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Trolleite - The Ascension stone

Trolleite is a very rare phosphate mineral, containing Quartz, Lazulite & Scorzalite. It has been named by many as a 'Ascension crystal’ for me it is a stone of ‘change'.

When I received this collection of stones, each started to spin and shake, activating in front of me, it felt so visceral, as if happening right before my eyes. Electric energy was charging through them and sparking light from them, they are super charged conductor of high frequencies. This energy is needed at this time to activate highest levels and states of consciousness through the Stella Gateway chakra.

It felt important to listen to the Arcturian Guardians and bring s small collection of these stones of ‘change’ to your awareness.

Ready to help their guardian 'open up' the inner eye, and to support the eyes on the physical. To open the inner ears and all channels through the crown and brain. Where it wishes to sit and expand in light there to support your crown in its expansion and spiritual awakening. It wishes to show you how you can draw in pure universal energies and become a cosmic conduit, as it is.

This message of ‘drawing in’ is important, it will help you to gather and focalise cosmic energy like a swirling galaxy in your soul star, (if you feel to use this visual when you work with it at your third eye).

It wants to shock (off) and detach anything that does not belong, any restrains from past lives, binds, ties, trauma around the thrid eye, throat and crown in particular. It is the Scorzalite within it that is the current thats activating and felt the most in this piece here is where the electric surge comes. Its energy do this in a wonderfully controlled way, its voice is very commanding and knowing.

GOING DEEPER For those who are ready they will relax the conscious mind to a extremely deep level so you can become a communication beacon for source light, which would make it a good some for pure god source channelling work. Wether you write or speak them messages of the angelic founders or highest councils of light, they would connect with you through this in a clear concise way to offer guidance and directions on mission and frequency work. The Arcturians have moved their frequencies through this stones collective consciousness through the grids, these are masters of crystals technology and sacred sonics. Those who have had connections to, lives with them or work with them on other dimensions will feel a call to this crystal resonance to connect with them through it. They are dedicated to bring crystalline information through this stone for the next phase of earths ascension cycle. For those creates out there, making a copper wire pendulum with Trollite would be extremely powerful for awaking collective consciousness when engaging in grid work.

I included Trolleite into one of my 3 limited crystal collections

- Heart Song, Earth Song & Star Song.


Expansion, opening to the divine universal mind, awakening consciousness

I created this set of rare minerals to assist the expansion of the soul star chakra, your connection to cosmic consciousness, your star ancestors and ancient lineages. Each stone is potent on their own, but combined on the body, throat, third eye and crown will elevate and lift you to the highest heavens. Consider working with these crystals gridded around the outside of your head, either side of the ears, third eye and crown. This collection of stones are rare and hard for me to collect, I have not sold these individually before (other then a recent collection of trolleite) each works harmoniously with the other for expansion and light body activations from your stellar guides and even brings in new star councils you may have already been working with unconciously. Sacred stones that you will recieve: AGNI MANITITE- known as the pearl of fire, is an extremely rare tektite (ET stone), found off the island of Java indonesia. It’s primary is to ignite your solar plexus (your gut/2nd brain),it is all about ‘speed’ as it engages with your light body, it will unlock answers to questions you may not have been looking for, to questions you were not aware you had as it connects you in warp speed to the universal mind. In this set it is wishing to engage the mental field, the mind and unhealthy thought patterns. It will support the balancing of left and right brain functions. A ‘lifting’ stone, here to do the heavy lifting, and to blow out the cobwebs from your senses to fine tune them. Don’t expect an easy or gentle ride with this one, this one is a mover and shaker. It will connect you safely to all kinds of star linages. TROLLEITE-Awakening, universal consciousness, soul's purpose, divinity The Cat shape is a nod to this universe's first ancestors from Lyra, the feline being's, attuned to bring them close. Trolleite is an ascension stone, another rare one. It is ready to help its guardian 'open up' the inner eye, inner ears and all channels through the crown and brain. Showing you how you can draw in pure universal energies and become a cosmic conduit. It's packed with power and excellent for supporting manifesting, it magnetizes with great strength to you that which you desire, if it is aligned with your heart in a balanced, divine and loving way. AQUA AURA QUARTZ- Archangel Michael, protection, throat expansion Where the Trolleite and Agnee bring the change to activate, aqua aura supports this fast moving change, bringing inner harmony, peace, calm and stabilization. HOLLANDITE - Higher heart, Emotional healing, star councils A rare high vibrational crystal from Madagascar, connecting you to source, and specific stellar guides that will guide you through this upshift. It wishes to help you to understand why you came to earth at this time, to dissolve karma that is blocking your divine missions, and collect any fragments from Atlantean and Egyptian timelines. Starseeds will love this crystal as it supports you in attuning to earth’s field in times of change and shift.


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