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Connecting to the energies of your land

Each month I write for Spirit & Destiny magazine. Here is the article that I recently wrote.

Hello Crystalline Friends,

I recently moved house, it’s been a joyous escape to the country. The movers were not so joyous when I showed them the many heavy boxes of ‘rocks’ (so they called them) that they had to move, but I wasn't going to leave any one of my stones behind!

I have been enjoying finding places for all of my crystals and watching how their energy interacts with the land. The big amethyst geodes I have instantly asked to sit in my lounge facing the garden and trees. I saw them stretch their violet roots into the energy grids below my home and move into the trees around the garden. I have one very lovely willow tree that is in need of some support and the amethysts energy went straight to her. It was so interesting as I have never seen crystals interact with trees like this. It was a beautiful thing to watch its energy stream through her and light her up violet.

The energies of plants and crystals complement each other so well, they love working with each other. Do you work with crystals and flowers alongside each other? A lovely way to connect is by using essential oils anointed on the crystals or on the body while you work with them? For example I anoint my heart with rose oil then place a piece of rose quartz on my heart. They really enhance the experience and the energies interact with each other.

I had a wonderful journey writing and creating my ‘Earth Alchemy Oracle Deck’ bringing together harmonious pairings of crystals and flowers, some of my favourite being Rose quartz and olive tree, Anadalite and lemon balm, Green Epidote and star jasmine.

It is interesting how the land interacts and affects the energy of our homes, crystals are a great way of clearing, harmonizing and anchoring energies in your property. I have a lot of water under my land, with many willow trees thriving on my property. I can feel the water needs some help clearing as the vibration and feel of my land is denser in places, so I am planting clear quartz around the boundary lines. I felt to face the points away from my garden to help direct the energy outwards, instead of pooling in the centre.

In my garden I love placing rose quartz chunks around my plants and flowers to encourage them to grow stronger, I also love working with the dendritic agates, and moss agate, planted amongst vegetables and flower beds to bring in more of those playful elementals that raise the vibration, the pixies do love to play gardener! I find crystals really prolong the life and vibrancy of plants, especially if you plant them with love and ask them to support the plants they grow around.

Meanwhile in the house, each of my rooms has an Amethyst of some form, whether it is a geode or raw chunk. I love to have this peaceful calming and transmuting energy everywhere, it really holds and stabilizes the energy in a house. I have one great tip! Place a piece of amethyst in the shower with you. I have some on a ledge or window sill facing me, so when I have a shower I am reminded to connect with it. Imagine Its violet rays washing through you, with the water to move through your body pushing out anything heavier that doesn't below there any worries or fears. Let them wash through you and out of your feet down the drain! Cleansing your lightbody is a great way to start the day!

Connecting with the energies of your land with Clear Quartz

What you need- a piece of clear quartz if you have one

*Barefoot is preferred.

If you have some Clear quartz hold a piece to your heart as it will help open up your energy field to expand and receive information.

Take a moment to go into roughly the center point of your home and bring your energy into your body by calling it back to you, feel it zip back to your body like golden magnets on strings, being magnetized back into your heart.

Open yourself to receiving the messages of your land, and call to the protectors and guardians of your home and land to support you in.

Bring awareness to your heart and the quartz crystal there, lights up as you bring attention to it, with its brilliant diamond aura you allow its energy to flow straight into your heart and body.

Breathe in and follow the flow of life force energy move down the back of your spine as it connects with the back of your heart chakra it connects with the brilliant pure light of the clear quartz and merges. from this opened and expanded heart channel down your spine, you pull this energy down your legs and into your feet.

At your feet you see beautiful roots of light burst from your feet, they move down into the land beneath you, you follow their flow down into your land. As you connect with the many layers, through soil, roots and minerals, past insects and elemental energies, greeting each energy you meet with a smile.

Hold the intent in your heart to connect with your land in a deeper way as you slip down fully into the grids, into the ground, following this strong pathway of light you have created.

While in the ground beneath your house as yourself, what does this land need?

Maybe it's more support, more grounding, more love or a release?

Ask the energies around you, how can you support, and serve them better?

And listen.

Ask them to guide you, to show or offer you a colour or crystal they would love to help enhance the place.

And be open to receiving any signs from spirit in that moment or the coming days.

Thank all energies involved as you take yourself back up through the grids and the land and fully into your body with 3 deep breaths.

Crystal of the month

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz surrounds you in light today and encourages you to take a chance on something new. Show yourself, and the multiple, brilliant facets you have, if you have been holding back on something don't, go for it. Expand into your full self and potential with its energy, Clear quartz flows into the spaces within you you have hidden away and brings what that is to the light.

it comes to bring you the message, to trust your intuition, so open yourself up to new possibilities, trust the process of time, good things are coming.


Katie-Jane xx


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