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Awakening the Energies of crystals

Someone asked me a wonderful question recently,

The lady who asked me this felt her clear quartz had not opened up yet and asked me how she could assist this and I would love to share my thoughts, experience and guidance on this...

When you experience a crystal that you feel is not awakened, you need to send it rays of healing love from the heart. They may need attention, focus, more love and warmth, like us. So as soon as you receive a crystal and you have cleansed it, hold it to your heart and open up, shine your heart’s light out, so it surrounds and moves through the stone, as soon they see your heart and your truth and loving intention they open up and will take you on a journey. It work’s a treat and is one of the first things I teach when connecting with crystals.

Give them what they need, just as you would sit with your inner child and listen, give her what she needs this is what you do with the crystal, maybe it feels cold and needs warmth? You could sing or talk to them, I have people often tell me they kiss their favourite crystals- and why not?!

I believe working with crystals is a loving exchange, you can help each other, instead of just expecting them to work for you, hold space for you, you can give in return. Focused Love and appreciation is enough, you get out what you put in. They have come to you, found you, which means forge a deeper connection, continue to talk to them, sing to them.

Do you ever cleanse your crystal under the warm water and hear it sight a hearty sigh of appreciation? because they do, be kind and use warm water, they prefer that this refreshes them too.

Deep Reset in the Earth

If you feel your crystal looks tired and dusty, or if you have not worked with it for a while its energies may have gone into hibernation. I believe they need a deep reset, so send them back to the earth, I would recommend you literally bury them in the soil in your garden so they can experience a deep earthing reset. Leave them for as long as they need 3-5 days will be enough, and don't forget to mark out where you buried them, a friend of mine dug up her whole flower bed before she remembered where she hid it. She was sending me photos of the garden asking me to feel into where it was, we took it as a sign that may it still needed to be with the earth.

Just as the sun recharges crystals, pure waters from a lake or the sea refresh and cleanse and the earth resets, crystals just love being in the elements.

Imprints of people...

A friend came to me recently with an Obsidian skull and just felt it had not woken up fully, it was not as chatty as her other skulls and felt like it was holding back.

I connected in with the crystal and felt that its past owner’s energies were still influencing it with some kind of hold over it. After releasing that hold with a cleanse and energy work, It wanted to go to the earth and after a week came up refreshed and like a different crystal.

This is why often you are advised to always cleanse your crystals as soon as you get them home or receive them. It DOES matter whom we buy crystals from and their energy as they do leave imprints on the stone. Think about the chain of people who have held it before you, the miners, the suppliers, there are often a lot of people it comes to contact with. I have experienced large high street chains requesting my crystal boxes to sell wholesale, only to copy them for themselves and sell them, this is interesting, you may be able to replicate the assortment and collection of stones but you can replicate the energy and work thats gone into preparing them, and thats the important par, so don't get too upset about it.

Imprints of the land...

The imprints of the land they came from and the way they were mined

I have also experienced many crystals whose energy is in shock, they have travelled a long way in transport and are cold and quiet, as well as rescuing a fair few that have been holding onto the trauma of how they were mined, they have shown me this through visions.

The crystals you hold still hold the connections to the crystalline matrix in the ground that they came from, and if they were mined from a worn torn area this will be subtly imprinted on the stone. Recently I am really called to invest into the crystals coming from the ground in Peru, their energy at the moment is exquisite, they are just so full of life and focussed on heart expansion, the Rhodochrosite (in my store) , Amazonite's and Andean Opals. There is also a shake up through the grids in the Himalayas in India and I am so called to bring in more pure quartz from that region which I am working on a new relationship with a mine there- so be on the look out for new Himalayan quartz which is so fresh and pure in feel.

I also personally love the vibration of the quartz from Brazil, and use particular mines for my lemurian quartz, there is one I found a while back and they are guardians of the land there they are 4th generation tribal amazonian earth keepers and their Lemurians are so beautiful and happy.

Where I can, I work with smaller gemologists and collectors I know (read my next post about this and consciousness/ethics coming soon)

I work with my crystals a lot before they get listed on my shop, I grid them with other highly charged, high vibrational crystals and copper to give them super boost. I grid them on sacred geometric grid bases with other high vibrational clear quartz, so I am sure they are in the highest possible state they can be. It take’s time, and love and dedication. I found a really special small pocket of Lemurian Tangerine quartz in Arizona 2 years ago, I knew its energy was special but I just knew it was not ready yet, it like many others have experienced, was holding its energy back, almost protecting it. I spoke to it and found that its energy was not ready for the collective yet and that it was taken from the ground too soon, lemurian quartz is very special as you read in previous article it holds wisdom keys and deep connection to the heart and grids of the earth.

So they sat in my crystal room for a year while I spoke to them. Then one day a lady contacted me and said, I think you have a special lemurian for me, and I knew that was the tangerine lemurian that had connected with her. She had a dream about it and was nudged to contact me. I can't tell you how much this happens! That was my sign that it was ready, And when I made the decision I saw them all light up inside as if sending a message they were ready.

Often sellers describe their crystals as awakened, so what does this mean?

I do think there are so many crystal sellers on the market now, and it is important to question their authenticity, are they crystal guardians? how do they feel?

Even the high street clothing shops sell them that it has become a push for people to offer something different and unique, to give themselves a label that no one else has. Its a fine balance, on the one hand its good the crystal energy is coming to the awareness of the masses as its a wonderful tool for healing, but there are not regulations and rules in place and I feel the grids of the earth over mined.

Im starting to see more and more people advertise their crystals as 'awakened', to be honest you don't have to say much about that as you feel it.

I would describe it being awakened as vibrating at its highest optimum rate, happy and radiant in look and feel. Take a moment to really feel into the seller of these crystals you can get an idea of their energy and intentions.

But you might find that a crystals calls you strongly even though you find the sell might not be everything you are looking for, and those are the crystals that need to be rescued. I have saved a fair few crystals from the crystal fair in Tucson Arizona, sad stones that feel in need to love and re connection to the earth. I love them and offer them back to the ground.

Maybe some would say I should not buy them as it feeds into the cycle where more crystals are brought so more are mined, its not like I buy them in big quantities, its just the odd one that pulls on my heart, This clear quartz (below) was the stone that really touched me,

I brought her from a mine in China, she called me me as I passed a table if rather battered looking quartz, she sounded in distress, showing me how she was pulled out of the earth by a blast, and she did not want to be there, I saw this innocent energy that was a bit lost, maybe she somewhat reflected something in me that I recognized, the feeling of not feeling at home in my body sometimes, her energy was bigger then her size but she was protecting it. I feel sadness from her and just wanted to scoop her up and help her. I picked her up and bits crumbled away, very much mirroring the layers of my heart and I took here with me wrapped in white cloth for the next 3 days. We watched the sunset in the Saguaro national

park and on the 3rd day I gave her back to the earth, I dug a small home beneath the cactus tree and asked the energies of the land to soother and replenish her.

Sometime is wish that all people took care of all sentient beings//everything in this way on this planet with love and respect.

Attuning a crystal

People can link Stella frequencies through their crystals to connect to specific healing, fo example-You will find I specifically attune my crystals and to Stella frequencies and charge them with light language (see photo below) often adding light language to the crystals or charging them on my light language charing plates (you can find these in my store), this means they are consciously connected to specific higher frequencies that wish to be heard and can range from inner earth energies to angelic and star being energies. Most people who buy from me like this and come to me for this reason and my crystals feel different.

Theres also those who use reiki to put healing energy into their stones, I have a beautiful mala necklace form Sarah of Solis mala's ( which is so full of her love and reiki energy I can feel it deeply and it really grounds me to wear it.

Stones that are attuned can still be cleansed, the only way you can reset its energies and the ones it is linked to is to hold the stone to your heart and ask to 'delete' all attunment's.

Tips to ensure your crystals are fully woke and charged

*Give them back to the earth for 3-5 days.

*Pair them with Metals like copper to enhance and charge them

*Grid them on sacred geometry with other high vibrational stones

*Refresh them with pure waters, rivers, lakes and the sea.

*Nurture them, work with them more and give them what they need, like us it may be attention, focus, more love and warmth, soon they will see your heart, open up and trust.

I hope that helps and brings a little simple insight and clarity, feel free to share any stories of crystals you have saved, I love giving their energy a voice.

Much love and infinite blessings.

Katie-Jane xxx


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