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Astral travels.

Falling in love with the dark side of the universe’ by Pilar Zeta

So I really wanted to share an astral adventure I went on yesterday. I set up a loving circle of rose quartz, clear quartz points, Lemurian point's, flowers and salt for cleansing. I have been doing a lot of healing with clients and workshops so I felt my aura needed a deep cleanse. The wonderful thing is I don't have to do it, yes when I feel something in my back I can take it out with my light but mostly I ask my guides and they either take me to a healing pod where I see what they are working on and how they are upgrading me. My other favourite way is stamping on the ground and as I stamp I see all the tar fall off me into the ground. (photo credit- Falling in love with the dark side of the universe’ by Pilar Zeta)

I must add that I don't need crystals to connect with the pieces of my soul working on other dimensions, I can just draw attention to those pieces of my soul and I'm there. I don't need to meditate I just switch on that light and I'm there. But this time my lightning struck quartz wanted to help, and just generally be involved, so I held him in my lap. I must admit my visions are wickid sharp when I hold him.

Instantly my guide Eleanor walked into my vision and said that we had to go somewhere. She lead me through a portal that appeared in front of us to 'Venus' It was like a light tunnel, it sucked us up and all around me was space, dark endless space, with stars everywhere, it felt limitless and magical.

I was told in my last circle from a very wise cosmic healer that myself and my son are called 'jumpers' - we jump from one portal to the next, which was nice to put a word to something I do so naturally.

Now I must explain that there is a council of light and a galactic council of beings, and I'm sure many other councils, I reside on some of these to heal and restore peace. As well as working with Archangel Metatron to raise the vibrations around Earth.

Im very actively gridding planets and dimensions to raise the vibrations around the forests and water. Anyway I digress.. The beings from Venus kind of reminded me of those little green aliens in toy story, you know 'The claw' bit! They were beings that reside within one of the dimensions of Venus and they were depleted. We needed to send them the right healing vibrations. For some reason, they had been drained of energy and could not restore themselves. I blew light into their third eyes, or what appeared to be their third eye and the breath/light reached out through the back of their heads and connected to each and every one of them, it was like it was feeding them. I was re connecting them to the divine energy.

I then created a grid of golden light, like a spider webbed dome above them to protect them, they needed to be incubated, to be restored.

They then did something that sounds strange but felt so normal to see. They all buried into the ground and stayed there to restore their energy naturally. They were very loving and thankful, not in the slightest bit scary. They are a very shy quiet race, communicating telepathically and normally stay underground. They don't contact us earth dwellers much, as they have no need too. They are from far out and keep them selves to themselves, a very peaceful race.

After that experience we hopped through another portal and went to a beautiful enchanted forest, my guide told me was called 'Resuvious' it was dark and the moon was full. The sky was not dark like ours, it was purple, a deep violet shone all around me, everything; the trees and insects had a violet glow around them. And as I moved past the trees they lifted their roots up and moves, everything was so animated, and vivid in colour and feel. Their energy was like nothing I have experienced before, it was vibrating at such a rate it sung. even the forest floor vibrated. But I felt it was vibrating too fast. I knew I was there to restore calm and slow the vibrations down. I stood under the moon, lifted my arms up receptively and did this strange dance, or movement calling the luna energy down to me, I try to replicate it now with my arms but my body is too clunky and its not as seamless or beautiful. All of this lunar energy ( I say lunar energy but I'm not sure it was a moon, it felt bigger, it could have been a star but its all I can liken it too right now) was channeled down through me and I created a corkscrew tunnel from my base chakra to channel it down into the ground, where it puled through calming down the vibrations. This was a forest that many children gathered in astrally to heal so it was so important that it was calm and balanced.

My guide asked me to touch the ground, as I reached out and touched it while liquid sparked up from it and connected my fingers, it was like iridescent putty, as I lifted my fingers up I could see the cords and strings connecting the energy of the ground to my fingers. I manipulated it into a glistening wave of light, I flicked my fingers up and over my head, creating a bubble of white goo over myself- yes this sounds gross but it was the most magical healing I have ever received. This iridescent goo telepathically spoke to me, it knew me, knew my every emotion, my past, future and it held me and seeped into my core. It was beyond words. It told me it was their planets gift to me for helping. It asked me what healing would I like to receive, and I said love. it giggled and said I already have that- nice to see it had a sense of humour!

Its made me think of 'Love' in the human terms. The way we strive for it when really all we have to connect to is our very core, the divine, to feel that love all around us. These star beings must think we are very strange, to not be so accepting that its already with us, we just choose to ignore it, to not accept it. For them its a no brainer, its always there. Ahhh imagine if all of human kind were tuned into this. Imagine what we could do. But hey ho this is part of being human and learning. The good news is that we have such higher vibrational children being born recently and will continue to be born, the light children. They are here to change societies views, to come from a loving place and to accept everyone, they are born tuned into the love source. We have achieved so much as a race, even though at times it might not feel it when you watch or read the news. I really feel the shifts recently, as lots of other lightworker's do, beings from further out are making contact and working with earth to heal and raise the vibrations, beings that would not make themselves known before. Its a testament to how far we have come.

If you want to have astral adventures of your own please make sure you are in a safe protected space, you feel protected, ask your guides for assistance and protection. have a lot of grounding stones with you, black tourmaline, Shungite, Labradorite, Amethyst, Ametrine or Apophyllite.

When I have been off, I feel so weightless and dizzy when I ground back into my body. Its important to create a grounding cord and let your energies settle before you stand up.

When I use crystals for Astral work I use Clear quartz to amplify, moldavite (the little green one on the top), Angel aura and Aqua aura is a great protector for astral work. Lemurian Quartz (bottom smokey one) and starberry quartz - not all together I must add!

Spirit quartz (top right) can lift you up and out too, as well as working along selenite (far left) to open those higher chakras.

The key is to relax and have fun with it. Don't question it, go with it.

If you don't feel safe, check on your grounding method and ask for more protection. But if you have asked your guides and angels to help before hand they will make sure you are safe. Trust that,

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