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One of the Reasons why I am here.

How is your spiritual journey shaping you as a person? How are you growing and raising your vibrations? Because that is what we are on a quest to do, as spiritual beings in this Human body.

What doors are you holding open for yourself and which do you keep shut?

I suppose I am asking these questions out loud because these are the questions I have been asking myself recently.

I have always had a million and one things I want to do to help people with their spiritual journey, but recently the pieces have been falling into place a bit more. Crystals are a huge part of my journey, to help activate people. I see myself as a mentor, an earth bound guide. I have not had any spiritual teaching from anyone, my teaching comes from the direct channelling from spirit that I receive on a daily basis. By channeling I mean, I see hear and speak to them all the time. And from my past lives as medicine man, shaman, sorcerer, seer and priestess. Channelling and remembering my past lives and helping others remember theirs has helped me unlock my dormant gifts. And I hope help others feel more connected to what is possible. Everyone is an intuitive or empath, I really believe that.

My visions come to me now without having to meditate, for a long time I have just been able to draw my attention to other parts of my soul, while they are away working on other planes- and I can ‘see’ what I am up to, which I think is bilocation.

What I wanted to talk about is what has been happening more recently.

I have been working with archangel Metatron; who does many things, one of them is work galactically with the council to support Earths ascension into the 5th Dimension. A new energetic age of higher vibration, more love and connectivity (among so much other stuff) I find it hard to talk about 5th dimension consciousness without sounding like I’m talking about Star Wars or a Guardians of galaxy movie (which I love bytw) it does leave a few people thinking….’Really?!?’ so I’m not going try, google it, I'm not going to go there, its a bit wordy.

Weeks ago Metatron’s army of angels and members of the Galactic council (yup its real), a being called Adron, to be precise, came to me. This is one of the messages he gave me. And I think its important to say my souls name is Astara, hi! thats me, the name my guides and spirit call me, we all have one. A soul name, I give people their souls name in readings, some are quite exotic. Also Ma'sayous is one of Archanegl Metatrons messengers.

“We are ready to talk through you Astara, we have gathered in numbers, many star systems, dimensions and planets. We want you to enable us to have contact. We have much to say. Your planet needs so much help, many vibrations need to be raised, touch is important. You must impress your light on them and make them feel it. Light needs to pair with their essence. You have it now in your core, you radiate it. Be confident. It’s your souls work. You have done this before and do it now through different dimensions. You heal and awaken. You are the light. Dear child you are one of us, all the same, born in the light. The protectors, the activator’s. I AM ADRON keeper of the light.

Be the light and love, never close down, let them see you.

Ma’sayous brings the light to you and places this orange spark in your heart, keep this safe, it will give you much wisdom of us, yes it will feel very heavy at first until your body integrates it. It holds answers of the universe, wisdom and knowledge. Let it soak in and filter into every cell"

So I have had my energy body upgraded in the inner healing temples of ‘Telos’ this is part of the 5th Dimension in Mount Shasta, California (rolls off the tongue doesn’t it) like I believe a lot of other light workers have too, most are not consciously aware of it.

Metatron works directly with the Galactic council and guides I am working with (currently from Lemuria) they have re built my throat chakra. Where it once was, is this huge pulsing blue, but mostly golden, light center. Its double the size and feel so high vibrational. I can stretch it to expand so far outside of my body it can completely shield me whole. I have been told it is for my messages to be heard and communicated more clearly. Going forward the throat and heart chakra are so important to work on.

My crown has been re built and expanded in the same way. Pure white light beams from it like a beacon, taking in so much universal light language. I didn’t understand why they were working on it so much during my sleeping hours. I used to see them surrounding my crown beaming in blue light and accelerating the flow of cosmic light. I didn’t understand until recently when all of these symbols and codes are just trickling down from the cosmos. Sometimes too many to keep up with. I try to draw them as I see them, knowing in the future their meaning will become apparent. And now I know what they are for.

Now my crown is enabled and high vibrational enough to be able to hold all the light codes that are currently downloading to me. I see amazingly encrypted light symbols flash before my eyes and when I talk to people I see light symbols I need to imprint on their aura. And then last week it all came to a head.

I tuned into my soul and saw my spirit self, enabling and opening light portals around the earth. Not just here but other planets, other dimensions, for all, not just humans.

They were like huge tunnels of orange light. I was drawing the symbols/codes in a circle then activating them from the ground up with my hands.

I am here to use the codes to activate others. I have been told I am an ‘enabler’ amongst other things. I’m here to expand certain or all chakras, to raise vibrations faster, to un lock third eyes, to do so much. To help bring in the new frequencies.

I put this in to practice recently (in the real world, London to be exact), I met up with a wonderful soul and healer and opened a portal of light for her to step into. I guided her into the portal and instructed her on what to see, feel and how to open up to it. Along with the support I needed from Metatron. At the point where I knew that her cells were opened and relaxed I imprinted several codes onto her light body. I have no idea where this came from (well I do, thanks spirit ;))

I’m not saying that this has been easy, goodness, I wake up some mornings and my body is so achy I can’t move my legs, or my heart and throat feel so heavy I feel like they have been torn up and patched back together. But it’s worth it, it’s just my physical body reacting to the changes.

Recently I have been calling in my tribe…my guides have been listening and obliging me, suddenly I have these amazing woman coming into my life, all through the power of social media. I find we get talking and I ‘see’ our past lives together un folding. Women’s I have built crystal healing circles with in Atlantis as priestess and powerful Egyptian lives coming to the surface, full of ritual and reverence.

I have had a strong calling to arrange a gathering in Glastonbury next year. I know this is all leading somewhere. It’s like I am gathering all my soul circle together, to remember, to unlock and activate them with what I have recently learnt. And with that we will all stand together as equals to do some powerful healing. Healing like we used to do, thousands of years ago, side by side supporting each other’s amazing gifts. To feel part of something, and together as one.

I have had new 3 cord grounding techniques sent to me from my guides, the light gathering in Glastonbury will be so powerful when switched on they are keen to make sure we are grounded in a new stronger way.

I am currently planning this trip to Glasto for Sprint and am so excited to see how it unfolds... do you feel the calling to work together, absolutely no experience in healing needed, just your open heart

Astara xx

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