heart where it will transmute all that does not serve your highest good, it is a emotional healer and wishes to help you let go of emotions of shame, grief and abandonment, and an expressed wish to resurrect the divine mother within your heart and to transmute trapped pain from the fall of Atlantis and the fall of the ‘Feminine’

There are many kinds of Amethyst from Brandenburg, a mix of smokey clear and amethyst, which is found in Africa and carries an extremely high vibration to attune you to your highest divine templates of light, and the universal mind. It often has many amazing phantoms, inclusions and anhydrous (small bubbles of ancient water) . There’s Chevron Amethyst which grows with these while banded layers of quartz, it is more grounding and stabilizing of the crown, so you can bring the flow down to your heart and lower chakras. There’s also Vera Cruz Amethyst which is even more pale and lilac with a very refined light, elemental energy, this is only found in Veracruz in Mexico and is a very fast vibration that opens your heart and mind up in an accelerated way. We also have Ametrine which is a mix of amethyst and citrine which brings in that golden ray of job, abundance of luck. And more recently I have been working with some amethyst from the Amazon forest in Brazil that the natives call fire Amethyst, it’s got a lot of iron in it, and stellar coding that really brings forward old stored ancestral wisdom from within you.

It grows in clusters and points, regularly found as geodes that are broken down for sale. My favourite specimens come from Brazil and Uruguay, as the Uruguayan pieces have the most fantastic and unusual inclusions of calcite, cacoxenite, quartz and even rarer black amethyst. It generally is ok for most cleansing methods but I would be aware to not leave it out on the window sill, it does fade in direct sunlight.

I love to work with it to calm the mind and bring in focus. It's known as nature's tranquilizer, so if you have a busy over overactive mind like me, or know anyone who is hyperactive or has OCD then they might benefit from it. It teaches the mind how to surrender. So for this reason it is known as one of the best stones to help you go into a meditative state faster. This theme of Acceleration is something that it brings in abundance, spiritual acceleration of the heart and mind. It restores balance to the body, mind, energy systems and on the physical hormones and endocrine system.

Amethyst holds the violet flame, one of the most potent tools we have of transmuting negative energy, fear and Dis-ease. It is a gift from god, and something we worked with regularly in Atlantis, through Amethyst. Now you don't need Amethyst with you to call in and invoke the violet flame to move through you, BUT it does enhance the experience ten fold. I always finish a crystal session with clients by placing a piece of amethyst at their feet, point facing towards them and instructing them on how to visualise the violet flame burning there and calling it into the feet, up the legs and into the body. As it moves we envision it burning up and unwanted energies and through all energetic pathways as it goes.

Came through with this message

‘Do not underestimate my commitment to serve you and this earth. All you need are the keys to open your light body and this is where I can help you. I offer multiple light keys for ascension, the light codes and conducted through me from the stars and the earth, I am balanced and bring that balance to your heart and third eye. I will help you fine tune your senses, so you can hear, see and feel the space between breath, between thoughts, where stillness lives and the heart heals. Let me guide you home to the heart and the space between where we can reset and refresh.’ Amethyst

If you are wanting to explore your connection with Amethyst and its guardians and links to the past, I have created an audio journey that is available to purchase on my website or via the button above.

May the violet glow of Amethyst open your heart and mind and guide you on your path to peace and freedom on this day and all days.

With love,

Katie-Jane xx


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