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How To....Ritual Bath.

Ritual baths are a great way to cleanse our bodies, re charge our crystals, set intentions and generally unwind in a blissful loving space with flower alchemy and crystal medicine.

We feel it's important to share the knowledge on how you can go about setting up your ritual bath and providing the tools you need.

We have mixed up a collection of Ritual bath soaks from Heart Activating and Self-love to healing the Aura and de-stressing. Each tube is enough for one soak, we have even provided the muslin and string to tie it all up, although we recommend you just throw it all in and deal with the mess after (its worth it)

All of our Ingredients are 100% natural, organic and mixed with healing light intentions so they come pre charged ready for you to add your light too.

S E L F -L O V E R I T U A L B A T H.

Ingredients for the soul and how to set intentions:

*C R Y S T A L S- I have included rose quartz chips to open and balance the heart to bring up nurturing and loving feelings. There will also be a small clear quartz crystal to add to the water to amplify and raise the vibrations of your bath experience. It's good to add your other crystals to your bath to cleanse while you are soaking, please note some crystals don't like water for example Selenite so be aware, check the crystal care notes on my website.

*H I M A L A Y A N S A L T- Helps you cleanse and purify all the toxins your skin has absorbed, and helps you unwind and sleep well.

* F L O W E R S A N D H E R B S- white sage, lavender, Rose petals and buds and hibiscus. To relax and promote feelings of self love.

* O I L S- Lavender oil which is for the 6th chakra, calming and mood enhancing and Rose Hip oil which is good for the skin.

Photo from Pintrest, illustrator un known.

Other Tools needed-

*C A N D L E S

*S A G E O R S E L E N I T E W A N D - to smudge the water, room and your aura.


*Draw a warm bath and empty the contents of the tube, salt, flowers, herbs and crystals into the water.

*S E T I N T E N T I O N S- the most important part- Whilst lighting candles and gazing at the water set your intentions of love/ acceptance/ focus/ cleansing. Each ritual bath soak comes with a hand written affirmation to repeat to help you focus your mind.

Then step in the bath and immerse yourself in the water focusing on the intentions you have set, feel the water deeply cleansing each cell of your body, opening them and washing out anything that does not serve you. envision the water sweeping away any negative thoughts or feelings so only loving feelings and thoughts remain. Feel your heart open and expand taking in the intentions you have set.

Other Ritual Bath mixes we are working on right now-

.C R E A T I V E S P A R K.

*C R Y S T A L S- Orange Calcite, the teacher stone, the orange colour symbolises creativity and new creative ideas. Sunstone chips to release fears of phobias and decrease stress.

* F L O W E R S- Rose, cornflower and lavender to help raising loving vibrations, dispel anxiety and help un wind.

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