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Crystals for Grief and Loss

I had forgotten what it felt like to grieve, to miss someone so much that your heart aches in a way that words just cant describe. Whether its a break up, or the death of someone close, grief has no rules, no timeline. We can distract ourselves and push things away hiding them in that box- that box thats set deep in the emotional layer of our auric field or we can hold onto it in our organs, so deeply that it ingrains in our bones. But its more healthy to express it, whether thats crying, screaming and shouting, or writing. I choose to write and I'm sure as I write the tears will come.

Being faced recently with the death of someone I love very dearly , my grandmother, I have turned to very angelic stones to hold me in my grief, to support my heart and spirit. I need stones around me that keep my vibrations high, that fill me with pure light. Stones that can pick me up when that my heart might just break into 100 pieces. Stones that remind me that its ok to cry, and to feel shit, and go through these raging emotions, this process- and still support and hold the space for me to heal and grown emotionally and spiritually.

The angels more than any other beings hold us through trauma and death, they support the dear departed one's cross, they hold a vigil at hospitals and hospices. As much as I'm scared of hospitals and the emotional residue and pain I can pick up on I do find great comfort in what I 'See' there.

I see power angels guarding the wards, Seraphin angels keeping watch and singing at patients bedsides, surrounding them in pure white light. I see cherub angels floating through, maintaining the vibrations in on the wards.

This is why I carry angelic stones for grief-or stones that I feel connect us to them and their vibrations. Because they bring peace, they bring love, compassion and gentle understanding. They are not judging, they don't care if you don't accept what has happened they just love, their vibrations are light, high vibrational and gentle.

Danburite- Love and Spiritual Growth.

"I am the light, I am made of light, shine bright"

Cheesy as that statement above sounds, thats one of the many reasons why I love danburite, for this uplifting reminder. She is a very powerful heart stone and thymus (Higher heart)- symbolising pure love and peace. Helping you release emotional pain and to understand the bigger picture. Very much a stone of spiritual enlightenment, she clears and open's your crown chakra, maintaining the link to your heart but also reaching her light up high. Stimulating your intellect and higher consciousness to the highest transpersonal chakras up to the 14th layer. She will help you shed layers and out dated belief systems just by expanding and working on these higher chakra gateways. She can help you let go of past Karmic created patters or conditions that you brought with you in this life and help you move forward. Really connecting with you Soul star chakra, helping to create flow and download information that will help you understand your souls purpose.

For this reason she is a good talisman for inter-dimensional travel.

A powerful meditation stone to connect you to your higher self and most importantly guides and angels. Its vibrations are very simillar to the angels, and it will bring their vibrations of peace and love down into your heart. If you have a piece and ask it to connect you to your guardian angel it will, so that you can build your relationship and channel information from her. Its a great stone teamed with Celestite.

Celestite- Angelic support and strength

Celestite (top left) has many uses, it can open and clear out trauma from your throat to help to support you while you speak of your grief and pain, it can calm anxiety but I mostly hold it and ask it to help dissolve my pain, it does this and replaces the pain with love.

on a cellular level it removes toxins from the body and calms a mind from mental torment, the obsessive questions that might be swirling around, all of the 'whys?' and 'what ifs' will float away.

Blue Anhydrite- Peace and calm.

Also known as Angelite. It is a stone known to help with communication between angels and guides, only discovered recently which makes me feel its because we need more connection with the angelic realms right now. Its blue ray connects with the throat helping aid clear communication with spirit and on the physical it helps with thyroid issues, a good stone to help channel and develop psychic abilities. It, like all other stones can do a range of things, but it is known to help us to cope with grief and loss- helping us release and guilt we may hold. I find it particularly calming to keep a piece under my pillow it helps me have a more peaceful sleep.

Mangano calcite- Angelic connection

"I am always here for you, through dark times and light"

although you might feel like all is lost and crumbling it will give you that loving lift and angelic connection to soothe. it is a natural trauma clearer, it heals emotional wounds and give you more hope for the future. A good stone for helping you let go of things, especially if there has been an break up. It helps you face pain with hope and love, if you feel you have closed your heart it helps you open it once more. To me its energy is very calm very feminine and motherly.

These are the stones I am keeping close but I must stress there are so many stones you can use to support grief, you may find more earthy grounding stones are needed at this time to ground your energies down and stabilise you, you might find you need something more balancing for your emotions like blue or pink kyanite, agate or clear quartz. It is all very personal to you and your energy, this is just a personal guide.

You might find these crystals helpful too-

*Apaches tear- This will cleanse your grief, it transmutes pain and grief, it s avery protective stone too, wrapping its energy around your heart to give you space and room to heal. if you use some please cleanse it with water regularly as it will absorb a lot.

*Amethyst- A protector and calming stone.

*Rose quartz- A gentle heart stone reminding you to be gentle with yourself and working on keeping your heart open,activated and flowing in all the right ways.

Going back to angels at the hospitals... I struck on something that has been brought to my attention many times but I did not make sense of it then. I have been seeing spirit nurses on various occasions over the past few years and I didn't understand why until now.

The first spirit nurse I saw was many years ago. I was staying in a hotel in Milan with my then boss, we had to share a room and she had been having terrible problems with her back for years. In the middle of the night I woke up to find what I thought was the ghost of a nurse walking back and forth across the room holding folded towel's.

She looked like she was from the 1940s, dressed in the old fashioned white apron, with a crisp shirt and little white bonnet. She didn't acknowledge me when I asked who she was she just carried on with her business, she was very focussed on her job. She cushioned her back with towels and just sat by her and tended to her. I left her too it, realising that she was not a ghost, she was in fact a spirit with my boss, I felt that she had been with her for a while, supporting her spiritually and trying the heal her aura while she slept.

I continued to seen nurse's around certain people who were ill or in pain for a while, all the while very focussed and quietly getting on with their healing mission.

Recently I saw a little indian nurse with my grandmother, who has been suffering with her stomach this year before they diagnosed it as cancer, it was the same scenario. I sat talking to her at her bedside and I saw a nurse appear, she looked young about early 20s and was indian with long dark hair that she had pinned up. I knew she was a nurse because again she was wearing the same old fashioned white apron, and she had folded towels on her lap. She just sat there watching over my gran, in a serious manner, I could feel she was checking her over and making sure she was comfortable. She didn't speak to me either. and my grandmother did not recognise this spirit from her childhood, so I just dismissed what I saw.

Still after seeing all these nurses I didn't piece the puzzle together until I did a hands on healing recently with a client. At the end of the session I called Arc angel Micheal in to check I had finished the job and done the correct healing (it was an intense psychic surgery) and he came and said to me 'yes you have, and you don't need me!' but then all a sudden a nurse appeared!!! YES can you imagine my surprise!! she was a young woman about 28 years old with dark hair and pale skin, very english rose looking. she was wearing the same 1940s get up and had a clip board and pen this time. I saw her check over the area I had healed, inspecting it through all the auric layers, then she nodded her head and disappeared. For me it was very bizarre, I had never heard of angelic nurses, but thats what she was. T

I had to get some answers so that night I sat in a meditative state and zoned out, I asked my healing guide Micheal to explain to me about them. He just said to me I think you should ask her yourself.. then in my third eye I saw the same nurse from my healing wonder into my view. She was beautiful, so bright and white, she smiled and told me her name was Ethel.

She went on to explain that there is an army of angelic doctors and nurse's on the other side who where doctors and nurses in many of their incarnations. When they died they chose to take on that role again to help aid us spiritually. They help the unwell on their health journey, although mostly unseen they soothe nerves with there subtle energy, repair tears in auras, offer comfort, love, higher vibrations amongst a lot of other work. As you can imagine they are mostly found at hospitals and hospice's. She told me that she is now at my service, she would like to assist me on my many healing that she said I will perform, I should just call for her.

There are many levels within the spirit planes, our souls are still evolving and healing, this is just a little insight. If you are suffering from loss and grief at this time please comforted in knowing that we are supported more than we know by all sorts of energies and that we are never really alone.

You will find a selection of pink Danburite, Angelite and Pink Mangano Calcite in my store now.

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