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Inspiration behind  &Crystals

&Crystals was created by Katie-Jane, a crystal and sound healer and light language activator.

After being asked many times after her sessions for advice and help on where to get crystals from and how to use them, she decided to take matters into her own hands. In 2015 &Crystals was born, since its creation, it has lead to Katie Jane writing articles for many publications on the power of crystals, a 'Conscious Crystal guide' published with

Aster/Octopus books, 'Spirit animal Wisdom' oracle cards, and holding crystal workshops, circles, events and retreats across the UK and USA.

Guiding and Teaching people how to connect with crystalline energy is what she loves to do.

As a sound healer she is very passionate about the role 'sound' has in awakening humanity to the higher energy currents within and around them and to their limitless potential. It has evolved into a mission to provide tools for 'awakening' moving into crystalline sound instruments of a high vibration to assist healing, clearing and release.

'I am passionate about helping people take control of their healing, empowering, remembering their divine connection through the heart, and reclaiming their gifts and wisdom keys.

Crystals are a tool to aid healing, they hold space and connect us to the many subtle energies around us and I deeply respect the transformation they can bring us if we welcome it in'



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