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Crossing Spirit Over

Giving them a Voice.

I made a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountain's yesterday, its not far from my home, I went to weave some magic at Dark Hollow Falls which I knew would include work with my ancestors, to cross over many souls trapped on the land there.

North Virginia Is a dense place energetically, it has a very angry, fearful energy on the land, and in the land that I really struggled with when I moved here. I asked myself over and over again when we moved, why am I here? I can see tears and blood in the land. And I was told by spirit that this is why I am here, to clear it. Much light is needed in this area.

You could not imagine a place of so much beauty would hold so much pain. The journey is as important to me as the end destination, we ventured through parts of the civil war trail, through Virginia with as much spiritual protection as we can muster, I had archangel Micheal holding our car in a blue bubble and as much self protection as I could muster, awareness is key.

There are battle grounds, original old relic houses all boarded up surrounded in hoodoo spells made against the white men, that still hold to this day.

What captivated me the most were 2 slave huts I encountered on a previous trip, they hold so many spirits to cross, I connected with the spirit of a beautiful man, who makes a stand at these huts, protecting the souls still there, unable to move on, trapped within the memory.

He came to me with specific ritual to do to help him cross, and so much pain and anger in his eyes. He is hurt, displaced and angry. A slave of a plantation work who abused him. At the time of my last trip he was not ready to cross he says- there are others with me, then I saw a group of 5 with him in the background. Holding onto the moment they lived there. ‘We will be heard’ was all he said.

I don't communicate with spirit planes as much any more but when I see so much pain on the land and spirits like this to cross I have to help. I asked him is he was ready to cross and he said to me that he was not, so this trip to the falls I was ready to help him move on. I felt such an urgency to help him find peace.

connecting with him again as we drove through the land in quiet contemplation. I am used to the vibration of suppression and fear rolling like tumbleweed through the earth here.

He came and his voice was the same, still the same desperation and angst. 'We will be heard’

He will not cross until he has spoken and I feel it my place to give him the platform to do so, I to honor his soul.

He called himself Edward to me, but this is not his birth name, this was the name the plantation owners wife gave him to she said ‘Humanise’ him. He was a Caribbean man who was brought over on a slave boat. Sold with 3 others to a tobacco farmer in Northern Virginia. When he was positioned here he said he was treated fair- (a touch a bitterness in his voice- what is fair? he does not know)

as fair as he could of expected for livestock. Then things became harder for him. A young man in his late 20s, with dreams of becoming a doctor for ‘his’ people’ he says.

I feel it is my place to hold space for him to speak-

I am one man, one man who stands here In protest to how me and my family have been used. I have been treated like they would cattle, worse, for they would not beat cattle. They would not kick cattle in the face to see if them bleed. I am human, I am ‘Reighla’ that is my name, the name my mother gave me.

I speak for my brothers and sisters who did back breaking work, for what? To line the pockets of the white men who are so corrupt, filled with such greed that they sold their soul to the devil.

This is no life for me, or my people,

there is no justice, there is no freedom here in this place.

Freedom for all they tell you, it await’s you here.

They lied to us, to move us here.

I want justice.

I will be heard.

So I stay here,

I stay to make a stand,

waiting for someone to hear me.

In death I have a voice.

In life I was a shell for a soul awaiting escape.

I had dreams of being a doctor, I could of helped so many.

Many of my friends practices their own magic, to break free of restricting contracts holding souls to this place, Such desperation in their hearts, can you not feel it?

Why did we deserve to feel that because we look unlike you.

I stay here with my family on this land seeking justice. And to carry a lesson to anyone that will listen.

I am the same as you,

the same eyes that see,

the same heart that beats.

The same 2 feet that walk the earth that we both share,

The same hands that hold.

When does it stop,

look what you did to us and we are the same.

I pray that this never repeats, but there are certain ways the white man thinks that have not changed.

Greed, corrupting others for their personal gain, power.

The cycle must stop, it must be re written by new thinkers, revolutionaries.

There is no complete freedom, you are tied to a system that manipulates and who pulls the strings? Not god, this is not a god I know.

So look, think, question, go deeper, in all that you seek.

I was brought to these isles on a promise, that was founded on a lie.

I did not dig deeper, I did not ask the questions, I did not challenge.

Do not be submissive in your life.

In death I have learnt that you can make a stand.

It is my right and it was in life,

And it is yours now,

Always stand for what you believe in.

And now he has been heard, the universe and us hold this light around him, we will help him cross together with compassion and love and as he does he moves with his family to a peaceful plane. I see surrender in his eyes as he goes and he carries a light, a candle lit for all of those who came before and after him who endured the same.

I am one man he says as he steps into the light. Look what I can do.

And with a kind, softer look in his eyes he steps into the light with his mother there to greet him.

With him move 5 souls of women and men who have been tethered there, not wanting to go, unsure of that the light would bring them, if life was so hard, how could they be sure death was not the same.

They find their family waiting them smiling and many happy tears and so much light fills up my third eye.

They are free, and so are we.

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