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Stone & Bone- A Pilgrimage to the ancient Monoliths, translating the Galactic energies at this time.

I have been on a magical journey this month, revisiting old stone friends on a pilgrimage that has taken me through Wiltshire to Oxfordshire, following the Mary and Michael Dragon line through to the spine of Albion at the Rollright stones. Here much Arthurian energy flows and I finished in Oxford, listening to the call of the masters.

Because so much is transitioning through the planetary grids to be heard I wanted to hold this container as a safe space to express it. You might find alignment with the work you are moving through, the places you have visited or it might just support you in understanding what your soul already knows. I like to translate the incoming ascension energies, to help you make sense of what you may be experiencing. I’m also a reflector by human design so I’m just here- reflecting what I see.

The Sarsen stones of Avebury have been rumbling through the recent 7/7 portal we had, which was a very powerful moment at Avebury, I was at the West Kennet long barrow gridding to support the incoming transmissions and new light when I witnessed a extremely large Black Sirian dragon ascend/descend through the center of the long barrow, with the Sirian Galactic brotherhood standing guard around the barrow, many new earth fire keys are being granted safe passage through the tunnel networks of Agartha at this time (inner earth) as many of us with Elven lineage are connecting the dots as we open our galactic eyes.

So at this time many of you might find your eyes are feeling different, it’s hard to explain, it’s as new coding is coming in and your light body is processing around the third eye. To ease it hold a rose quartz crystals to your third eye and then trace an infinite loop with it around your eyes.

The Dragons are offering dragon eggs to the grids in specific energetic nodes across the planet, as a huge influx of fire and water dragons flow in to support a transition of new light.

When creating the dragon card for my Earth Alchemy oracle deck, it was insistent that there be a gift of a dragon egg represented. And last month whilst hosting my Glastonbury retreat, whilst tuning into the dragon egg stone on the Tor, We were asked to bring back the other dragon egg stones that had been distributed around Glastonbury, energetically of course!

There is one at the Abbey that energetically wanted to go back and sit at the tor for this activation, there were 4 that returned to each elemental quadrant.

New pathways of light are being forged, the sword energy of ‘Excalibur’ is strong as Excalibur was more than a sword protected by a stone, it was a movement of light by the protectors brotherhood of Melchizedek.

Ascended master El Morya has been coming in strongly over lighting, with what feels like, this quest I have been on with others. Arthurian energy from Avalon follows me/us, with a connection to the grail energy and the sword. I found out recently through him that he incarnated as King Arthur, which makes beautiful divine sense with the journey.

El Moryra is the master of ancient wisdom, and inspired the Theosophical Society. It feels that many of us who hold ancient wisdom are passing the sword over to the incoming surge of activators. There is a transmission of knowledge and a release of coding that has been held and protected so long as sacred sites as it is time to release control, to let it go and let it be.

This pilgrimage start's at Avebury where I guided a few beautiful souls through the lands, I picked up the ancient thread that had been carried from Glastonbury. At Swallowhead springs in Avebury, sitting with the goddess, a portal of diamond light opened to clear the waters and release trapped ancestral energy rising through the grids here, to be witnessed and released.

So much crone energy is connecting, Sheela Na gig dancing around us, a wild woman who sings of 'freedom' and ‘opening’. Her energy is very present on these lands, especially in this part of Avebury near Silbury hill and West Kennet long barrow.

After drumming and connecting here we moved to West Kennet Longbarrow, listening to the sounds of the lands and swallows flying overhead.

At the womb cave (West Kennet) we experienced a great Sirian opening of light with the dragons and sang to the stones, when 3 swallows flew into the barrow very close to us, dancing in the air before us, something that has never happened to me in all my time’s there…

There is magic afoot!

Later as we walked the stones of Avebury, and witnessed the merging of Mary and Michael Dragon lines we stopped in a special spot of mine to support the release of distorted Kundalini energy within, without, above and below.

I have noticed this healing moving through the collective through my recent crystals course, my retreat and generally tuning in, also the stones have been bringing this to my door.

The past 2 months I have been collecting and working with stones that support kundalini energy (shakti) , to support masculine soul wounds rising through us so the divine masculine can rise in balance. Themes of 'abandonment' and 'rejection' feature heavily for us as a collective.

I have become the guardian of large Shiva lingams, rare amethyst scepter points, kundalini quartz, mystic Jasper flames and hand carved Serpent crystals which are is store now.

You can see the carved Rose Quartz serpent's here in the crystal grid (photo-being attuned at Avebury) and them being welcomed to my land (photo above). They have come to me for a specific reason, to support the harmonization of kundalini energy and to assist it in rising in love and peace.

To support removal of distrotions of sexual energy in the body and on the planet. There is an opening, a release along Egyptian timelines, the priestess of Isis and Sekmet where release needs to flow through.

This links to the Arthurian/Excalibur in that the templates of the Lion heart grid are moving through the planet, and Goddess Sekmet being a lion headed goddess is receiving some divine attention, we are releasing the things that were done and said in her name.

Which leads us to the Lyran Lionsguard who's energy has been coming in to protect and hold us, and the earth , planetary and universal frequencies with FREEDOM. Amplified through this Sirian Gateway and transition of New light.

You can see with so much going on it could explain why you may feel so exhausted!

Moving through the Stones of Avebury they loved sharing that they are the bones above earth, that they also had roots (energetically of course) that support the flow of light into the grids. Work with us like you would trees they said, connect with the energy below us, at our roots, there is much power here. Much like how the center point of the stone circle spirals powerful energy.

We finished Avebury with a trip down the ‘Galactic runway’ the ‘avenue’ where I just had to stop and hug this guy! He has such jolly energy.

We enjoyed carrying this light in our hearts as conduits for change, to the stone circle in Oxfordshire, one close to my heart as I live close by. Here we visited the Rollright stones which lie on or very close to the Spine of Albion.

I had a fun exchange with Merlin, speaking in riddles his energy expressed that the sword and the wand are not dissimilar, they are one of the same, forged in alchemy, protectors of stone and bone.

Is it time to call your wand back? through all space, time and dimensions.

Starting at the 'Kings stone' (photo) where many mother codes were in coming, rumbling through the ground and womb space. This stone brings you to a place of love and devotion within yourself, its divine masculine healing at its finest. Strong but gentle, and so supportive. The King stone told me that 'solar' cycles were remembered here, across the way are the circle of Kingsmen, here on the spine of Albion there is a very strong energetic link to the grail quest and lion heart coding for the new earth grid. Which in turn links to our spine and the realease we are supporting here at the base of the spine/kundalini energy.

It all weaves as one.

The next call from spirt/the universe/creator was to go to Oxford city center to follow the magdalene path, connecting at various points with a release of Queen codes, supporting balance at the magdalene chapel. It was evident the El Moyra had called us to the space of the theosophical society, the bodleian library to sit in the ancient texts and wisdom.

Before that a stop at the 'Divinity Library' (above) brought through such rainbow plasma light, the building itself gives those ready access to another world, it is a gateway and healing space of high frequency energy and activations, set and held by the masters before us. It is a space of pure angelic healing. Fun fact- it was in the Harry Potter movies at the infirmary.

-Aslan the lion spotted to the right in Oxford....

Lastly we were guided to Christchurch to sit with the energies of the sword, here is a sword marker in the memorial garden of christ church, which was very symbolic of our travels and felt so important to connect with this sword energy, which interestingly is very close to a Rose garden, its inscription reads-

“My sword I give to him that shall succeed me in my pilgrimage”

a quote from John Bunyan’s Pilgrim's Progress.

this ending felt like the passing on of the sword, the quest, the energy to those who will pick it back up and tap into it when it is necessary or aligned with the light work they a supporting through the planetary grids.

Leaving you with much light through your pilgrimages connecting with the scared lands of Albion .

Katie-Jane xxx


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