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Sisterhood of the Rose//The Priestess of Isis.

Since the 1:1 portal opening last week I have been sitting with something big that I am ready to embrace and bring into your sphere of ascension. I speak for the goddess collective and divine frequencies of planetary love and compassion.

The sisterhood of the Rose were a set of souls who chose to incarnate under the agreement to hold the energies of the earth and to open and activate peoples heart centers through the divine feminine flow, stemming from the cosmo’s.

Message from the Goddess-

We anchor it down through us, to the earth. Over time the connection got weaker and we continue to work on re building it. Many of us are still working on this un consciously but now is the time to become aware of this and our work, its time to rise together and be consciously aware of this frequency, this hearts light. It calls on us to let go and accept, accept the love thats on offer all around us. Human beings shut this exponential source of love out, they feel they need to deserve it, to earn it. You do not. You have a birth right to love, and love is not limiting, it does not judge or choose.

The goddess embody pure love and the divine rites within us all. We speak to the divine feminine and divine masculine, we unite both within.

We have reached tipping point and a great wave of energy will reach the earth through a Stargate early next year, February to be precise- (there's no coincidence that align's with the timing I will be in London holding space and healing workshops). Coming in from Saturn and Venus- the Pleiadian’s are very instrumental in this frequency and guiding it to earth, we want to call upon as many of you to open your hearts fully and to let go of limiting beliefs and restraints placed on yourselves around the frequencies and ideas of love. We need you to stand together even more, we call on the healers, the priestess, representatives of the divine feminine to sit and work together, to go through the rite of the sisterhood. The sisterhood of the Rose, to unite in the intention to heal the deep heart wounds within us and the earth. This is about shifting our frequencies to be more in line with Venus, love and sisterhood. Activation on the deeper level of your being.

I didn’t really know where to start with this, theres been so many deep levels of healing and consciousness that needs to be known. I will start with the messages and visions as I have been receiving them from the recent portal activation. Because my experience, journey and activation path is what is going to shape my future workshops.

That morning I started to prepare for a client session where something huge shifted within me. The lady I was speaking to had links to the sisterhood (she was un aware of this) and thats how they came into my sphere, The goddess came to me and spoke 3 words ‘Sisterhood of the Rose’.

The goddess within original painting.

I had never heard of this term, it felt alien but so close. Like it was something I had been working towards for ever and just not known what to ‘label it’ For months since moving to America I have been asking up to the heavens, why? Why am I here when everything I built is in the UK. Now to be honest I think I just asked it out of despair in my low moments, because really I totally trust with all my soul that I’m here for a reason.

(the image is an original painting by the goddess within us on Etsy)

I have been exploring lots healing of the mother line, of this land I stand on, clearing earths Karma, and my friend told me its tip of the ice berg stuff, and she’s right. When I’m ready, I will see what I need too, in perfect timing. Isn’t that true for all of us. There are so many layers to our healing and our journey.

I was approached by some beautiful goddess, some I have worked with channelling massages for others but never consciously did I feel linked to them, Kuan Yin came in with Mary Magdalene, goddess Isis and Hathor, Lilith and Aphrodite, they called me to sit with them. They all lovingly looked at me with such compassion in their eyes and such a radiating aura of love my breath caught in my throat, I guess thats what unconditional love feels like. They proceed to explain and show me the history of the sisterhood. And my place in holding space and leading the initiation process especially through Ancient Egyptian times.

The sisterhood of the Rose were group’s of women that incarnated in Atlantis. Priestess of the highest order, rich in wisdom, and fully awake to the divine, to the flow of creative expression and heart felt communication. They were an anchor for goddess energy. They stayed this way through the darker ages of Atlantis towards the end and when it fell. They held strong and they have continued to incarnate throughout he ages maintaining the same work.

It has been written that there gathered in circles of 12 to anchor the energies of that moment and time but I was guided and shown that there was a inner circle of 15 originally, they communed with the goddess, they embodied and held space for each goddess when guidance was needed they spoke for them. They worshipped in the temple of Arushneu- a place I cant find record’s of but was an inner sanctum in Atlantis. Channelling cosmic knowledge to support their connection to the divine flow of love from the universe into the planet. They had one foot in the stars and one on earth.

Over time they introduced more women to the sisterhood, the younger priestess in training would watch and walk with a priestess for years, She was asked to dive as deep into her heart as she could go, to express love in all ways that she could. They sung and danced and prayed to the stars. They were so in their flow, connecting to the movement of universal life force energy within, through and around them. They often took the high vibrational energy from their heart and planted it like seeds into the ground to spread healing. They grid the energy fields around the temples to hold the highest frequency. I feel in them such an alignment to how Buddhists live if I had to compare it to anything, the sisterhood loved, cherished and nurtured all life and valued and respected everything. They met everyday and were so close they were like family. In fact the priestess in training often called the elders ‘mother’

The instrumental goddess who came forward and showed me this was Mary Magdelene, for me she embodies love and the Red rose.

By the time Atlantis had un folded there were many women in the sisterhood who had already moved on and re-seeded, all ready to rise again and spread their frequencies of love and compassion.

The Priestess of Isis.

They incarnated again in Ancient Egyptian times. As Priestess of Isis, the red rose appearing again as the symbol of the goddess Isis. Where the rites of passage for the priestesshood really became established. Such a potent time for excelerated cosmic learning and connection to the star beings working with earth. So many beings were working hard to anchor higher star frequencies to really build the earths energetic infrastructure. The priestess were really instrumental at this time to consecrate sacred grounds for building the temples on, they were scribes dictating the coded language and hieroglyphs on the temple walls, they were space holders and set energetic boundaries and grids. They were so much more..

And this is really where my story begins.

Hathor was the next goddess that came to me, she’s the ancient Egyptian goddess associated with Isis, she is the mother of the sun god Ra, she’s so cosmic, symbolizing feminine love and motherhood. So connected to Venus (Venus is the cosmic heart center of the solar system) she drove evil from the land. The patron goddess of joy, love, celebration and creative pursuits. She embodied the divine feminine, caring for women's health in body, mind and spirit.

I look back over the past 6 months and I see the signs and clues are there. I received many activations through my throat and sacral, which were all brought on through the sound healing that I was doing. So much specific pain and anger was surfacing to cleanse, so much in a short space of time that I should have read the signs that a mass cleansing was happening- like I was being re-set. I had a kundalini awakening and felt really attuned to my sexual energy and the sexual energy of others, I got shown my past working with sex magic and attuning others to their sexual energies. Its was about the goddess working through me to unleash the serpent energy for deeper connection to the self. I felt alive and full of fire, I still do when I tune into it. I want to express myself more through sound and dance, movement. Something I have never done before.

I explored gifts in that area and considered studying Tantra under a shaman but it did not feel right in that moment. I knew I needed this deep awakening and connection to my Shakti (kundilini) flow as I have felt so disconnected to the feminine side of me. So with this connection came this feeling of raw power, the serpent and fire elements danced around me and I worked with them.

I started to speak light language, my souls language which has been my biggest personal break through. I was so scared to be ‘heard’ but broke through the block in my throat, and with that came other star dialects and a very ancient Egyptian chanting of the priestess. I channelled Shiva, angelic tones, dialects from Sirius, native Indian sounding chants, all sorts came out and I didn’t stop it. Specific phrases I just felt were Egyptian were on the tip of my tongue every day, needing to be repeated, there was a reverent need to speak them, I even dream in light language.

Once I had a link to the sisterhood they showed me my role to help awaken women, and men, to help them consciously connect with higher aspects of themselves, their fire, their past, and their hearts. To activate them, and connect them to the creative flow running through them, to passion and their souls purpose. A lot of this comes through remembering my Egyptian past which is full and varied. I have been part of the mystery schools there, a teacher and seer. Consort to the pharos, a priestess aligned with Isis and Ra helping to establish the new religion worshiping the sun, and higher cosmic frequencies. I have aligned and helped channel higher frequencies to mark where temples will be built, many not un covered yet. I did this whilst working with star beings and bringing their consciousness down. I am a scared scribe of the mystery school, instructed under Seshat, I was a star channel. I worked closely with Hathor and Thoth through Atlantic times working on the emerald tablets. and now it seems in this life because now is the time to remember what we worked on then. I don't say this to show of but to help you see why I will be moving at this time to work with the goddess energies.

That day of the 11:11 portal when the energies were so potent I was so happy, I felt like, at last, I had struck upon something, something big, it felt like the excitement of a new beginning. I had been told many times that in this life I was remembering all of my gifts through all lives I have had, and as a wise star seed there have been many. This felt like a strong sense of purpose. I jumped from thought’s of starting a platform/group about this and gathering women, ceremonies and general support to help them connect in these new ways that will and are being passed down to me. Then I just stopped. I released I had to stop and sit with all of this information.

While I was sitting with this surge of information a crystal called out to me. I was speaking to a friend and she showed me something she had just put out in her crystal store, a large carved labradorite crystal of the goddess Hathor. A special crystal that she was reluctant to put out as it had to go to the right person. When I saw it I felt so emotional I was on the verge of tears, I felt sick- my gut clenched because inside I think I knew the enormity of this feeling. I felt it in my throat like a punch (but a good punch of energy) This stone was mine, we had important work to do, it hit my soul star chakra and it was just so cosmic. I told her that it was deeply linked to a personal Hathor carving she had, and she confirmed that fact, she said she felt that strongly but did not want to say unless I felt it. It was like I was being given the key, to understanding what my soul had been working on for the last year, gosh this could have been my whole life time leading up to this. It really does feel like it.

The moment I locked eyes on that crystal we connected, it spoke to me in an instant she asked me if I was really ready for this, that this was going to be big, this next phase, and I had to totally step aside and serve. Its a deep question to ask someone isn’t it?, especially how she said it. Of course I accepted and with that came the initiation.

That evening even though I did not have my crystal in the physical it took me on a journey- such is the power of these stones when you make a lasting connection. She took me up and out of my body and flew me up into the stars. She showed me the frequencies and energies around the earth right now, how they infiltrate the atmosphere, matrix and land. She showed me the work she had been doing with the goddess to target certain areas of the planet that needed it, the war torn areas and especially the seas. The dolphins and whales are working so hard at holding the space in the ocean. There were focussed beams of light held together inside the earth by clear quartz energetic crystal refraction grids, sacred geometry. Lots of intricate scared geometry repeating within sacred geometry, that hold energetic resonance through the thread’s that connect them. They were fine tuned and gave off sounds that the human ear could not detect. High pitched notes I could feel but not describe.

I know that there are many secrets within my Egyptian past I can not disclose, I have been warned by my guides. Light language and codes carved and hidden within temples and sacred sites, the time is not right to release that information yet it needs to be protected. In fact my guide is making it so clear to me to be very careful what I say about this in general. She says ‘we have fort lifetimes to protect such wisdom’

The initiation

These initiations and rites of passage took place through the golden ages of Egypt when there was much cosmic wisdom to come, share and act upon, the priestess needed to tighten up its ranks, it was not a power thing, it was to delegate specific roles and missions. It involved pledges to the goddess and activations to be able to serve at a higher level.

Before I remembered my initiations and they took me through them again, I was asked to do 2 things- to surround myself in roses, so I went a brought a bunch of pink roses and that the 2nd part involved me taking a bath. They made it clear - and by ‘they’ I mean Hathor, as she spoke for the inner circle of goddess that initially came to me. They said that I needed to be submerged in a body of water to conduct their frequencies. My cells needed to be weightless for activation. And the water would offer me support in the right ways.

So I was lay happily in the bath with clear quartz and pink roses on my heart, and I was lead by Hathor to the Temple of Isis on the ethereal planes, she had taken my hand. The temple itself appeared to me as this huge black prism, it had a sheen to it, very much like black obsidian. Around the door had so many codes, etched in, that on first glance were not visible, its when the light caught them or I approached them that I really saw them. It was as if they moved around the facade. It felt like a very mystic place, very magical, not what I expected as with the mention of sister hood of the rose you may envision a temple of rose quartz covered in roses. Something about the place was very familiar. As I walked through the doors the passage way was dark and lit by a few fire lit torches. I could hear the low hum of ancient chants, passages from some scripture were being repeated. It felt very sacred and I did feel very honored to be there.

The passage opened out into a big expanse, more carvings and coding on the golden walls, I saw Horus, Isis, Bast and Seshat standing along the wall facing me. To the right of them was a sunken pool that strangely you had to step up to go into, that was full of dark water, golden urns lined the sides. I knew in that moment I had been here before. On a retreat I was on in Croatia a couple of years ago I did a past life meditation and was asked us to go to somewhere I felt safe ( I expected the usual; a wooded area, the hall of records, or my star home) and I had gone to the temple of Isis, the one I was In now- it really surprised me at the time as I had never before connected with this place, but it was exactly the same. I had gone there to feel safe and I bathed in the waters there in my past life regression. And here I found myself once more.

It feels like a cocoon, or a womb where your so held. I was guided by Hathor to step towards the goddess and she moved in front of me to face me. She appeared as human looking, and Egyptian with heavily black kohl eyes, about 8 feet tall with a golden and blue glow. And in that moment I caught a glimpse of myself, I was radiant white light with no human form, I was just light, but I did have a rough outline. It was the most star being -like and cosmic I have ever seen myself and it was truly amazing, not strange or scary at all. I just felt love for myself and these beings in front of me, I was stripped back to my essence.

Many light beings that I had not noticed before stepped in and started scrubbing my skin with salt to cleanse me. This was the first stage of the first initiation rite, the rites to walk through the temple as an ascended soul and awaken fully.. The feeling of needing to be energetically clean in all senses filled my mind. I was aware that Thoth was holding the space for us, Horus was over seeing the proceeding not saying or doing much but watching. And Hathor stepped forward and traced a symbol over my third eye whilst saying ‘are you ready? It felt like a super charge to my third eye. One of those heart defibrillator’s going off on my forehead. I have never felt something so intense crack my open to emerge out of a shell. I then started to speak in an ancient language that felt good, I was thanking them for this rite of passage, one that we undertook through he first golden age of Egypt. To state out intentions and aligning ourself with the goddess.

After this ceremony of scrubbing, chanting and anointing my third eye I was asked to lie in the waters. As I stepped down the tilled steps into he water, I could see, sense I was naked, I had a human form now and looked Egyptian myself, like Hathor appeared, with the black hair, olive skin. I didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed it was like I was in my comfortable skin- I don’t know if that make sense. I had been stripped back through layers of soul grit and I was clean of it and those earthly attachments. The water was liquid silver, and it was not water, it was some fluid that I could not give a human term to, it was for cleansing and purification. I felt very safe and lay in it as I looked up I noticed the top apex of the prism radiated colored beams of light. The Cosmic flame of Kuan Yin, radiating beautiful soulful pink heart light, soft yet intense, it beamed down over the temple, filling it with un conditional mercy and compassion, she asked me to fill up with the frequency of mother god, bringing the divine light into my body.

There was Lord Metatron’s Platinum ray of light which fed directly into the water I bathed in, they are so pure and enter my body through all cells and pores, they have more focussed points of entry along the spine which fed into what looked like my nervous system, but it may have been my souls blueprint. It fed into my brain next, the cerebral cortex, for what Hathor said was a ‘wisdom re-boot’ and third eye re-calibration. The message was that they were activating the diamond coding within my heart, when this liquid light filled my heart and ascended it to a silver chakra center, a ‘bigger vessel’ they called it to serve with.

I lay in the human sense in my bath for 20 mins, and it all happened in an instant. I came back to Katie-Jane.

Over the next 24 hours I kept checking in with the part of my that was still in the temple. I was dressed and on the floor kneeling chanting and singing to the inner walls, and as I was the language and symbols were lighting up, I was breathing new life into them. At times when I checked in I was still there, tracing codes onto he floor into the sand. Sending them down into the earth.

Now when I feel Hathors energy move through me, I feel her power surge through me, she steps in through my heart. Sometime I feel I could breathe fire, it feels that powerful, I feel her face blur over mine, and I can see through her eyes as if I’m wearing a heavy gold mask. She shows me glimpses of the world she lived in, past scenes, temples she visited and worshipped at. Standing at the edge of the nile and watching the long ceremonial boats row past. I can feel the hot sun scorching my skin. I feel like I can see into her soul when she’s with me. I can feel the despair she felt at times that things were not moving as fast as she wished, that she was coming up against human resistance. A multitude of feelings, but then she shows me how she comes back to her heart always and compassion.

I am still there, there are more rites to do, many levels of initiations to remember before I remember my time in the inner circle, I’m close, I feel very lead to perform the rights that have been passed onto me with others. I am being guided to activate peoples third eyes and hearts in this way with crystals, sound and light language. The work I do will bring clarity and connection, support and awakening.

So I’m calling in all the priestess, the healers, the star seeds, the mystics that feel the need to sit with me and receive this rite of passage through the temple of Isis. We will gather in February. Stay tuned for more information.

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