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Accessing Cosmic Consciousness with Astrophyllite & Libyan Golden Tektite.

The past few months I have been connecting with Rare crystals and minerals that hold and connect you with cosmic consciousness and stellar frequencies. The kind of stones you would work with if you want to shake things up and open yourself up to higher frequencies more. There’s one particular stone I want to talk about that will align your crown and higher/transpersonal chakras.

Because we must bring focus to our Soul Star chakra when working with high vibrational stones like the ones I will introduce, as this is where their energy travels too, it is one of the first chakra centers outside of your physical body, located about 10 cm above your crown, it’s particularly high vibrational, a magenta colored energy center that connects you to your divine light, origins and the records of the earth. It helps you understand more of the bigger picture and your soul’s purpose and missions.

I have been really drawn to these cosmic high vibrational stones to clear and align my highest chakras to be able to hold more light, higher frequencies and to be able to pass that down into the earth, as we are here to anchor all these new energies through our hearts it helps bring more inner knowing and connection to all the subtle energies around us.

The stone I wanted to talk to you about is Astrophyllite, this extremely rare metal mineral gets its name from the Greek words astron meaning "star" and phyllon meaning "leaf" it’s only found in a few places around the world, Norway, Greenland, USA and Russia. Its energy is powerful, fast moving and bold. It's a very high vibration that’s strong and unique. The moment I held it and my left hand shook frantically and my palm chakras blew open, I knew I was in for a ride. astrophyllite forms on a matrix of stone, in a bronze glistening starburst shape, it is these pieces I find more potent. It has the ability to expand every energy center, in a very expansive way. I was aware of every meridian and node tingling as I worked with it.

Astrophyllite Speaks-

'Now is the time to expand your consciousness and really receive and accept your divinity, the stars are calling you and it’s time to wake up. Your stellar guides have some messages to bring you, so buckle your seat belt, no more living in the slow lane, this period requires some accelerated connection to all that is around you. The importance of honesty is crucial, be honest with yourself as to what you want, where you want to be and how you wish to achieve it, I AM the stone that helps you align to your truth and understanding that you can't find your truth if you are not honest with yourself, time to be honest with yourself and others, communication is key. Clear thoughts and clear words'.

You may have found yourself going through a lethargic, restful period of integration and healing or maybe you have been stuck in a rut and can not move forward as fast as you want to. This crystal has come calling to tell you that it’s time to wake up, you have work to do with your stellar guides and they have some messages to bring you, so buckle your seat belt, no more living in the slow lane, this period requires some accelerated connection to all that is around you.

Astrophyllite's star-like energy, comes to you as an Activator, opening the crown but also working to the many subtle energy nodes above the crown that extend up to the Stellar Gateway chakra. It’s connections to the stars have not been explored as much as it could be, here it holds so much potential to activate you to universal and cosmic consciousness. Through this stone you can commune with your star families and draw them close, when working with it, large groups of oversoul energy come in to work with you and heal you.

The Guardians of Astrophyllite

All crystals and stones have guardian energies, these are energies that come with them or that you can connect with through them, whether it’s the angelic, elementals of the earth, star beings, ascended masters and the goddess. This stone brings in the beings that seeded the ancient language of Vedic Sanskrit, stellar energies to teach you, expand and awaken. These guardians of this ancient lineage, are teachers and protectors of the cosmic records of Amenti.

One of the first words it spoke to me was ‘honesty’ . It asked us to be honest with ourselves and what we want, and to be honest with others, communication is key. Clear thoughts and clear words.

It induces out of body experience (OBE), in those that are ready to expand, it will unplug you from the false matrices of the 3D world around you, lifting you up and educating you on a higher level of ‘being’ your highest templates and energetic make up are highlighted and brought forward for you to view.

It’s so focussed on helping you on the mental field of your energy body, bringing its sharpness of the mind, its energy streams to work through cranial nerves, stimulating analytical and methodical qualities of the left brain, and then bringing those who are intuitive creative right brain thinkers in to balance with the left side more. Such is its strength in supporting mental clarity it can assist you in developing Telepathy.

Tips on working with Astrophyllite

By placing it above your crown at your soul star chakra allowing its flow to enter through your crown, welcoming it in, welcoming in the change.

You can also work with its energy through the photograph attached above, take some time to gaze at it and visualize the glistening bronze and gold star bursts of energy leaping out this photo and surrounding your energy field, its energy comes like electric pulses, welcome it straight to your higher chakras, you may find the energies of many guides coming in, your star family, you may feel the room full of hightenes static charge and energy. When you work with it you must be committed to change and open to its possibilities and connection. This energy is fast moving and will go straight to the points in around the crown and nerves that it needs to support, all you need to do is lay back and allow the insights and visions to unfold. You can purchase this mineral on my website.

Libyan Golden Tektite.

Other stone’s I love to work with when opening up to cosmic consciousness are tektites/meteoric glass, I used to work with Moldavite a lot to take me up and out, but more recently, since I wrote my crystal course, Libyan Golden Tektite has come through as a huge activating stone, it brings so much light to the energy body. It is a stone of illumination and inner light, linking to the golden ray- highest vibration the light body can receive.

It is incredibly hard to find this stone especially over the pandemic when few people have been going out to the desert to collect it, it is found strewn across the sands between the libyan, Egyptian border. I have some high grade pieces available in my shop now.

This cosmic stone is not of this earth and there is much mystery around how it came to be created, it is a rare and hard to find glass substance, mostly silica. formed 28 million years ago, a few million years older than Moldavite!! early man found it and used it as a tool, in some pieces you can see the sharpened edges. Since then it was properly discovered in the 1930's and I believe it is a great gift from the stars that is not tapped into as much as it could be, it is a very galactic stone that when connected with in the right way will bring such an awakening and accelerated growth on your spiritual path.

My Sirian star guides informed me that was born of Airborne impact is 100,00 times more powerful than an atomic explosion. where higher dimensional blast pierced the 3D realm, sonic waves cut and shattered through, alchemized with the higher frequencies of 9th and 10th dimensional frequency that burned through this atmosphere, and crystallized into matter. They called it a moment of ‘sonic shattering.’

The glass is nearly pure silica, which requires temperatures above 1600C to form. That is hotter than any igneous rock on Earth. so it is a stone created by raw alchemy, and brings that potent transformation to you.

  • It is a very Galactic stone, linked to Sirius and Orion, here to bring activations to higher heart and higher chakras. And an influx of cosmic downloads and connection to your star family. It links to waking up your star origins, mission of the overlighting guardians is to reinstate your harmonic DNA structure.

  • It holds a balance and space within the higher heart, while you bring down stellar information, in order for it to anchor through you with ease whilst aligning you to the universal heart.

  • In Ancient Egypt it was referred to as ‘The stone of the gods’ and was reserved for Pharaohs. It will bring in strong awakening and remembering to your timelines in ancient egypt to help you connect, empower and release.

If you have not considered working with either of these rare stones I highly recommend them, they both are unique in vibration, rare and hard to find, and will bring such high vibrational energy and expansion to you.


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